Prosecutor General's Office sent to school competitions

Ministry of Education was charged with violation of applicants' rights.
As the "Kommersant", starting in June around the opening campaign in higher education has serious scandal erupted. Prosecutor General's Office and the Ministry of Justice launched an investigation of the complaint of the deputy, which states that the Ministry of Education had violated the rules in the allocation of benefits for the winners of school Olympiads. The Russian Council of schoolchildren Olympiads (RSOSH) argue that violated the rights of thousands of applicants who are entitled to non-competitive entry to universities.

On the situation with the Olympics, "Kommersant" said the executive secretary Igor RSOSH Vazyulya. "This year, the Ministry of Education together with the rectors of several self-distributed benefits to the winners of competitions By law, this should be done by independent experts, but officials made a cabal, -., He said," Kommersant "Mr. Vazyulya.- This scheme violates the rights of thousands of students."

In Russia there are two systems of intelligent school competitions which guarantee their winners privileges for admission to institutions of higher education. The first charge of RSOSH, created in 2007 by order of the Ministry of Education. In 2013/14 atebnom RSOSH year spent 178 Olympiads for 1,494,846 people, of which 470 444 - pupils of 11 classes. Winners and winners were 28,091 student (16 331 - graduates of this year). Depending on the level of the Olympic Games, according to RSOSH, this year 3957 students will be able to go to college without examination, the rest of victory may count as a score of 100 on the exam profile subject.

In turn, the Ministry of Education is holding its All-Russian Olympiad on the 21 subject. This year's winners have become 1410 students, of which 716 - graduates of this year. They can do without exams at any university profile.

In addition, there are separate university, municipal and regional competitions, victory in which the benefits does not.

RSOSH Olympics are divided into three levels depending on the number of participants, the complexity of tasks and other conditions. Universities are free to decide what level will correspond to benefits on admission. So, the victory on the first level of competition allows you to do without exams in almost every prestigious university, the victory in the second test level to be countedto 100 points on the profile of USE. the third level of the Olympics will also bring to the winner 100 points exam, but they do not recognize as many universities.

According to the order of the Olympiad, established by the Ministry of Education in 2007, the Olympic Games are evaluated after their completion. This deals with a commission of experts, consisting of representatives of Russian Academy of Sciences and professors from leading universities. "Every Olympics is checked two separate expert group independently of each other", - said Mr. Vazyulya. Final decisions approved at the meeting Council RSOSH - only after that students learn what benefit will receive.

This year the Ministry of Education suddenly changed the composition of the Board. Was initiated by rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy and educational agency approved he submitted a list of new board members. "Under the rules of the list of members of the Board taken collectively at a meeting of the presidium of the Russian Rectors' Council, but the procedure has been broken, - said Secretary RSOSH.- It turns out that Mr. Sadovnichy personally selected people who appreciate including Olympiady his university. There is a conflict of interest. "

Mr. Sadovnichy, until 2011 headed the Russian Union of Rectors (PCP). After his mandate expired, the new president of the organization have not chosen. Viktor Sadovnichy, however, remains a member of the Presidium of the PCP. The press service of the Moscow State University said yesterday, "Kommersant" that the rector is very busy and can not comment on the situation.

The new board at a meeting April 24 approved the incentives for the winners of the Olympic Games, although the work of expert committees is not over yet. At the disposal of "b" was the audio recording of the meeting at which the speakers offered a "failure to forgive the number" - to assign a high level of separate Olympics, which this lacked the necessary mass. In the discussion attended by the head of the Ministry of Education Dmitry Livanov. As a result, for example, the Olympics of the Higher School of Economics on the history of "Higher test" assigned to the first, highest level, even though, according to experts, it corresponds to only a third. Overestimation of six subjects received the MSU Olympics "Lomonosov" and "Conquer the Sparrow Hills". As a result of SAGDenmark turned out that the council put up a higher level as compared to the expert assessment of 53 out of 178 Olympiads. In some cases, participants in the meeting lowered assessment, approved by experts.

"High-tech industry representatives are concerned about the problem of the Olympic Games," Star ", which carried out a technical profile universities competition level of the social and physics appeared unreasonably undervalued, -. Told" Kommersant "the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry Vladimir Gutenev.- This is a direct infringement of the rights of the winners, who It was narrowed the use of incentives to enroll in college. We hope that this underestimation is corrected. "

Situation interested in a well-known critic of the Ministry of Education, State Duma deputy Vladimir Burmatov that on May 30 sent a request to the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of Justice. "Ministry of Education's decision violates the right of students to an objective assessment of their knowledge and deprives them of their well-deserved awards - said deputat.- ask to check the legality of these decisions as soon as possible to avoid failure of the receivingsecond campaign. "The Ministry of Justice" b "have confirmed that the verification of deputy's request started.

The Ministry of Education claim that they acted in accordance with the established procedure. "April 24, RSOSH Board approved competition levels, and the next day, Victor Sadovnichy has sent us an official letter with the final list - told" Kommersant ", the press service vedomstva.- On April 28, we published a draft order on the website for public comment, which ended on 13 may. All claims could be made during this time. "