Promsvyazbank will leave Boris Mintz without 13.3 billion rubles

The bank named the deposit of the money through the APF "Future" as a feigned deal, and its architect was the son of Boris Mints, Dmitry, who worked in the PSB and had insider information.
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Placing the managing company NPF "Future" of Boris Mints deposits for 13.3 billion rubles. in Promsvyazbank was a "feigned deal" in order to ensure the receipt of money from the sale of 10% of Promsvyazbank itself the day before it was reorganized, a representative of the PSB said during the hearings on the lawsuit on controversial deposits.

According to the lawyers of the PSB, the scheme looked like this: On December 11, the Central Bank issued to Dmitri Ananyev (at the time the head of the PSB and his co-owner) an order to complete the reserves for 100 billion rubles, and "it was clear that this amount would not be covered." The members of the bank's board of directors, including Dmitry Mints (the son of Boris Mints, the main shareholder of the "Future" group), were to receive information about the order immediately. On December 14, the Future Fund, from 18:13 to 18:49, almost sold its stake in Mossbirge to Promsvyaz Capital B.V. (at that time the main shareholder of Promsvyazbank), while Promsvyaz Capital B.V. paid for the shares at the expense of the bank, the lawyer of the PSB said in court. After another half hour, deposits began to be made to the accounts of the management company of this NPF - Concord Asset Management - in the bank.

In accordance with the rules of the Mossbirge, two business days later, on December 18, the transaction was paid. Lawyers of the PSB argue that the PSB had no money to pay for the shares. In order for the bank to pay for the minority stake, Concord Asset Management made a deposit of 13.3 billion rubles.

If the APF did not sell the shares, it would lose its investment, since in January the bank's capital was written off to 1 ruble. The share in the PSB, owned by NPF "Future", "would have fallen from 8 billion rubles. up to 8 kopecks. ", noted the representative of the PSB at the trial.

NPF, knowing about the future sanation, sold shares and put 13.3 billion rubles. pension savings of their customers to the account in this bank, realizing that the Central Bank will save the bank and the funds on deposits can be returned, the lawyer of the PSB said.

Unrelated transactions

"Concord asset management" during the court session recalled that since December 7, signed with Promsvyazbank several agreements on the placement of deposits for a total of 13.3 billion rubles. But on December 15, in connection with the decision of the Central Bank to sanitize Promsvyazbank, the bank's credit rating changed. After that, the company decided to return the deposits, but the bank ignored this claim, which it tries to challenge in the court of Concord.

Placement of deposits and payment for shares are not related, emphasize the management company. Speaking about the sale of shares and the placement of a deposit, the company points out that the rehabilitation of a number of banks was accompanied by a write-off of capital and a complete depreciation of investments in shares, while obligations on deposits remained. "Therefore, in this situation, we acted on the basis of the logic of the managers," FG "Future", the mother company of NPF "Future", explained.

The Central Bank, which was brought to the dispute as a third person, declared its position at the previous meeting. The regulator believes that the placement of deposits in the PSB was not dictated by financial and economic feasibility.

In a comment by RBC, FG "Future" press service stated that Dmitry Mints was not a member of the board of directors of Promsvyazbank since September 2017 and "could not have relevant information". At the same time, on the list of affiliated entities of Promsvyazbank on December 31, Dmitry Mints appears as a member of the board of directors. In the press service of FG "Future" this was explained by outdated data in the list.

What is FG "Future"

Following the results of 2017 FG "Future" showed a loss of 16.4 billion rubles. According to the results of the first quarter of 2018, the assets of APF "Future", the largest of the funds of Boris Mints, are 308.9 billion rubles, its customers are 4.5 million people. 75% FG "Future" is now mortgaged on a loan from the Moscow Credit Bank (MKB) for 25 billion rubles. The owner of the IBC, Roman Avdeev, transferred the debt to its structure, the Rossium concern, and she raised the Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I) to "structure the deal." As the "Vedomosti" wrote, it is a question of whether the debt will or has already been assigned to the Cyprus company. The company was associated with GC Region, but the group denies connection with the offshore company.