Pipe strength: how the ESPO pipeline made Nikolay Buynov a billionaire

The chairman of the board of directors of the Irkutsk oil company takes an active part in managing the company: "he works like a horse" and "goes into all details".
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The richest businessman of the Irkutsk region, the main shareholder of the Irkutsk Oil Company (INC) Nikolai Buynov first entered the Forbes rating in 2015 with a state of $ 1.7 billion. In 2017, the estimate grew to $ 2.2 billion and he took 45th place.

INC, the only major asset Buinova (he owns about 71% of his family), was created by him together with former specialists of the Soviet enterprise Vostsibneftegazgeologiya in 2000. The company was not aware of the company until the EBRD paid attention to it: in 2008 it bought 8.15% of its shares for $ 85 million, and the whole company was valued at $ 1 billion. Five years later, the EBRD bought 3.75% of the shares of INC from the EBRD American Goldman Sachs.
Despite the crisis and the fall in oil prices, investors should be pleased - the assessment of the INC since the transaction with the EBRD, according to calculations by Forbes, has quadrupled to $ 4 billion, and production has increased more than 20 times, to 7.8 million tons In 2016-m. In last year's Forbes rating of "200 largest private companies", INC ranked 58th with revenues of 107.7 billion rubles in 2015. In 2016, according to the company, revenue increased to 115 billion rubles.

The rapid growth of INC over the past six years has ensured its connection to the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline. Buynov in an interview thanked residents of the Irkutsk region, who insisted that the pipeline pass as far as possible from Lake Baikal. As a result, the pipeline was laid near the INC fields (they are located to the north of Lake Baikal), which helped the company to reduce the cost of transportation of oil and increase production.

The secret of success is not only this. Buynov, chairman of the board of directors, takes an active part in the management of the INC. There is no other business that would distract him. "He comes to work at 9 am, leaves at 9 pm, and so every day. He works like a wolf, talks with geologists, engineers, he delves into everything, sets an example. Yachts, planes, islands and castles he does not. He just has no time to do it. If you need to rest - goes to Baikal to fish, "- says one of the top managers of the INC.

Children Buinova, daughter Anna and Julia, also live in Irkutsk. The eldest daughter Anna, after graduating from the institute, came to work for her father's company in the finance department. Now she is on leave to care for her young son. In the INC works Anna's husband, with whom she met at the institute. Younger daughter Buinova Julia - a student, the first year of the institute was disaccustomed. For reasons of safety, the place of her studies is not disclosed.