President of Cosmos was restricted to leave Britain

Andrey Chernyakov was deprived of his aircrafts and Rolls-Royce.
As the "Kommersant", the High Court in London issued an order for the freezing and disclosure of assets around the world notorious businessman Andrew Chernyakov. Now he can not dispose of a number of firms, two airplanes and Rolls-Royce. This is done on the claim of the Bank of Moscow, which has led them to NGO "Cosmos" took and did not return billions of dollars in loans. Guarantor for him personally spoke Andrey Chernyakov declared for fraud with credit wanted.

According to a British source "Kommersant", the Bank of Moscow lawyers have appealed to the High Court with a claim to Andrew Chernyakov at the end of last week. The reason became personal surety businessman on loans, which were granted by the bank "NPO" Cosmos "" and LLC "GC" Kosmos-M "." The hearing took place in a London court on the same day - Judge Cooke granted the request of the bank in full. Granted they writ includes a ban on any operations Chernyakova businessman with his assets and property around the world. This, in particular, the question of land plots in the town Vildenbruh in Brandenburg in Germany, the assets in threeiprskih and one German companies, as well as in two other firms. One of them is registered in the British Virgin Islands Norwind Shipping Inc., owns the rights to the aircraft business aviation Bombardier Global 5000, and the second - the Austrian SGC Aviation GmbH owns a small aircraft Learjet 60 XR. In addition, the arrest was effected on the gorgeous white car Rolls-Royce with the Italian number signs.

In addition, the court ordered the deadline until December 6, Andrew Chernyakov submit detailed information about their assets worth more than £ 10 thousand. He was also prohibited from leaving the territory of England and Wales, and their passport and other identity documents prescribed by the lawyers to pass the Bank of Moscow. On the personal needs Andrey Chernyakov court allowed to spend up to £ 5 thousand. In room a week, as well as "reasonable reasonable amount" for legal advice and representation expenses. However, the origin of the money he would have to report to the lawyers of the Bank of Moscow.

In this case a violation of any provisions of paragraph businessman facing criminal prosecution and even possible imprisonment. Written order was handed personally AndreChernyakov th on Sunday night. Lawyers and representatives of the police accompanied them, according to "Kommersant", the businessman found in the gym one of London's fitness clubs.

Recall that this is not the first decision of foreign courts related to the arrest of businessman Chernyakova assets. As told "Kommersant", this summer has been imposed arrest in Florence on a residential complex, owned by Andrey Chernyakov and more reminiscent of a Roman palazzo with tennis courts and buildings for servants, worth about € 50 million.

Italian courts have thus supported the decision of the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow on February 5 this year, the recovery from Andrew Chernyakov more than 3 billion rubles. both the guarantor were not returned by the Bank of Moscow loans. Recall that in 2011 Mr. Chernyak has received from the bank more than 11 billion rubles. for replenishment of circulating assets NGO "Cosmos", who built then Halabyan-Baltic tunnel in Moscow. At the moment, the amount of debt is about 15 billion rubles. Failure to return the money that went to the accounts of other companies, became the basis for initiating investigators GU MVD in Moscow the criminalth cases of "especially large-scale fraud in lending" (Art. 4, Art. 159.1 of the Criminal Code). However, he managed to Andrew Chernyakov in advance to go to Germany, where he had a residence permit. As a result, he was declared first in the federal and then the international wanted list.

Lawyer Ruslan Koblev said "Kommersant" that the protection was aware of the meeting in the High Court in London. "We were prepared for this and the next meeting will present our arguments", - said the defender. According to him, all the assets of Andrew Chernyakov acquired prior history with loans in the Bank of Moscow. Mr. Koblev noted that given the nature of English law the court will have to talk in detail about the history with the construction of the tunnel. "There is no evidence that the money received is not an organization, and Andrew Chernyakov, they are buried in the tunnel!" - Says the defender.