Problems of the tour operator "Natalie Tours" caught travelers in Spain, Turkey and Thailand

The oldest Russian tour operator started financial problems. Hundreds of Russians have faced the inability to settle in hotels in Turkey, Spain and Thailand.
After the refusal of charter programs for popular beach destinations, the oldest Russian tour operator "Natalie Tours" started to have difficulties with vouchers including regular transportation. Cooperation with the tour operator was stopped by the Spanish W2Meet, which led to the disruption of the accommodation of travelers in hotels. From the further work with "Natalie Tours", which last year sent more than 20 thousand tourists abroad, other contractors may refuse, as the tour operator has a debt to suppliers.

The Spanish company W2Meet has ceased cooperation with the Russian tour operator "Natalie Tours", having started to cancel the reservations made by him. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the general director of "Natalie Tours" Vladimir Vorobyov. He pointed out that the tour operator stopped sending tourists to Spain, and all the remaining travelers will be taken out of the resorts within a week. The reason for the disagreement between W2Meet and "Natalie Tours", according to Mr. Vorobyov, became financial issues. The Spanish company did not respond to a request from Kommersant.

According to the source of Kommersant in the tourism market, Natalia Tours has a debt to other counterparties: the total debt is about $ 1 million. "From day to day other debts can be penalized, and counterparties will also begin to withdraw armor ", - the interlocutor of" Kommersant "explains. According to him, it is, in particular, the structures of Hotelbeds and Tourico Holidays. The representative of Hotelbeds explained to "Kommersant" that at the moment "Natalie Tours" fulfills its obligations. Mr. Vorobyov did not answer the calls to "b".

According to the president of the Union of Travel Agencies Sergei Golov, now the association "Tourist Help" receives dozens of calls from tourists "Natalie Tours", faced with problems when settling in hotels in Spain, Turkey and Thailand. "These are the ones who flew in for regular flights, but their accommodation was not paid. But "Natalie Tours" is an operating tour operator, these issues are not in the competence of "Tourist Office" ", he explained.
According to Mr. Golov, the exact number of tourists facing problems has not yet been evaluated.

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia recommended that travelers, if necessary, pay their own accommodation by collecting all documents on all expenses made for subsequent compensation by the tour operator. Mr. Vorobiev himself also stated about the intention of "Natalie Tours" to return the money spent within three to seven days.

"Natalie Tours" is one of the oldest tour operators on the Russian market. The company exists since 1992. The main owners of the business are Natalia and Vladimir Vorobyov. In 2000, "Natalie Tours" was one of the largest Russian tour operators.

But in 2016, the tour operator started a conflict with the airline "Transaero" that stopped working: the carrier managed to collect $ 5.8 million from the "Natali Tours" through the court for failure to fulfill its obligations under the agency agreement. In 2017, at the request of the carrier, the main legal entity "Natalie Tours" - OOO Novella Tours - was declared bankrupt. Then the main legal entity of the company was OOO Panorama Tour. The only founder of this company, according to, is Denis Yarov. According to the register of tour operators, in 2017 Panorama Tour sent 20.85 thousand tourists abroad. According to, by the volume of financial guarantees of 50 million rubles. "Natalie Tours" significantly inferior to "Intourist" (184 million rubles.) And Anex Tour (100 million rubles.).

Last Friday, June 29, "Natalie Tours" sent a letter of abolishment to tourist agencies amid low demand for charter programs in Barcelona, ​​Rimini, Catania, Naples, Antalya and Heraklion. The company offered to return the money to the injured tourists. As previously stated by Mr. Vorobiev, in total in July about 1,5 thousand people will not be able to use their tours.

At industry forums, travel agents say that their clients are offered either compensation for the cost of the bought-out tours or change the place of rest for the UAE at a later date.

One of the interlocutors of "Kommersant" in the tourism market explains that the volume of the entire summer program "Natalie Tours" is about 10 thousand rounds. The company itself previously indicated that they plan to fully maintain the tours on the basis of regular transportation. But representative Natalia Radchenkova doubts that they will enjoy the great interest of consumers at the expense of high cost. "Now for the closing charter destinations on the operator's website, prices are 15-20% higher than the cost of a trip for two persons with separate separate purchase of a ticket and a hotel," she counts. Representative Igor Blinov says that many agents are now trying to sell the product "Natalie Tours" only for the next few days.