Police searched Investtorgbank

Funds were withdrawn from the bank under the deals with alleged securities.
Employees of the Investigative Department Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Central District of Moscow held yesterday seized documents in Investtorgbank (ITB). Its results have not been disclosed, but it is known that the seizure took place in the framework of a criminal investigation of embezzlement brought against the former management of the bank. Investigators believe that shortly before the ITB readjustment procedure, its top managers withdrew from the bank tens of billions of rubles. Some of them - 3.6 billion rubles. - Investtradebank new leadership appointed him the sanatorium - Traskapitalbankom - already Sought through arbitration court with the former major shareholder ITB and its chairman Vladimir Gudkov.

According to the press service of the TCB, seizure of documents in the ITB conducted by police officers in the office of the credit institution (Dubininskaya street, 45). In August 2015 the Bank of Russia has introduced a temporary administration in the ITB in the face of the DIA. The audit and financial recovery ITB representatives from the sanatorium Transcapitalbank identified a number of violations including falsification statements. In the bank's capital was aboutAruja "hole" at 32 billion rubles.

In addition, the "signs of the withdrawal of assets from the bank have been established through the use of mortgage schemes and the involvement of the Kyrgyz Rosinbanka, who had the same shareholders as Investtradebank".

How to set the Moscow Arbitration Court, considering a lawsuit ITB Vladimir Gudkov and his deputy Nina Shurminoy before readjustment of the bank, they spent 3.6 billion rubles. for the purchase of mortgage bonds secured by real estate. But, as stated in the decision of the arbitral tribunal, the securities of the bank has not been provided. The court found that after the transfer of 3.6 billion rubles. to the accounts of contractors - LLC "MGIiS", "IC" Capital "", LLC "TD Finance" and LLC "IR" Crown "" buyer changed the terms of transactions received in lieu of liquid securities issued by a kind of "Imperial Trading" illiquid. And after receipt of funds on account of counterparties they through a series of one-day firms settled on the offshore company Blisslow Tap Limited accounts. Also Transcapitalbank reported that the money under false contracts to be displayed in the Kyrgyz Rosinbank.