Petersburg Administration will allocate 1.3 billion rubles for the construction of the museum "Russia: My Story"

It is planned to build it as early as in 2018.  
The city administration has announced a competition for the construction of the museum-park "Russia - my story" in the district of the Moscow Victory Park. The initial contract price - 1.3 billion rubles. The Contractor will be required to carry out design and survey works. The total area will be about 15,000 square meters. m: will include four main exhibition space of 1,300 square feet of it. m, two spaces for temporary exhibitions, a cinema with two domes, a hall with the audience and bleachers for 400 people, a multipurpose hall, a cafe with 150 seats, office space and so on. The Contractor shall build a facility for 15 months after signing the contract. Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until January 9, 2017, summing up is scheduled for January 18.

Museum "Russia - my story" is created in St. Petersburg in the framework of the federal project and on behalf of Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, said in November the vice-governor Igor Albin. Financing facility provided by Addressable investment program of St. Petersburg. Customer construction - city JSC "Center of exhibition and museum projects", its director - a former chairman of the Physical Culture of Leningrad region Sergey Vazhenin Committee. In November, the government of St. Petersburg for five years allocated venues and museum projects 3 hectares of land at the corner of ul. Pool and so forth-that of Yuri Gagarin.

finish the depot

Until the end, the competition will be announced on completion metrodepo "South", said yesterday Albin. The contract price will be 3.5 billion rubles. The depot should be ready by January 2018

Museum "Russia - my story" is in Moscow, it was opened in 2015 in the 57th pavilion of VDNH. It includes three exhibitions that will appear in the St. Petersburg museum, "Rurik", "Romanov", "From the great shocks to the Great Victory." The first two have already been presented in the "Lenexpo", says a representative of the humanitarian projects. Foundation - organizer of exhibitions and museum operator in Moscow. Exhibitions have been created with the assistance of Bishop Tikhon Yegoryevsky, said a representative of the fund. According to him, in 2016 in Moscow, visited the pavilion of about 250 000 people, the proceeds from the sale of tickets and souvenirs are on the multimedia equipment. Tickets to the event cost from 200 rubles in Moscow. Projects with the same name will appear in several regions of Russia, including Yekaterinburg, Ufa and others. Projects will not manage Petersburg Foundation, said his spokesman.

Construction of commercial buildings in the city greatly decreased over the last year, a competition for the construction of the museum will be interesting to developers of commercial real estate and those who have experience in the construction of sports and leisure facilities, says CEO «Colliers International St. Petersburg" Andrey Kosarev. The number of orders for commercial real estate in St. Petersburg for the last year dropped repeatedly, they practically do not have to take contracts in the region, confirmed the president of STEP Dmitry Kunis. According to him, STEP does not participate in state competitions. "Renaissance Construction" does not take part in competitions on budgetary financing facilities due to complicated procedures and the passage of a plurality of approvals, says its CEO Andrei Vlasenko.
Profitability of the general contract for the construction of museums is about 6-7%, which is comparable to other commercial real estate, says an expert in the construction of multifunctional complexes Sergey Sveshkov. The cost of the contract, he is assessed as low: "Such facilities require large expenditures for the museum equipment, special safety systems and access control, and so on.".