Problem-plagued Ural plant will be sold by auction

"The potential buyer has already come. By helicopter. From Chelyabinsk," say the sources. 
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Owners Shadrinsk plant of metal constructions (SHZMK), who seven years ago, was built from scratch and promised to become one of the leading companies Zauralye, negotiating the sale of the asset. As it became known, at the end of last week in Shadrinsk Chelyabinsk flew to a potential buyer of the plant helicopter. Meanwhile, the company is in a very sad state - accumulated huge debts to Raiffeisenbank, which credited the construction contractors and workers. According to the most pessimistic forecasts, ShZMKv may soon stop working altogether. Details - in our material.

The situation on the Shadrinsk plant of metal constructions deteriorating day by day, tell sources familiar with the situation at the enterprise. Back in April, the situation was discussed at the meeting of the crisis management team of the Department of Industry, Transport, Communications and Energy of the Kurgan region. Presenting the report on the activities SHZMK, its executive director Alexei Kazantsev then admitted the main problem is the financing of the enterprise. The plant is trying atattract investors, negotiating, but accumulated large debts.

"If we have 1.3 billion rubles, we will reach break-even mode, - said Kazantsev. - In the state in which the company is now, it can not work. " In response, the Acting Deputy Governor - Director of the Department of Industry Vasily Begma stated that the authorities are willing to help the plant, "the main thing - to prevent the bankruptcy proceedings." Since, as is apparent today, the situation at the plant only gets worse.

Thus, according to sources, July workday naShadrinskom metalworks factory cut: work will be 7 hours 4 days a week. And reduce the staff of the enterprise.

"Reductions are now - at 30% in each unit. People are asked to write a statement of resignation at his own request, or threaten to lay off without pay - Article. By September, planning to leave only 80 people "- say our interlocutors. In addition, according to some reports, since June SHZMK salary of employees will be reduced - by 25%.

The factory management refuses to give their comments etc.about the situation: with the CEO SHZMK Korney Gibert the receptionist refused to join, noting that the comments will be given only to the chief of the Personnel Management. But could not talk to her because she "does not want to talk," said the receptionist.

Meanwhile, information on the situation on shared chairman of Kurgan regional organization of trade union of workers of automobile and Vasily Bobrov. "Officially, no orders to reduce the people of the day, no salaries, - he stressed. - However, the situation at the plant is extremely complex. Some people now write their own statements and dismissed. And what will happen next is unknown ".

Beavers said that, according to SHZMK employees, the company is not fully mastered the power, especially in the galvanizing of steel structures. "The workers say that for this it is necessary to invest about 100 million rubles, but the money is not allocated," - he said.

the plant itself thus has huge debts. "We're trying to save the plant, are in talks with the Department of Industry, Acting Governor - racesCasal Vasily Bobrov. - There is already a draft agreement on social and economic partnership "plant - the Department of Industry - trade unions", it must approve the Acting Governor Alexei Kokorin. So far this has not happened, but we really hope so. "

Sources, close to the plant, told that SHZMK is now almost no orders. "Former customers refuse further cooperation, because the company breaks the terms of orders, its management is not going to negotiate, and not even allowed themselves to customers SHZMK territory", - explained it our interlocutors. Part postavschikovvzyskivaet their money Shadrinsk plant through the courts. So, this year the two companies have already managed to win process: LLC "Salavatmetall" collection made with SHZMK more than 2.3 million rubles (factory passed "Salavatmetallu" metal galvanizing, but not paid in full), and OOO "Prostroyenergo" - more than 8 9 million rubles (SHZMK held at the company's 7 million rubles). Two things - the recovery from SHZMK more than 3.7 million rubles in favor of "RosEnergoHolding" and more than 287 thousand rubles in favor.from CJSC "Toros Plus" - is now being considered.

Plight Shadrinsk plant of metal constructions, many associated with the behavior of its current owners and top managers.

According to the SPARK database, 74.14% of the shares SHZMK, the share capital of which amounts to 908.4 million rubles, belongs to the Cypriot company "backgauge Limited". Our sources in the business community say that behind this offshore company is an entrepreneur Vadim Varvyansky (former top manager of Group E4 current Minister Mikhail Abyzova). For this reason, for example, according to them, the company "Stroytransgaz" has recently refused to work with SHZMK: "They said that the factory Varvyanskogo will not work."

It does not inspire confidence in counterparties and the figure of the general director of Korney Gibert plant. "There was information that Gibert, who came from Novosibirsk, together with his team, initially asked for himself a reward of $ 2 million a year. He said, they say, that he is among the hundred best top-managers of Russia. Today, according to some reports, the "tip" of the plant receives 160 thousand. Rubles per month, and simple hard workers & ndash; for 7000, "- says our source.

No Gibert or Varvyansky, according to the interlocutors, do not take efforts for the development of plant and stabilize the situation. "Varvyansky altogether is now busy looking for a buyer for SHZMK to" recapture "invested funds", - they say. According to our sources, a helicopter flew from Chelyabinskav Shadrinsk potential buyer of the plant at the end of last week. What price was discussed with him is unknown.

But we must remember that SHZMK built mostly on credit. According sources, the company invested 500 mlnrubley own funds and 1.5 billion rubles in loans. The main creditor SHZMK - ZAO "Raiffeisenbank".

"Construction Sponsor", looking at the situation at the plant, too, does not stand apart. In May, ZAO "Raiffeisenbank" filed in the Arbitration Court of Kurgan Region lawsuit against the LLC "Lufia Metalwork Plant" and his "daughter" - LLC "Master-liter A '(base of the plant) to foreclose on the mortgaged mortgage agreement from September 13, 2011 real estate SHZMK.
The list of the property appear SHZMK building and LLC "Master-liter A" located at the following addresses: Shadrinsk, Kurgan tract, 17 and Shadrinsk, Kosmonavtov, 2, respectively. From the SHZMK bank requires the building of the main building (shop metalware, warehouse metal galvanizing department without technological equipment), distribution points, air separation plants, water pumping stations, boiler room, ground pumping station, the construction of a warehouse of finished products with a gantry crane, two economically pitevyhi two fire tank, a storage tank of purified rainwater, railway sidings, accumulation tank rainwater and land. The total value of this property is estimated at more than 577,200,000 rubley.Esche to more than 24.7 million rubles estimated assets of LLC "Master Warrant A" - locksmith's workshop, procurement department, administrative building, metal-working shop and land.

Thus, the total amount of the pledged property, which can pull the hammer, - more than 601 300 000 rubles. paradisefayzenbank requests to implement the property at public auction. The next meeting of the arbitral tribunal will be held on 19 June. will monitor the situation.