Polina Deripaska turns out to be a potential wife for Roman Abramovich

Boris Yeltsin's "granddaughter" can leave Oleg Deripaska for the now-single Roman Abramovich.
In August, rumors of a possible divorce of the oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Polina Deripaska intensified, which, after her father Valentin Yumashev married the daughter of the first Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, Tatiana, began to be called "the adopted granddaughter" of Yeltsin. Married for a long time at Deripaska decent - a businessman married Polina Yumashev in 2001. True, about the upcoming divorce the couple started talking back in 2009. Immediately after the wedding, insiders say, Deripaska sent his wife to London to attend to children. There, Polina Deripaska gave birth to both the first child and the second child. Here are just a few were sure that the "British" life of the billionaire's wife quickly turned into almost a prison. The husband himself was rarely seen in London.

The patience of Mrs. Deripaska was enough for a long five years. And then, according to the rumors, Polina Valentinovna actually, contrary to her wishes, returned to Russia and started her own business. And in 2006, with the money of her husband, Mrs. Deripaska started her own business: the company "Rainko" managed a number of assets of Oleg Deripaska by the Ova-press publishing house, later renamed Polina into Forward Media Group, known for Hello !, "My baby and me ", As well as" Interior + Design ".

At first Polina became the head of the board of directors, and at the end of 2015 the resource Adindex wrote that the FAS granted the request of the company of Mrs. Deripaska Gloss Media to purchase 100% of Forward Media Group, the managing company of the publishing house of the same name. However, according to the gossip, Polina Deripaska's business career did not add warmth to the home. Moreover, according to rumors, he at times cooled down so much that his wife was seen in the "interesting" company. It's about another "business shark" - Alexander Mamut. And the lobbies of the Moscow beau monde filled with rumors about Mrs. Deripaska's novel. According to unconfirmed information, a couple could light up at an elite resort in Courchevel.

At the same time, dirty gossip appeared about Oleg Deripaska himself. His ill-wishers believed that the irritation of a businessman had a very negative effect on his subordinates, at home, the businessman allegedly had scandals. And in the press later began to appear unconfirmed, however, information that Mr. Deripaska could get carried away with alcohol, so much that it required the help of professionals. True or not, one can only guess, as well as about what could be the cause - business or family life.

But in 2009, when the case, it seems, could reach a divorce, the marriage did not fall apart. In this case, the divorce was commented on by Tatyana Yumasheva, who in 2010, in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, stated that she allegedly banned Polina Deripaska from getting divorced. And it was not about high matter, it was extremely pragmatic - the lady feared that Oleg Deripaska would "hang" all her debts on the daughter of her husband Yumasheva during the divorce. In 2009, we recall, the businessman's debts, as they said, were comparable in volume with his condition.

Polina herself rumors about more than cool relations with her husband declines to comment, although she seems to be happy to talk about children. At least, that's what her interview looked like in 2013, in which the oligarch's wife said: "I have amazing children, Pete eleven, Marusya very soon ten, these adults are very interesting with them." They have a wonderful grandmother, Oleg's mother, Valentina For this and many other things, I am grateful to Oleg, but I do not want to talk about my relations with him publicly. "

But in recent years, the state of Oleg Deripaska is growing, and the businessman is rising in all sorts of ratings of businessmen, his fortune, according to some estimates, has already exceeded 8 billion dollars. And now Pauline can get a divorce is not debt, but more than a decent "compensation." Rumors meanwhile hasten to name the "successor" Oleg Deripaska - perhaps the next husband of Pauline will be a man who introduced her in his time with Deripaska - Roman Abramovich, at the party of which the couple met for the first time in 2000.

But Abramovich and Deripaska have a joint business, and Polina Deripaska and Daria Zhukova, who recently announced the separation from her husband Roman Abramovich, are considered girlfriends. The latter even helped Polina create a site about the show business Spletnik.ru. Apparently, while rumors do not prevent businessmen from "doing business" together. In July, information appeared that through "Norilsk Nickel" Deripaska and Abramovich could become co-owners of the Sochi ski resort "Rosa Khutor". But to what redistribution of forces in the business arena can result in the result of the "Santa Barbara"?

Abramovich is waiting for two years

In early August, Abramovich and Zhukov officially announced the separation after a decade of joint life. "The two of us have made a difficult decision to part, but we remain close friends, parents and partners in projects that we implement together," the couple said in a statement.

The word "divorce" in the statement did not sound. According to experts, this may be due to the fact that the divorce of the oligarch and his wife will have to within the framework of British law, which implies that divorce by mutual agreement can be made only after the spouses have lived for at least two years separately. In the meantime, those who are interested in scouring for details about the possible novel of Zhukova and the Greek billionaire Stavros Niarhos, Abramovich's chosen one, whoever she is, most likely will have to wait ...

The first outlets

Recently, Pauline Deripaska and the oligarch Roman Abramovich could be seen more than once at the same events. Some businessmen visited not only the company of the "granddaughter" of the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin, but also the stepmothers of Polina Deripaska - Tatyana Yumasheva, daughter of Yeltsin. The first "almost family" output?

In May of this year, Roman Abramovich on a personal plane, nicknamed "Bandit" for a characteristic black streak near the cockpit, flew to Perm to close the Diaghilev festival. As the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" writes, the oligarch brought with him Polina Deripaska and her adoptive mother Tatyana Yumashev, as well as the ex-head of the cultural department of Moscow Sergey Kapkov. In March, at the opening of the new season in the Garage Museum of Modern Art, they were also seen by both Abramovich and his wife Deripaska. True, there was also the wife of the oligarch Darya Zhukova, but she could not appear, because she is the founder of the cultural space.

Earlier, in February, Roman Abramovich and Polina Deripaska "lit up" at the celebration of the birthday of "Gogol Center." Photographers captured them together. But the spouses of both found at the celebration failed.

The wife of Oleg Deripaska and Roman Abramovich had the opportunity to exchange a few words at the Kinotavr party in June this year. In August, the authoritative Bloomberg agency ranked the world's richest people. And on the 177th line, stepping from the 205 position, Mr. Deripaska settled comfortably, whose fortune is estimated at 8.28 billion dollars. And it is possible that in case Polina Deripaska really divorces her husband, the lady can appear before the next elect not only as a wife, but also as an investor with considerable assets. After all, the marriage contract between Oleg and Polina Deripaska was not concluded. Accordingly, she can claim half the property of the spouse in the divorce. In this case, the difficulty of running a large business can remain the oligarch - and a significant part of his fortune - to Pauline Deripaska.