Prince Albert II refused to give Russia a runaway banker Vladimir Gudkov

In Russia, the former chairman of the Board of Investtorgbank is accused of stealing 7 billion rubles.
The authorities of Monaco denied the Prosecutor General's Office the extradition of the former chairman of the Board of Investtorgbank Vladimir Gudkov, accused in Russia of embezzling 7 billion rubles. from the means of the credit institution. The point in this proceedings was put by the head of state Prince Albert II, whose opinion on extradition matters is decisive and final. The Prosecutor General's Office told Kommersant that they had not yet received an official refusal from Monaco.

Request to the Directorate of Legal Services of the Principality of Monaco on the extradition of 59-year-old Vladimir Gudkov Prosecutor General's Office sent back in February this year. According to Kommersant's information, in addition to describing the crimes incriminated to the ex-banker, the document also provided guarantees that the accused will be prosecuted only for those violations of the law specified in the request for his extradition, while the provisions of the European Convention on Protection human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular, they will not be mistreated and used in any way. It was also said that, in the case of extradition, Mr. Gudkov will be kept in pre-trial detention facilities in conditions that meet world standards.

However, the arguments of the Russian Prosecutor's Office did not convince the Monaco Court of Appeal, and in May he refused to extradite Mr. Gudkov, who argued that in Russia he can not be guaranteed unbiased proceedings.

Under the laws of Monaco, the final decision on extradition remains with the head of this state. The other day, Prince Albert II refused to extradite Mr. Gudkov. The General Secretary of the Prosecutor General's Office of Monaco Magali Zhinapty told Kommersant that the head of the principality is not obliged to motivate his decision. Immediately after this, the banker was released from prison, where he was under extradition arrest.

Vladimir Gudkov's lawyer Viktor Burobin confirmed to Kommersant that the Monaco authorities refused to issue his client, but refused to discuss this in detail, citing the fact that he does not have the appropriate permission from the principal.

By the way, this is the second time in recent times when Monaco refused to issue a former Russian banker. In 2016, the request of the Prosecutor General's Office to extradite ex-chairman of the board of Vneshprombank Georgy Bedzhamov, who was accused along with accomplices in the theft of more than 113 billion rubles, was rejected.

As already told Kommersant, in Monaco, where he allegedly has real estate, the former chairman of the Board of Investtorgbank Gudkov moved in 2016. Shortly before this, the GUS of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow instituted a criminal investigation into fraudulent theft (part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) of funds from the credit institution headed by him. With difficulties, Investtradebank collided in the summer of 2015, when immediately in several of its branches customers began to close accounts in large numbers. Already in August, the Central Bank appointed a temporary administration headed by Vladimir Gudkov. After that, the DIA selected the investor to participate in the prevention of the bankruptcy of Investtorgbank, and in January 2016 he transferred to the property of a sanatorium - Transcapitalbank. The latter also initiated the search and return of assets that disappeared under the previous leadership. At that time, the "hole" in the capital of the bank was 32 billion rubles.

Among the figures of the criminal case, in addition to Mr. Gudkov, his deputy Nina Shurmina, former head of the development of mortgage lending Tatiana Zotina and director of the department of lending operations Olga Zubkova, as well as a non-staff member of the bank Elena Lukyanova, are now in charge of Mr. Gudkov. All of them are either under house arrest or under a written undertaking not to leave the place.

According to "Kommersant", now in the criminal case there are two episodes. The first concerns the contract of sale and purchase of mortgage bonds. According to investigators, before the reorganization of Investtorgbank, Vladimir Gudkov "together with his accomplices" spent 3.6 billion rubles on their acquisition. The money was transferred by the bank to the accounts of counterparties - LLC MGIiS, LLC "IC" Stolitsa ", OOO TD Finance and LLC IC Penzet." However, instead of liquid securities, the buyer got illiquid - issued by a certain OOO Imperial-Torg. In July 2016, the Moscow Arbitration Court ordered Gudkov and Shurmin to return 3.6 billion rubles. Investtorgbank.

A few billion more rubles were stolen by cybercriminals by granting loans to firms that did not carry out real financial and economic activities. In total, at the moment, the figurants of this case are charged with stealing more than 7 billion rubles from Investtorgbank.

In the Prosecutor General's Office, "Kommersant" was told that until the official decision to refuse to extradite Vladimir Gudkov was not received. In this regard, from any comments in the department abstained.

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