Poroshenko hid his Russian business in offshore companies

Structures close to the President of Ukraine, sell Chinese cars in Russia, have starch business in Lipetsk and supply batteries for cares assembled at AvtoVAZ. 
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Despite the active anti-Russian rhetoric, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko continues to earn in Russia. "Izvestia" in addition to the factory Roshen Lipetsk holding found several related Poroshenko structures that either do business in our country, either based in the Ukraine, but the delivery is carried out in Russia. So, as the main supplier of batteries for Renault models produced at the sites of "AvtoVAZ" plant stands Dnepropetrovsk battery holding ISTA. Earlier it was reported that the company belongs to Poroshenko, "Izvestiya" found evidence that the Ukrainian president is still the owner of the holding.

In addition, similar to the structure of Poroshenko sell Chinese cars in Russia the brand JAC, collected on the Circassian plant Derways. Avtodistributor "Auto Real" is a Ukrainian group "Bogdan" Oleg Svynarchuk and Oleg Zimin - a long-standing friends and Poroshenko business partners, they are familiar with 1993 and included in his inner circle. It is known that "Bogdan" previously belonged Poroshenko. But in 2013 he said that he had sold his Svynarchuk — At the same time it was reported that Poroshenko was the owner of "Bogdan", and the signs of this are monitored by the business registers. Svynarchuk since August 2014 and has a colleague Poroshenko on civil service - it is the head of the Interdepartmental Commission on Policy Relating to Military and Technical Cooperation and Export Control of Ukraine. After this appointment Svynarchuk changed his name - has become Gladkovskaya (mother), and January 15, 2015 declared that Ukraine in the near future plans to join NATO's weapons procurement system.

It also appears that the food empire Poroshenko includes a small but profitable company Lipetsk "Starch". "Starch" in 2014 changed the owner - from Ukrainian legal entities, odnaznachno associated with Poroshenko, on a foggy offshore and "Auto Real" got rid of my name (previously transparent "Bogdan-Avto Rus"). State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin send a parliamentary inquiry into the prosecutor's office and tax office to find out in the National Guard under such financing in Ukraine.

Ukrainian battery in the new Logan and Sandero

in Russiayskom representation Renault have confirmed that at the moment Ukrainian buy batteries, but only for its own production on "AvtoVAZ» (Renault-Nissan Alliance controls 50% of the holding of the Volga).

- The models produced at the Moscow plant of Renault, are completed
Russian-made batteries. As for the Logan and Sandero second generation, which are produced in Togliatti, now the batteries are supplied from Ukraine, but in the framework of deepening the localization process for the coming year is planned transition to supply Russian-made. The names of the companies-suppliers, we do not disclose - said "News" the representative of Renault Press Office Ekaterina Tretyakova.

According to her, the capital Renault plant (formerly "Avtoframos") moved from Ukrainian domestic batteries in May 2014. "Izvestia" a source familiar with the situation, "AvtoVAZ", said that at the same time Togliatti automaker ceased manned batteries ISTA own model Lada Largus, which is based on the model of Dacia Logan MCV (analogue Largus, producing in the Romanian factory Renault).

- We had a contract with the Moscow Renault plant [now produces Duster, Megane, Fluence and Logan first generation], but in 2015 it was not extended, - he told "Izvestiya» ISTA employee. According to him, the company in addition to the Renault is another partner-car plant in Russia (except Togliatti shops "AvtoVAZ"), but refused to name his companion: a commercial secret.

On the ISTA website states that the company supplies batteries Renault-Nissan concern since 2007. From there, it follows that two key groups of the plant - is Dnepropetrovsk "Energoavtomatika" and "Ista-Center". According to the Ukrainian registry of legal entities, small packets LLC "RSD" Energoavtomatika "directly from Zimin and Gladkovsky, and 99.9% - in LLC" Oberon-Center ", which the Ukrainian media, without doubt linked to Zimin.

In "Ista-Center", as follows from the list of affiliated persons of the company, at least from 2010 until the III quarter of 2014 (the latest data) 40% of the shares accounted for "Oberon-Center", 21.6% - in the State Property Fund of Ukraine and 23% - on the Panamanian offshore Ukrprominvest Holding Ltd (established in 1997I do, for sure it was not possible to find the owners). That's still a lot of companies are called business empire Poroshenko, such as "UPI-Agro" - which belongs to the Kiev fund «Prime Assets Capital" (written personally to Petro Poroshenko, according to the registry of legal entities). The name "Ukrominvest" wore existed until 2012, holding the head Poroshenko, a Panamanian company Ukrprominvest right was one of its founders (according to the archive data of the Agency for Development infrastructure of the stock market of Ukraine) and was associated in the Ukrainian mass media do not have anyone else but with Poroshenko.

The publication "of Korrespondent.net" last month concluded that the only president of transaction for the sale of assets for sale Zimin package was in 2014 in "Energoavtomatika". Recall Poroshenko, in late May, has promised to sell his business if he wins the election: The Constitution of Ukraine prohibits combining the presidency and entrepreneurship. In August, however, it was stated that the sale of the assets involved in the structure of the European family of Rothschild bankers, but in December Poroshenko said that "war investment in the country do not go, no one to buy and sell anything you can not. "

The press service of the President of Ukraine request to "Izvestia" left unanswered.

Import ISTA in Russia falls

The Russian group of companies "ACOM" (the largest domestic producer of rechargeable batteries, based in Togliatti) "News" reported that their company in the future will replace the Ukrainian ISTA in supplying the Renault conveyors.

- We have come quite a long way talks, nominations and audit and September 2015 start delivery of our batteries for all plants of the alliance Renault-Nissan in Russia, - said the president and founder of GK "ACOM" Nikolai Ignatiev. - Before the financial crisis the most serious competition for Ukrainian companies were in the retail market. If we talk about the secondary battery market, it is divided into approximately equal proportion between domestic and import enterprises. Among the largest importers, in turn, allocated US company Johnson Controls [brands Varta and Optima] and Ukrainian "Vesta-Dnepr "[controlled by Ukrainian businessman Denis Dzenzerskim].

Ignatieff led the statistics in the Russian import of batteries for 11 months in 2014. Thus, Johnson Controls put in Russia 748 thousand batteries (minus 33% compared to the same period of 2013), "Vesta-Dnepr." -. 203 thousand (-72%), the plant temporarily idle at the moment, and ISTA imported plant 54 thousand. batteries (-63%).

- In general, imports of batteries decreased by 25%, but the Ukrainian companies fall on import even faster than the market, - said Ignatiev. - But it is not only related to cooling of interest in the Ukrainian goods, but also with the general problems of these enterprises, as well as currency fluctuations in Russia. Of course, this gives a chance for the Russian players, including us.

Ignatiev also said that Ukrainian businessmen have repeatedly went to him with a proposal to buy its assets. In particular, the ISTA offered "Akomu" buy all the Ukrainian company as a whole, and the plant "Vesta-Dnepr" is trying to sell contemporary Austrian assembly equipment, which recently acquired in leasing.Ignatyev said that "Vesta-Dnepr" was not able to pay off the lease agreement and now "Sberbank Leasing" sells this technique.

The Russian division of "Bogdan" urgently renamed

If ISTA controls Zimin, the Ukrainian president is Gladkovsky auto holding "Bogdan" (founded in 2005). But Zimin, for example, has a 9 per cent stake in the "Automobile" Bogdan "group, while Gladkovsky it 10% through its investment fund" Owl ", but 60% of the shares owned by the company" Yaroslav ", which belongs again AG" Bogdan ". Shareholder structure Holding confusing (it apart AG "Bogdan" also includes "Bogdan Capital", "Bogdan-Industry", "Bogdan-Invest", "Hyundai Motor Ukraine", etc., with a branched cross-ownership.) - And a significant proportion of of the share capital as a result of falls on the Cypriot offshore companies, which then lead to the British Virgin Islands, where it is difficult to find the journalists beneficiaries.

The fact that Poroshenko (his fortune is estimated at more than $ 1 billion) allegedly hutsavilsya from "Bogdan" in 2009, he told Forbes in 2013 Ukrainian. But journalists Ukrainian edition of Insider, examines in detail the business Poroshenko in May 2014, found his share of "Bogdan". Now Ukrainian corporate registries obvious traces of the fund "Prime Assets Capital" in the "Bohdan" has failed to find, but among the "Hyundai Motor Ukraine" shareholders still listed Cypriot Autoretail Holding Limited and Hudc Limited, which Ukrainian media in 2011 was associated with Poroshenko.

"Bogdan" sells and collects Asian cars Hyundai, Subaru, Isuzu, Daewoo, JAC, Great Wall and Lifan (as well as buses, trolley buses and trucks under its own brand), and before the start of 2014 the company has produced, including model 2110. Under avtovazovskuyu own brand "Bogdan" sell it among others in Russia - was used for this purpose created in 2012. Tolyatti company "Bogdan-Avto Rus". It has been reported that it is a subsidiary of "Bogdan" group. In addition, the company in April 2014 as an exclusive distributor began selling cars Chinese brand JAC, their contract assembly districtalazhena factory Derways in Cherkessk. In June 2014, "Bogdan-Avto Rus", according to the database SPARK, Ltd. changed its name to "Auto Real".

The owner of "Auto Real", according to an extract from the register, is another Tolyatti Ltd. - "SV Motorinvest", it was created in 2012 and last year (in October) also changed its name, abandoning the "Bogdan-investment." In turn, the "SV Motorinvest" monitored and controlled by the Cyprus offshore Now Vehicles Distribution Holding Ltd. This is a Cypriot company, according to Ukrainian corporate registry, among the shareholders referred to "Hyundai Motor Ukraine". According to the Registry of Companies of Cyprus, Vehicles Distribution belongs to the Viennese company Bogdan Holding GmbH.

Further, according to information from the Austrian registry, CEO of the company - Dmitry Livinets, and the owner - Cyprus Hesutu Limited. In 2013, the firm and Livinets were part of "Bogdan Motors' board of directors. The sole shareholder Hesutu - Teckford Investments Financial Corporation from the British Virgin Islands.

In the company "Auto Real" to the question of "Izvestia" on prichastnosand to the structures of "Bogdan" they answered in the negative, to refrain from further comments. According to the Association of European Businesses, which maintains statistics on car sales in the EU and Russia (Russia - the third largest in Europe car market), in the last year in Russia it has sold 424 JAC car. Previously, "Auto Real" stated that it plans to sell 1 thousand. Vehicles in 2014.

Starch manufacturer also tried to hide relationship with Poroshenko

It is curious that the Cypriot Hesutu Limited Companies, Autoretail Holding Limited, Hudc Limited, Vehicles Distribution Holding Ltd - the same address (street Kolokotronis and Chrysorrogiatissa in Limassol) and the law firm secretary Ergofinance Limited, repetitive and Greek director. The same details (director, address, secretary) in
another found "Izvestia" offshore - Chartomena Limited. He owns a Russian firm "Starch" - and until August 2014, according to SPARC-based, "Starch" is directly owned by the said Kiev holding "UPI-Agro" (91% owned by the fund "Prime Assets Capital" Poroshenko).

"KrahmaloproduAssortments "registered on the same street as OAO" Lipetsk confectionery "Roshen", whose revenue in 2013 amounted to 2.2 billion rubles, net profit - 178 million rubles. Revenues "starch" on the orders of magnitude smaller: revenues - 35.5 million rubles, net profit - 1.8 million rubles. Phone companies found in open sources, do not respond. Specialization of the company - "manufacture of grain mill products", starch is widely used in the confectionery industry. All-Russian Research Institute of Starch Products "Izvestia" reported that Ukraine supplied molasses, starch, natural and modified on the Russian confectionery factories, but to clarify the extent to which supply raw materials and whether the contracts have survived to this day, the Institute could not. Comment "Roshen" Lipetsk plant could be obtained.

The owner Chartomena, by the way, is a London-based firm Morewig Limited, the sole shareholder of which - the same Cypriot Ergofinance. Morewig favor the original owner of all the above Cypriot offshore companies (based on historical data from the business registerYpres), so that the company Chartomena just have not had time to re-register, say, virgin or Panamanian offshore.

To understand Russian financial flows of business Poroshenko and related structures is going to State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin.

- My opinion is always on those who profit in Russia, and then the money spent on the escalation of violence in the south-east of Ukraine - it is necessary to stop firmly and quickly. I and his assistants will make every effort to do so, - the source said. Rashkin said he would send deputies requests to the prosecutor's office and the tax office.