Problems An-148 found in Superjet

But safety officials Rosaatsii decided to improve on the ground.
The An-148 plane, named the probable cause of the disaster, which killed 71 people, is increasingly observed in the flagship of the Russian aircraft industry SSJ 100. A week before the crash, for example, the pilots of Aeroflot complained about the problems with the disagreement of the speed. Only for a couple of days of snowfalls with SSJ 100 there were seven similar incidents, and from 2011 - 14. However, the Federal Air Transport Agency is in no hurry to apply measures to aircraft, considering the root of the problems the poor operation of airports.

The technical problem, probably on February 11, caused the An-148 crash near Moscow, where 71 people died, on February 12 it was a widespread and well-known phenomenon. On February 12 Rosaviatsia sent a telegram to the heads of airlines, aerodrome operators and territorial authorities with a request to draw attention to the shortcomings of airfield support of flights. It talks about the problems that, as the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) reported on 13 February, became the most likely cause of the disaster: this was caused by icing in the performance of speed indicators in the pilots, which led to a critical drop in the aircraft.

From Rosaviatsia's telegram it was found out that similar problems were revealed at SSJ 100 aircrafts of Aeroflot: on February 4-5, when flights in the Moscow aero node were complicated by heavy snowfall, seven similar incidents took place at Sheremetyevo Airport with this type of aircraft. On board, the discrepancy between the commander of the aircraft and the co-pilot was recorded. Incidents occurred during takeoff for take-off or at the initial stage of climb. In all cases, the crews stopped taking off or returned to the departure aerodrome.

According to preliminary data, after inspections of the aircraft, ice deposits were found on the fuselage in front of the air pressure receiver. The formation of ice could occur in the conditions of heavy snowfall, because of the freezing of water flowing from the front upper part of the fuselage and the windows of the cockpit. In "Aeroflot" on the request, "Kommersant" was not answered. In Rosaviation, Kommersant confirmed the authenticity of the telegram. In total, according to Rosaviatsiya, since 2011, with SSJ 100, there have been 14 similar incidents involving both lack of and with discrepancies in speed readings, the document says.

Based on the results of investigations of three incidents, the causes of the problem were related to water ingress into the receivers of the air signal system. In one case, it was concluded that the crew did not include the heating of the receivers of full pressure. The same problems were recorded in the IAC report on the causes of the An-148 crash.

In the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SSG, producer of SSJ 100), they did not comment on the telegram, noting only that the SSJ 100 had successfully passed certification tests "taking into account more stringent requirements for flights in icing conditions than applied to previously certified aircraft." The operational documentation for the SSJ 100 contains all the necessary recommendations for ground personnel to prepare the aircraft for flight and the flight crew for operation in difficult weather conditions, stressed the GSS.

Meanwhile Rosaviatsiya questions to aircraft and does not. In the telegram as one of the factors of accidents and incidents in recent years is called "poor quality of preparation of the airfield for receiving and issuing aircraft", as well as an inefficient assessment of the risks of flying in conditions of hazardous weather anomalies - in heavy snow or rain. So, from the runways and taxiways, ice and compacted snow are poorly cleaned, biased information about the type, area and thickness of the pollution layer occurs, and because of the presence of snow embankments on the roadsides and taxiways, collisions may occur.

Sheremetyevo is an example of poor-quality cleaning of artificial coatings. Due to poor preparation of the runway at the Anadyr airfield, an incident occurred with the Boeing 767 aircraft: during the landing, pieces of ice on the runway significantly damaged the mechanization of the wing, the aircraft was suspended from operation. In Sheremetyevo, the regulator claims no comment.

To solve the problems, the Rosaviatsia suggested that it was the responsibility of the Flight Safety Management Service "to collect, analyze and evaluate data on the hazards and risks of operating the aerodrome and providing flights in difficult and abnormal weather conditions." Also it is suggested to take into account the airlines' comments on the state of artificial aerodrome covers. At the same time, the aerodrome leaders must make decisions on stopping the reception or release of aircraft taking into account the forecasted and actual weather conditions, as well as the capabilities of the aerodrome service to prepare the airfield for receiving and releasing aircraft.