Promsvyazbank to strengthen Svetlana Sagaidak

Petr Fradkov's team will include former deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank.
Promsvyazbank (PSB), which is designed to become the mainstay for Russian business in terms of sanctions, began to form a team. To the head of his spring Petru Fradkov will soon join a well-known financier Svetlana Sagaydak. Since the end of the year, the PSB has to start receiving loans from enterprises under sanctions, not primarily of the best quality, and Ms. Sagaydak is a recognized expert in dealing with distressed assets. However, so far the future terms of her powers in the DPM have not been fully determined.

The fact that Svetlana Sagaidak received an offer to join the number of top managers of the PSB and took it, told "Kommersant" several sources familiar with the situation. According to one of them, there is a principal decision, but the final functional of Svetlana Sagaidak is not defined in the new position. "It is quite logical that she will participate in the management of problem assets that will be transferred by the PSB as part of the transfer of loans from other banks to the enterprises that have been sanctioned," another interlocutor told Kommersant. "However, one of its roles is not limited to, it is assumed that it will also deal with issues of strategy. " On Wednesday, it was not possible to contact Svetlana Sagaidak. The PSB declined to comment.

Svetlana Sagaidak from 1999 to 2004 worked in the State Enterprise "Agency for Restructuring Credit Organizations". In 2004-2006 she was deputy director of the department of the ASV Group of Companies. After that she was deputy chairman of the board of the Russian Development Bank. From 2008 to 2017 she worked in Sberbank, where she was in charge of various types of work with small business, problem assets, corporate segment, international business. Sberbank left the post of deputy chairman of the board. In autumn of 2017, Russia's bid committee headed for the international exhibition Expo-2025 in Yekaterinburg, leaving this post at the end of July this year.

PSB was chosen as the government's backbone for government defense transactions and large state contracts to circumvent the risks associated with US sanctions. After the rehabilitation of the Central Bank at the end of last year, he was transferred to the property of the Federal Property Management Agency, later Peter Fradkov was appointed the head of the bank. In an interview with Kommersant, the latter said that the board of the bank would be formed at the expense of new people, but did not name specific names (see "Kommersant" on April 27). At the end of June, the bank began escorting the state defense order and conducting capitalization procedures to provide credit resources to defense enterprises. It is assumed that the balance of the bank will be transferred to loans received by the sanctions companies for a total of about 1 trillion rubles.

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev on August 22 at the forum "Army-2018" clarified that while banks have not started transferring loans, it will start in the near future. According to him, there will be two lists - loans and contracts. "In the first place, loans will go to the list, where quality is bad," he said. In addition, the bank is developing a strategy, which should be presented in the first quarter of next year, "after approval of the management of the bank," said Alexei Moiseev.

According to experts, taking into account the large-scale tasks facing the DPM, the decision to invite Svetlana Sagaidak to one of the leading positions is more than justified. "We worked together with Svetlana in Sberbank for four years, and I can say that she is a very constructive and effective manager and an excellent specialist in dealing with distressed assets," says Andrey Donskikh, who previously headed Sberbank CIB.

According to Arthur Shamilov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TopContact Executive Search, Svetlana Sagaidak has a very wide and varied experience: she worked with corporate clients, both with problem assets, and with international business. This is a universal top manager, said the expert, who can both solve complex strategic tasks, and manage the regular business.