Prosecutors will be told about the death of Christophe de Margerie

They are not satisfied with the first version of the investigation.
It is expected that next week TFR announced the completion of the criminal investigation of the accident in October 2014 in Vnukovo aircraft Falcon 50 the airport, which was carrying the president of the international oil and gas company Total Christophe de Margerie and three crew members. Last fall, General Prosecutor's Office refused to confirm the indictment, sending the materials of the case for further investigation. How to assure the defenders, the new edition of the charges is not much different from the previous one.

On Monday, investigators TFR charged in the final version of one of the main defendants in a criminal case - manager-trainer Alexander Kruglov. As explained by "Kommersant" his lawyer Nikolai Semyonov, the charge remained practically in the previous version, and the subsequent interrogation was necessary to remove from the case manager-trainee Svetlana Krivsun, the prosecution of which was discontinued due to lack of evidence.

"I think that next week will be announced on completion of investigation - TFR more in case nothing to add" - sMr. Semenov has revealed. He said that after that will start to familiarize with the case materials, which will be more a formality, since all the volumes have been studied in the past year.

The lawyer of another person involved in the case - Flight Director Roman Dunayev - Igor Cherneckii, in turn, said, "Kommersant" that his client charged with the final version presented before the New Year. "It was a fairly lengthy document about ten sheets", - said the defender. However, it differed from the previous lack of Krivsun as the names of the accused, as well as some rewording and paragraphs of the rules and regulations that allegedly violated Roman Dunayev. Separately, Mr. Chernetskiy noted that further investigation conducted the same investigation team that worked on the case of a disaster from the start.

Meanwhile, lawyer Alexander Karabanov representing the interests of the hapless driver snowthrower Vladimir Martynenko, said that his client arraignment is scheduled for 21 January. He recalled that Vladimir Martynenko admits guilt in violation of rules and insstruction. "However, it should only be responsible for their actions, and it was originally trying to do the main culprit of the tragedy", - said the defender. By the way, Vladimir Martynenko, taking into account the elderly can count on the indulgence of the court and the application for him amnesty.

In the near future the case will be handed over to the Prosecutor General for the confirmation of the indictment. If this time the outcome of the investigation will arrange the supervisory authority, the case for the territorial jurisdiction of the district court will go on Solntsevsky. However, the materials still have not appeared findings of the Interstate Aviation Committee on the causes of the collapse of the Falcon 50, but without version of the investigation, based on the results of the flight of the subcommittee and the conclusions of a number of experts, is unlikely to be complete. Attorneys Alexander Kruglov and Roman Dunayev insist on the innocence of their clients, claiming that their actions can not be the cause of the tragedy.

Recall that Falcon crashed during takeoff Oct. 20, 2014, faced with a snow-plow, suddenly left on a strip. Soon the driver snowthrower Vladimir Ma were detainedtynenko, who was driving under the influence, as well as head of Vnukovo Airport, flight Roman Dunayev, the dispatcher instructor Alexander Kruglov, Manager trainee Svetlana Krivsun and leading engineer of airfield services Vladimir Ledenev. They were charged with violation of safety rules and operation of air transport, on imprudence entailed death of two or more persons (ch. 3 of Art. 263 of the Criminal Code). At the end of the investigation of another defendant became manager taxiing Hope Arkhipova, which left under house arrest.

By the way, the investigation was conducted in parallel and against a number of persons of the State Corporation for Air Traffic Management (ATM GC) and Vnukovo Airport. So, in the criminal proceedings for the same item. 263 of the Criminal Code are Uzhakov Vladimir - Head of the Moscow Center for Automated Air GK ATM traffic, his first deputy Alexander Povaliy, head of Vnukovo Airport ATM center Gennady Yarmush and interchangeable Director Sergey Kosik airport. However, all of them, despite the claims of the investigating authorities continue not workeds, and of any advances in their criminal case is not yet known.