Promsvyazbank forced debtors from the concern Green Mama to pay their debts

In July, the Moscow City Court confirmed the bank’s correctness in a dispute with a couple of businessmen, Oleg and Irina Nasobins, who owed two loans of about 35 million rubles.
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Litigation between Promsvyazbank and the founders of the Green Mama concern (under the same brand produced several lines of creams, shampoos, etc. perfumery goods) - Oleg and Irina Nasobin, as well as their structures (BS LLC, List 3, LLC “Salvia 2”, LLC “Lavender N”, LLC “DK +”, LLC “Cosmetic-Trade Siberia”, LLC “Thyme 7”, LLC “GM Products”, LLC “Cosmetic-Trade Ural”, LLC “Design Combine” Three Bears ”) - expectedly ended in victory for the bankers.

On July 8, the Moscow City Court considered the appeal of the Nasobins family against the decision of the Savelovsky District Court of December 18, 2018 and made a decision to generally satisfy the claim of Promsvyazbank.

According to the bank's claim, the Nasobins' structures were provided with a credit line for the total amount of 83,571,428 rubles. However, businessmen at some point ceased to fulfill the obligations of the loan agreement and ceased their payments.

As our publication wrote, the bank filed a lawsuit in September last year. The statement indicated that the legal entities of the Nasobins and businessmen themselves had delayed a number of loans, the payment of which was suspended by them. During the proceedings, a number of companies either paid a small part of the debt themselves, or the bank directly wrote off the money from their bank account (OOO Design Combine “Three Bears” and OOO DK + in the first case and LLC SALFEI 2 in the second).

By decision of the Moscow City Court, Nasobin must now pay the bank 34.86 million rubles! We quote the court decision:

Collect jointly with BS limited liability company, List 3 limited liability company, Lavanda N limited liability company, GM PRODUCT limited liability company, Shalfei 2 limited liability company, limited liability company the company "Design Combine" Three Bears ", a limited liability company" Cosmetic-Trade Ural ", a limited liability company" Cosmetic-Trade Siberia ", a limited liability company" DK + ", asobina OB Nasobinoy IV in favor of the public joint stock company "Promsvyazbank" payable under the Loan Agreement dated DD.MM.YYYY. No .. in the amount of 31 980 386.04 rubles, including: 31 431 282.48 rubles - principal debt; 549 103.56 rubles - arrears of interest accrued as of DD.MM.YYYY., The cost of paying the state duty in the amount of 37 386, 55 rubles.

Collect jointly with BS limited liability company, List 3 limited liability company, Thyme 7 limited liability company, GM PRODUCTION limited liability company, Shalfei 2 limited liability company, limited liability company “ Design Combine "Three Bears", a limited liability company "Cosmetic Trade Ural", a limited liability company Cosmetic Trade Siberia, a limited liability company DK +, Naso Bina Oleg Bronislavovich, Nasobina Irina Vadimovna in favor of the public joint stock company "Promsvyazbank" debt under the Loan Agreement from DD.MM.YYYY. № ... in the amount of 2 882 691.35 rubles, including: 2 829 580.99 rubles - arrears on the principal debt of 53 110.36 rubles - arrears of interest accrued as of DD.MM.YYYY., As well as expenses on payment of state duty in the amount of 22613, 45 rubles.

This is not the first account payable by Promsvyazbank in the courts against the Nasobins. On May 23, 2018, the Lefortovskiy District Court of Moscow satisfied the bank's claim against Irina Nasobina. Recall that Promsvyazbank PJSC in the beginning of 2018 filed a lawsuit against the defendant with the court, referring to the fact that in accordance with the Mastercard Black Edition international bank card provision and service agreement between the parties, the claimant is the creditor, and the defendant is the borrower . During the term of the contract, the defendant repeatedly violated its terms in terms of terms and amounts of monthly payments, in connection with which arrears in the amount of 2.417 million rubles were formed. The court also sided with the bank.

Apparently, Nasobin’s litigations in Russian courts are evidence of the deplorable state of their business residues.

As our publication has already written, Oleg and Irina Nasobin in 1997 created the brand of natural skin care products Green Mama, which conducted its activities in the Czech Republic, Russia and France. By 2007, the total turnover of the company reached $ 70 million, but the 2008 Nasobinykh concern did not withstand the crisis. In 2011, he went bankrupt, and in 2012 their plant in France was closed. In September 2012, this enterprise in Montour (France) burned down. According to Oleg Nasobin, the cause of the fire was revenge from the government of France and the then personally presidential president Nicolas Sarkozy. Insurance payments for the destroyed, "henchmen of French President Nicolas Sarkozy", he said, the plant, he never received.

In Russia, Nasobins business lived through borrowed funds. Payables of LLC Lavender N, LLC Shalfe, LLC GM Produtsion, LLC Sheet 3 and LLC Shalfe 2 in 2016 reached more than 315 million rubles. According to Oleg Nasobin, the Promsvyazbank’s claim to its structures is allegedly an attempt at a raider seizure of its assets in Russia:

The bank and the raiders renewed the loan and pledge agreements, and I only found out about it in 2018, and today I ask the bank: why should I act as a guarantor if you have agreed between themselves and pledged you stolen, yes also counterfeit goods?

As far as I can tell, there are enough grounds for presenting claims to the bank for participation in a corporate raid, and in such conditions I don’t even know what is more profitable for us: wait for a bank run or decide everything in the world?

About this businessman wrote in his blog. Nasobin also threatened Promsvyazbank with the transfer of proceedings to the UK and promised to "give the bank a fight." It is possible that in order to implement the decisions of the courts, Promsvyazbank will have to resort to the services of bailiffs to recover some of the money through the sale of debtors' property, as well as to start a lawsuit in France, where Nasobin resides permanently in his villa in Provence.