Publishing house "Science" received claims for bankruptcy

Accumulated 500 million rubles debt state publishers can bankrupt competitors from the "Academic book"
The creditors of the state publishing house "Nauka" filed the first lawsuits about his bankruptcy. If in one of the cases we are talking about a debt of 2 million rubles, which the publishing house is ready to pay, then claims for 40 million rubles. from a competing "Academic book" can be critical. In the "Science" itself, the origin of this debt is considered controversial.

The electronics supplier OOO "Abit" demands to declare the publishing house "Nauka" bankrupt, the case will be considered on August 9, it follows from the file cabinet of the court. Another petition for Nauka's bankruptcy was filed by the Akademkniga publishing house by proxy of its shareholder, American Pleiades Publishing, a businessman of Russian origin, Alexander Shustorovich, Kommersant's advisor Boris Kupriyanov, the director of Nauka, told Kommersant. This statement is not yet reflected in the files of arbitration cases. In the Moscow office, Pleiades did not answer the call to "b".

If in the case of the "Abit" suit it is a debt of about 2 million rubles, which the publishing house will easily pay, then the debt to Pleiades Publishing reaches already 40 million rubles, said Boris Kupriyanov. In his opinion, an attempt to bankrupt the company is connected with competition for contracts for the publication of scientific journals. Earlier competitions for the publication of RAS journals for the second half of 2018 were won by the structures of Pleiades, Mr. Kupriyanov said.

The total debt of Nauka reaches 500 million rubles, most of which is the debt to state structures, he says. At the same time, the publisher does not want to pay debts to Pleiades because of its disputable origin, explains Mr. Kupriyanov. So, part of it was formed because of the contract concluded in the 1990s with the MAIK Science / Interperiodica company, he says: during the bankruptcy procedure of MAIK Science / Interperiodika, the right to claim debt went to Pleiades, which owned 49% of the company (another 10% was owned by the Russian Academy of Sciences, and 41% by Science itself). According to Mr. Kupriyanov, in "Science" they considered the debt to be unreasonable and stopped paying it.

The president of the Association of Internet Publishers Ivan Zasursky believes that the prospect of the bankruptcy of "Science" testifies to the redistribution of the publishing business in Russia, since the journals that Nauka produced were transferred to the Academic Book, which predetermined the fate of the publishing house. With the fate of the remaining "Science" rights will have to be determined during the bankruptcy procedure, he argues. Perhaps the redistribution of the market will be positive for scientists, but not for "Science", concludes the expert.

Boris Kupriyanov insists that the bankruptcy of "Science" will lead to the closure of the national heritage: in fact, the publishing house has existed for 290 years already. In addition, it is strange that a state that finances science pays salaries to scientists and buys equipment, issues the release of journals to a private company, while publications are one of the main criteria for assessing the activities of scientists, he adds.

According to, the revenue of FSUE "Nauka Publishing House" in 2017 fell by 10%, to 532 million rubles. The net loss amounted to 93 million rubles. against the profit of 4.4 million rubles. in 2016. The publication of scientific journals is a small part of the activity of "Science", which also produces encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks and other scientific aids. Such structures are almost not profitable, and the losses of "Science" are also explained by the lack of financing, the publisher says: the difference between the content of RAS journals and subsidies for them reached 70-80 million rubles. in year.