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Yandex.Market intends to change the Russian e-commerce.
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Several dozen vehicles "Yandeks.Taksi" September 21 lined up outside the offices of the company "Yandex" in Moscow - the drivers were happy with the decision to reduce rates aggregator of travel for passengers, while, according to taxi drivers, increasing the commission in favor of the service.

The protest was not limited to an imitation of an accident on the street. Timur Frunze - aggregator of three days has turned off a few thousand taxis. However, there are drivers, calling to boycott all aggregators, in principle, including Gett and Uber: working with them, it becomes increasingly difficult to earn.

A similar situation may arise on the Russian e-commerce market. With the same challenges that taxi drivers face the risk of online shopping, working with trade aggregator "of Yandex.Market". The company last week moved to a new model of work, abandoning the familiar role of service in comparison offers online stores. It will no longer share with them the customers, it is now proposed to make purchases on the site itself - without going to the store. Pay aggregator will take no longer per click,but for the real deal. It seems that "of Yandex.Market" seriously intends to ride the wave of the growing e-commerce market and to work as a full participant in the market, not just traffic seller.

Changes approve, not all the participants of online trading market, and some have already said about the decision to end the relationship with the site.

Basket "Market"

In the "Yandex" looking at what is happening quietly - disapproving reaction to change is predicted. "Any change in the advertising market is seen as a blow, - explains CEO" of Yandex.Market "Pavel Aleshin. - We could not go to the market and say that everything will be in a new way, where neither the market nor the user is not ready. "

Today, for a change, and the market, and people are considered ready - September 27, the company replaced the switch to online shopping sites to make a purchase order on the registration "of Yandex.Market". The company believes that this is only add confidence to shopping on the web - is a guarantee of the brand "Yandex", and in the case of paymentaza online platform can guarantee a purchase, as do, for example, the Chinese players. In addition, the new model of service will solve the problem of "mobile" resource users - not all online stores have got a mobile version of the site, and on a tablet or smartphone purchase often simply do not.

"The 'Alibaba' more than 50% of purchases in the world is through a mobile device, in Russia it is 20% or even 30% of purchases, - says Pavel Aleshin. - At the same time in Russia, if the customer comes to the store with phone site often see, much less buy something almost impossible. "

As part of the experiment with a new model of the aggregator translated, for example, product offering, "Watch" - the range has grown by 1.6 times. And this success is expected in all categories of goods.

In addition, receiving at the disposal of the basket, the company finally learns all about the visitor - purchase history, average check, the preferred methods of payment, etc., and thus be able to develop recommendation services, build loyalty program, manage customer's trafcom, ensuring customers return to the site and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. All this is today as far as possible make every online store.

"It used to be the user came to the" Market ", found at an affordable price, I went into the shop, and all was well. Now there is no new users, which can be sent to Internet shopping sites, it was necessary to do something to the existing users to buy more often, "- says Pavel Aleshin.

Loss of contact

The new model of work "of Yandex.Market" did not become a big surprise - talk about it for several years. Another thing is that in reality the changes are not all believe.

"For a long time it seemed to all that" of Yandex.Market "further experiments it will not work", - says the managing director of the Russian office CityAds Media Alexei Romanenko.

But it was less difficult to expect that online shopping is connected to the site (more than 20,000), appreciate the idea to pick up some of their functionality. In social networks, many sellers (so called online stores whose products are presented on the aggregator)esm explicitly accused "Yandex" in the quest to prevent their contact with the buyer. They fear that the aggregator finally put an end to the future of their business.

"It is important direct communication with the client - a large part of the yield consists of the sale of additional services, and accessories, - stated in the profile group in the Facebook founder and CEO of Sidex store Dmitry Yurchenko. - We want the buyer to know where he buys, return, thanked and encouraged us as it is a shop, rather than "of Yandex.Market".

"Yandeks.Dostavka", "of Yandex.Market", "Yandex" ... It remains to add "Yandeks.Zakupki" and "Yandeks.Menedzhment" for the supply chain - and hold on, online retailers ", - thinks the owner of an online store HelioStore .ru George Provorotov.

As a result, many do not hide that they are considering leaving the site, at least, for the first time. From the cooperation already refused one of the largest domestic online stores - "Ozone".

"Under the new system design ZakIt is on the side of the site, without any relationship with an online store. We would like to see in the mind of the buyer existed "Ozone" and not "of Yandex.Market", - said the representative of "Ozone" Maria Nizamutdinova.

In "of Yandex.Market" prepared that not all shops are quickly adapting to the new deployment model. There are also confident that the range of products to customers will remain at the proper level. "We commend the ordering in the shop, so it is a lot of opportunities for further communication with pokpatelem" - say in the company.

Theoretically, online stores, and the truth is still the possibility of organizing the delivery of its own, but its logistics structure have only the big players and small and medium-sized sellers delivery to outsource.

At the same time "of Yandex.Market" is ready to provide service services "Yandeks.Dostavka". Now this option is optional, but no one knows how the situation will develop.

If the area has made a new model of an optional, the vast number of intera stores probably would not have passed it, says commercial director Maria RedExpress Burmistrov.

"The lack of direct contact with customers decreases the possibility of additional sales, which affects the average check online store, and reduces the chance of re-buying", - she says.

However, not everyone believes that the changes to the "Yandex" are a threat to the market.

"Then nothing will happen with the market. We have the right to choose whether to work or not to work with the "market", whether to work with him on individual items, etc. "- says the president of the Association of e-commerce companies (Akita) and managing partner of the online store" 220 "Alexei Fyodorov .

Some people tend to see the pros and the new system. "Sales in the store will be larger because the buyer would be faster to make a decision (there will be more confidence and fewer clicks and conversions to other sites)," - says Shiptor development director in Russia Andrei Ljamin.

Nothing personal just business

"Of Yandex.Market" does not offer the market principle butvation - with a system of payment for the order online shopping for a long time familiar. In addition, the model of market-Place are increasingly coming in a variety of business areas, such as in the secondary real estate company implements its "cyan", which, by the way, left the previous chapter "of Yandex.Market" Alex Avdyei.

Sami representatives of the company, talking about the new model, refer to the Amazon experience, but exactly as Chinese shop AliExpress. According to Director of AliExpress development in Russia and CIS Mark Zavadsky discontent new stores "of Yandex.Market" policy due, rather, to change the current model of work.

Sweeten the pill changes in "of Yandex.Market" decided to finance - in connection with the new payment system of cooperation with the platform will cost merchants less.

Previously, we recall, online shopping pay per click (CPC payment, cost per click), through which buyers passed on their website. Now pay system will CPA (cost per action) - only for ordering.

Previously, advertising stores spent an average of 5.8% of revenue, they say in "Yandeks.Markete ", now the lower threshold value of the order of 2%. By the way, AliExpress commission is 5%, at Amazon - 6-11%.

On the other side of the "fence", however, do not agree with these calculations. "On average" of Yandex.Market "costs about 1.5-2% of the price", - says Alexei Fedorov. In addition, the Commission may increase. Before launching a new model of mobile phone vendors have written on social networks, which have received from the site posts an increase of up to 4% commission.

"In Russia, few companies who are high-margin business, and it is possible that the margin of small (and sometimes large) online stores will not be able to withstand in the 4% fee for purchase on" of Yandex.Market "- agrees the head of the direction of online stores company "PEC" Julia Bykov.

In "of Yandex.Market", of course, aware of the discussions in social networks. Here are confident that the Commission dissatisfaction with the size, rather a special case, for those who sell at low prices in a highly competitive segment.

Conflict of interest

The fraction "of Yandex.Market" in the Russian e-commerce ondschitat quite difficult: there are many online stores rating, but platform which is an aggregator of proposals and formally an indirect participant in the market, they are not taken into account.

"For a variety of methods, the volume of commodity-oriented audience - about 25-27 million people. These are people who committed before buying and ready for new acquisitions throughout the year. In August 2016, according to SimilarWeb, to "of Yandex.Market" visited 18.7 million people, or coating can be estimated at 70% ", - says principal analyst Price.ru Alexey Petrovsky. The volume of attracted turnover "of Yandex.Market" for August 2016 can be estimated at 6.6 billion rubles, own revenues -. 0.39 billion rubles.

In the company to place on the market prefer not to talk, citing the lack of official statistics, but look to the future with confidence. "Of course, we take over the world and become the undisputed leader," - as if joking Pavel Aleshin, but she recalls that any Chinese companies entering the new market, said that it would be a leader in five years. What is not an example?

In this svyafundamentally important communication platform share in the total number of orders and total revenue of online stores cooperating with it. And market participants believe that the share is not so significant. "Of Yandex.Market" does not dominate the market: conventional companies that work with the "of Yandex.Market", its share is less than 8%, the rest provides regular SERPs precise searches, "- said Alexey Fedorov.

Speaking about the results of a "of Yandex.Market" sellers often operate with different parameters, but they do not seem critical. So, within a few per cent of the estimates before the termination of cooperation with the proportion of orders "of Yandex.Market" in the total volume of orders "Ozone" Marina Nizamutdinova. Traffic within 4-5% in August 2016 according to a representative of the company "M.Video".

"If the" Market "was a monopoly, we would, of course, went to the FAS, - says Alexei Fedorov. - But for us it is just one of the sources of traffic, and nothing more. "

"For 12 months" of Yandex.Market "handed over to the magicianzines about 400 million visits ", - says Alexey Petrovsky, citing SimilarWeb service data. Of these, he explains, for example, to store "Yulmart" had 3.25%, to "Tehnopoynt" - 2.68%, on the "El Dorado" - 2,47%.

"In the Russian part of the online stores received traffic from the main search engine or the content of search results to" Yandex "and Google», - agrees CEO of Solutions Factory of Alexander the Great.

But he also recalled that in the market there are many online stores that are heavily dependent on the transition from the market-Place (up to 50% of traffic), and by "of Yandex.Market" as the largest of them.

Until recently, the "Market" remained the most prominent aggregator in the market, with the exception of foreign players. A platform for comparison shopping offers «Товары@mail.ru» develops Mail.ru Group companies, market-Place Price.ru have holding Rambler, but their share until recently been fairly minor, within a few percent. While both projects are not going to change the model of work that can bring them to newlientov and strengthen their position.

"The professional community is actively discussing the possibility of using other platforms have increasingly come to requests for advice on price-list advertising", - says Alexander the Great.

"It is possible that other aggregators will increase the list of stores, because someone will look for an alternative, but attendance is not likely to affect", - says Pavel Ivanov, CEO B2Basket service.

The term "of Yandex.Market" can get another competitor: the launch of its own market-Place in 2017 announced the company "M.Video" intentional spend on its development about 1 billion rubles. per year and expects to take at least 15% of the market. IT-competence "of Yandex.Market" new player is going to oppose the development of logistics, customer service, loyalty programs, etc.

"M.Video" does not have its own channels and adjacent trafikovyh expertise. To enter into the league, "M.Video" need to cover at least half the audience of "of Yandex.Market" in unique visitors. This is a complete andIt is interesting contact with the 9 million people who have committed a minimum desired effect, "- said Alexey Petrovsky. According to his estimates, the combined customer base of 9 million people is about 45-50 billion rubles. "This is an approximate value of the whole" M. Video "- sums up the expert.