Promsvyazbank invaded the married life of Alexei Ananyev

The bank through the court demanded to terminate the prenuptial agreement concluded two months before the start of the rehabilitation of the credit institution. By this agreement, the entrepreneur transferred to his spouse all his real estate.
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The Meshchansky court of Moscow began consideration of the Promsvyazbank claim demanding to terminate the prenuptial agreement of one of the bank’s former owners, Alexei Ananyev and his wife Daria, in order to recover from the businessman compensation for the lawsuit for 282 billion rubles. Information on the case is contained on the official portal of the courts of general jurisdiction in Moscow.

The court hearing, scheduled for August 20, was adjourned for an unnamed reason. A new court hearing is scheduled for September 12.

According to TASS, at a meeting on Tuesday, representatives of the parties filed motions to request documents that were only partially satisfied. “To refuse to transfer the case on jurisdiction, to consider the case in the Meshchansky court of Moscow,” the judge announced the decision.

The case file says that Alexei Ananyev transferred to his wife all his real estate and about 5 thousand works of art through a prenuptial agreement, which was concluded two months before the rehabilitation of Promsvyazbank.

Before the rehabilitation, which began in December 2017, Promsvyazbank belonged to Dmitry and Alexei Ananyev. In December 2018, Promsvyazbank, owned by the Federal Property Management Agency at that time, filed a lawsuit against the Ananiev brothers, demanding compensation for damage in the amount of 282.2 billion rubles. The bank believes that the brothers paid their debts with his money.

On May 30, the Moscow Arbitration Court seized the property of brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev, thereby partially satisfying the requirements of Promsvyazbank. The list of seized property, in particular, includes the building and collection of the Museum of the Institute of Russian Realistic Art (IRRI), as well as more than 50 real estate objects, including residential buildings and land, two Bombardier Challenger 650 aircraft and cars.

After a court decision, IRRI closed, and two weeks later Promsvyazbank announced the disappearance of the arrested paintings from the museum. As a result of the audit, it turned out that the arrested works were removed from the exhibition. According to museum staff, the paintings were placed in storage and packed for transportation. The exposition was based on works by artists of the sixties, including folk artists, full members of the Russian Academy of Arts Geliy Korzhev, brothers Sergey and Alexey Tkachev, Viktor Ivanov, Peter Ossovsky, Dmitry Zhilinsky, Tair Salakhov and others.