President of Russian Railways disclosed his income for the first time

Oleg Belozerov earned 86.2 million rubles in 2015; his predecessor, Vladimir Yakunin, never published such information.
RZD President Oleg Belozerov in 2015 earned a 86, 2 mln., Reported a monopoly on the site. Last year, the president of Russian Railways Belozerov spent four months with a small (appointed August 20), before the six years he was deputy minister of transport. This amount - 86, 2 mln. - The sum of the yield on the primary work location (including during the period of work in the Ministry of Transport), interest on bank deposits, as well as income from the sale of apartments in St. Petersburg, land and residential house in the Leningrad region, which accounted for almost half total revenue, says the press-service of the company. "Belozerov many years revealed details about their income and considered right to continue this practice by going to the Railways", - said the representative of the monopoly.

During 2014 Belozerov declare an area of ​​214 square meters apartment. m, a house for the summer residence of 116 square meters. m and a plot of 1000 square meters. m. Now Belozerov no real estate or movable property does not own, according to RZD. CEO «Colliers International St. Petersburg" Andrey Kosarev estimates the value of all this property around 50-80 million rubles and 70 .:-80% Of this amount accounted for an apartment in St. Petersburg, giving the plot (if not located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland) is relatively inexpensive.

Income Belozerova the Ministry of Transport was smaller: 10.5 million rubles. in 2014, 27.9 million rubles. in 2013. However, the other deputy ministers earn even less of their annual income in 2013-2014. I was in the range of 3, 2 -5.1 million rubles. (Excluding Belozerova and Victor Olersky - last earned by 80-100 million rubles.).

Previous president of Russian Railways - Yakunin public revenues never revealed, despite the indication by President Vladimir Putin and the disposal of the government. Publicly income does not disclose the presidents of "Rosneft" and "Gazprom" Igor Sechin and Alexei Miller. In May last year, Yakunin, however, said on a conference call that its revenue in the Railways - 4-5.5 million rubles. per month, depending on the number of trips, and others. Railways spokesman did not specify how much Belozerov earned as president in 2015. On average, each of the 25 board members of Railways in 2015 had 64 million rubles.

Surely Belozerova salary slightly less hourseat at Yakunin, said partner TopContact Executive Search Arthur Shamil. 60 million rubles. (About 790 000 euros at current exchange rates) per year - it's a bit: heads of comparable companies in Europe and Asia, on average, 2 million euros per year in the US - even more, he continues.