Project designer of Vostochny comsodrome faces seven years in prison

Chief engineer of the Ministry of Defense Project Institute is accused of embezzling 14 million rubles by concluding fictitious contracts
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State prosecution asked for seven years in prison and a fine of 1 million rubles for Sergei Ostrovsky, chief engineer of the project the Ministry of Defense Institute, accused of embezzlement of 14 million rubles allocated budget for the creation of Vostochny cosmodrome. The case is considered Gagarin District Court of Moscow, which ended on the eve of oral arguments. Sentencing is scheduled for June 21.

Sergei Ostrovsky is in custody since November 19, 2014. His case was investigated Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR). According to investigators, in 2011, being the chief engineer of the project to equip the Vostochny cosmodrome State Design Institute for Special Construction (GPISS) Defense Ministry, Ostrovsky contracts for performance of work with the company "Mikos", which he, according to SPARK, has single-handedly and is officially its CEO. Later Mickos concluded bogus contracts with counterparties with which money is to be displayed and subsequently cashed.

For example, in the documents of the investigation described the episode as Mikos has signed a fictitious contract for thecalculation of building structures Baikonur launch facility with "ACS" Service ". Next, on the basis of fraudulent acts of acceptance Mikos listed ACS "Service" 14 million rubles, which were subsequently cashed and assigned Ostrovsky.

In December last year, according to the results of the investigation, Ostrovsky was presented the final charges of fraud, ie, the "theft of another's property by deception and abuse of trust through abuse of office" (para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). It is this part of the article of the Russian Criminal Code is the most common in the investigation of cases of theft in the space industry. In this article, accused the former heads of Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" named after Khrunichev Center, the former employees of FSUE "TsNIImash".

In these days of Far Eastern District Court is considering another case, having a direct relation to the cosmodrome East. In Khabarovsk trial of the former director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Dalspetsstroy" Yuri Hrizmana, chief accountant of the enterprise Vladimir Ashikhmina, eq-spikera Khabarovsk Territory Legislative Assembly Victor Chudova and son Yuri Hrizmana businessman Mikhail Hrizmana. They are accused of causing the state losses of 5.2 billion rubles by embezzlement (art. 160 of the Criminal Code) during the procurement for the construction of the East.

After the first launch of the missile from the East April 28 this year, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that all the construction "starting minimum" (everything that was put into operation at the time of launch) spaceport spent 86 billion rubles. According to Deputy Prime Minister, after the detection of theft in the first phase of construction for the financial flows in the East, it has been launched special control.