Prison and a half-billion fine are waiting for Oleg Sorokin

The state prosecution is asking for the former head of Nizhny Novgorod 12 years of strict regime.
In the Nizhny Novgorod district court began a debate on the criminal case against the former head of Nizhny Novgorod, Oleg Sorokin, as well as two former employees of the investigation, investigating the attempted assassination in 2003. Three prisoners were accused of kidnapping under the guise of a “operational experiment” to solve a crime. In 2004, the police force forcibly put him in a car and took Alexander Novoselov to the forest, seeking testimony on customers of the failed murder. In addition, the state prosecution asked Oleg Sorokin to be guilty of accepting a bribe "in the form of receiving property services" and sentenced him to 12 years in prison for a total of 460.8 million rubles in fines. For seven or eight years, the prosecutor also asked for former officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the deprivation of their titles. The defense insists on justifying all defendants.

Oleg Sorokin, the largest developer of Nizhny Novgorod, who headed the city LSG in 2010–2015, is judged together with the former head of the search for serial and contract killings, Yevgeny Voronin, and the operative, Roman Markeev, 15 years ago, accused of kidnapping.

In December 2003, the car of businessman Sorokin was blocked on a suburban road, firing a line from it. The businessman was wounded, his spleen was removed during surgery. During the investigation, Yevgeny Voronin received prompt information that the murder in order to take over half of the business at the former defense plant “Start” was organized by the then Vice-Speaker of the Nizhny Novgorod Legislative Assembly, Mikhail Dikin (he was a friend of “Start” through friends) and his brother Alexander, the head the headquarters of the police department.

In order to obtain testimony from them, on April 27, 2004, the operative of the search unit conducted a “operational experiment” sanctioned by the authorities: under the legend of Sorokin, Alexander Novoselov, security guard Mikhail Dikin, was forced into his Mercedes and taken to the forest. There, a frightened man testified that, on the instructions of the Dikiny brothers, he came to the village of Oksky to look for and drive away the old VAZ, which the killers blocked off the highway.

Alexander Novoselov said that he was beaten in the forest, strangled with a package, shot over his ear, and Oleg Sorokin showed scars on his body and took out an ax, threatening to cut off his leg.

Therefore, a frightened guard allegedly slandered his chief deer.

In 2006, the Dikin brothers were convicted for a long time for the attempted murder of Oleg Sorokin (ex-deputy Mikhail Dikin was released from the Mordovian colony only 12 years later). The complaint of Alexander Novoselov, the testimony about torture of which the court in Nizhny Novgorod found false, was made only after the decision of the ECHR on the violation of human rights. The Strasbourg court awarded him € 27,500 compensation from Russia for ill-treatment and ineffective investigation. After many years of abandoned inspections, Oleg Sorokin was arrested in December 2017, later retired colonel Yevgeny Voronin and former operas Roman Markeev were arrested. At trial, they argued that Alexander Novoselov was lying about cruel beatings, and the forest experiment was conducted in strict accordance with the law on the OSA, which allows him to inflict controlled damage to solve crimes.

This version was fully confirmed by the former deputy head of the Nizhny Novgorod police department, General Viktor Tsyganov, who sanctioned the event (according to the investigators, he was misled by his subordinates). In the trial, a half-hour archive recording of events in the forest was studied, on which Alexander Novoselov sits and writes testimony inside the car. State prosecutor Elena Shkardnaya stated in the debate that she clearly saw blood on Novoselova’s lip in the frames of the declassified operational shooting, and no Russian laws allow us to hold and move a person against his will. Protection, on the contrary, believes that the video made in the forest fully confirms the absence of bruises on the victim’s face and hands, and traces of spring dirt on clothes.

Oleg Sorokin was also charged with obtaining in 2013, when he was the head of Nizhny Novgorod, an official “bribe as a service” from a friend of Mansur Sadekov. According to investigators, the latter, through his brother, laid a personal 30 million rubles in a bank cell. for bribing the management of JSC "Vektron". This firm filed complaints with the FAS and the arbitration court, challenging the largest land auction on 453 hectares in Nizhny Novgorod, which was received for construction by the Ingradstroy company affiliated with Oleg Sorokin. According to the investigation, giving his money, Mansur Sadekov solved the business problem of the head of the city, hoping to get land for the network of gas stations in return. Oleg Sorokin denied this version, denying his personal interest in Ingradstroi and land acquisition. His defense proved that under the head of the city in 2012–2013, an unsuccessful provocation was carried out by agents and operatives of GUBEP during the time of Denis Sugrobov, acting under the guise of investors. Hidden records of meetings and talks with Oleg Sorokin were mounted, and Mansur Sadekov owed him for cheating on renting a business jet, lawyers said. Mansur Sadekov himself was not able to be questioned in court: he wrote that he did not intend to return to Russia, and the parties operated on him with testimony at the investigation. A certain death certificate from the Rostov morgue was presented to the key witness, director of ZAO Vektron, Alexander Bespalov, which caused the defense that this would make the disappearance of the police agent disappear.

The state prosecution found the guilt of Oleg Sorokin and the former policemen fully proven. On the basis of two serious accusations, the former head of Nizhny Novgorod was asked to condemn a 12-year penal colony with a fine of 460.8 million rubles. For pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yevgeny Voronin and Roman Markeev, the prosecutor asked for a sentence of eight and seven years in prison, depriving them of the rank of colonel and lieutenant colonel. The defense of all the accused asks them to justify - tomorrow the lawyers in the debate will continue to present the arguments of their innocence. The victim, Alexander Novoselov, recalled the Dikiny case: he tried to convince the court that he had slandered them under pressure in 2004, and objected to the state prosecutor, saying that he did not know anything at all about the preparation of the 2003 assassination attempt on Oleg Sorokin .— “b”). The former guard, who now works as assistant to the abbot in the temple, claimed a claim for compensation for the three defendants in the total amount of 8 million rubles, but asked for indulgence to Roman Markeev, who was subordinate to Colonel Voronin and depended on him for his service.

We add that the entire trial was conducted as soon as possible. Nizhny Novgorod politician and former operas were tried on a daily basis, from 9:00 am a whole working day, meetings were sometimes delayed up to 20: 00–21: 00. The defense, which claimed more than a dozen appeals to the judge, was restricted in providing evidence and was denied numerous petitions. The state prosecution refused to interrogate part of the witnesses. Probably, the high speed of the trial is related to the fact that in April the 15-year statute of limitations for criminal prosecution on charges of kidnapping expires.