Politics intervened in "Biocad"

The company can not supply the equipment to the plant.
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The large Russian manufacturer of medicines "Biocad" does not have time to finish the construction of the plant in St. Petersburg in time because of the failure of the delivery times of equipment by foreign suppliers. In the company, the problems are explained by the "political situation". Other domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers, however, did not face similar difficulties in the construction of their enterprises.

The fact that Biocad encountered difficulties in the construction of the plant in St. Petersburg due to disruptions in the supply of foreign equipment, on its Facebook page, the company's CEO Dmitry Morozov said. On the Noidorf site of the special economic zone of St. Petersburg, Biocad planned to build a full cycle manufacturing facility for 13 international nonproprietary names listed in the VED list by 2020. The volume of investments is 3 billion rubles. Mr. Morozov noted that foreigners delay deliveries for up to eight months and the pharmaceutical manufacturer had to start developing the necessary basic equipment and start its production under a contract in China at the facilities of three partner enterprises.

According to Dmitry Morozov, now Biocad will be able to launch the first phase of the plant in the planned period - in 2019. The second delivery will move more than four months. Mr. Morozov declined to mention the suppliers of equipment, noting only that this is an American and Italian company, the amount of contracts is $ 4 million and $ 10 million, respectively. He added that with a similar problem, "Biocad" was previously encountered in the construction of a plant in the Moscow region. Reluctance of foreign manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment top manager explains "political situation."

"Biocad" produces drugs for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune, infectious and viral diseases. The company has two enterprises in St. Petersburg and the Moscow region. In addition to the plant in Neudorf, Biocad is building a plant in Zelenograd within the framework of an offset contract signed in 2017 with the Moscow Department of Health for 14 billion rubles. CJSC Biocad is 100% owned by Cyprus Biocad Holding, where 20% of Pharmstandard Viktor Kharitonin, 50% of its partner Valery Yegorov, 30% of Dmitry Morozov. Revenues of the company in 2017 amounted to 12.5 billion rubles., Net profit - 3.8 billion rubles.

Other Russian manufacturers of drugs with problems of disruptions in the delivery of equipment from abroad did not come across. So, in the Obolenskoe company, which is building a plant worth 3 billion rubles in the Moscow Region, it is said that German and Italian counterparts were ready to close the deliveries even ahead of schedule. The launch of the first stage is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018. The absence of complications is also spoken by representatives of the generic manufacturer Ozone Pharmaceuticals and Nativas. The last in 2017 spent more than 1 billion rubles. for the equipment of the German Harro Hofliger Verpackungsmaschinen and the Swiss Rychiger for the production of powder inhalants and implants for subcutaneous administration.

"Biocad" as one of the few developers and manufacturers of high-tech drugs and innovative molecules in Russia requires more sophisticated original equipment, says Nikolay Bespalov, RNC Pharmaceutical Development Director Nikolai Bespalov: "It is created for the needs of the customer, often it can be about unique technical solutions for specific projects ". In his view, supply disruptions can occur because of reassessment by producers of their capabilities.