Pumpyanskiy will go down the tube?

The oligarch poises on the brink of arrest.
"Goszakaznoy" business?

Who checked the validity of the payment goskompensatsy for the preservation of the existing mobilization capacity and the development of new (in 2012, the company has paid about 163 million rubles of VAT, a significant portion of which falls under the "mobilization benefits"). If these payments will not be detected due justification, that are responsible for the coordination and management of compensation officials "Sinara" expect consequences up to criminal prosecution. Sources in the UK suggest that the grounds for the charge leaders "Sinara" is.

The enterprise income tax returns filed for the payment of "mobilization of benefits" to compensate for the cost of capital repair workshops and equipment installation, contains articles that are not related to ensuring the country's defense.

Pumpyansky oligarchic status, as well as its public service to the country (he is a member of the board RSPP board member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce, holds leading positions in a number of regional sectoral organizations) vryaq Do save him from punishment. In today's time, this status just take increased responsibility for clean business practices. And those who have violated the terms of, or already are punished, or avoid it, hiding somewhere in the Emirates, Israel, Cyprus, etc.

However, to hide from the troubles which have Pumpyanskiy. For example, in Geneva, where the tycoon has not only expensive housing, but also the company Sinara Capital Management, dealing with family-controlled capital. It should be noted that the possibility of a businessman escaping from the country a few years ago, predicted at the time head of the Sverdlovsk Region Governor Eduard Rossel.

"With the money he must take more and more quickly, and that, that and look, with its problems run away as Kakha (Kakha Bendukidze - ed edition.) - Abroad, or even far away. And we will remain with nothing, "- said one of the Rossel meetings. And perhaps that scenario voiced Sverdlovsk governor, will soon be implemented Pumpyanskiy. The fact that, according to analysts, metals are now experiencing a crisis, and owner of "Sinara" triestsya offset costs due to the state (this is especially important against the background of an expected decline in earnings from US companies TMK, which make up about a quarter of assets, as a result of the US economic sanctions).

And oligarch is currently testing several versions of the "crisis of public-private partnership."

Life on loan?

Dmitry Pumpyanskiy trying to patch holes steel business and with the help of loans. In December 2013 OAO "TMK" Pumpyansky opened two non-renewable credit lines through its subsidiary JSC "Taganrog Metallurgical Plant" (TAGMET) and JSC «Volzhsky Pipe Plant" (VPP) to 8.9 billion and 7.7 billion respectively. These funds will be used to restructure the existing debt of the company.

It seems that Dmitry Pumpyanskiy uses all means at its disposal lobbying capabilities in order to compensate for the loss of business due to the metallurgical state. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the program mobiizatsionnoy preparation Pumpyansky structures could go the way of "the optimization of tax expenditures" at the expense of the state budget. Is it really must know the effect.

Conflict with ZMK

In 2001, between the owner of the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant Mark Leivikov and other owners of the company's assets - a group of "Sinara", controlled by the co-owner of OAO "TMK" (TMK) Dmitry Pumpyansky, conflict arose. The parties could not agree on what to produce in the ZMK. Disagreements turned the attempts of both sides to establish sole control over the company. The struggle was accompanied by loud litigation, which resulted in the defeated Mark Leyvikov.

In 2003, "Sinara" announced that it had sold its shares, and MKP no longer interested. In 2004, on the basis of OJSC "Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant" Zlatoust Metallurgical Works (ZMZ) was created. ZMK assets were withdrawn in ZMZ, and entered bankruptcy proceedings in the ZMK. Incoming TMK Sinara Tube Works (SinTZ) and affilirobathroom with Dmitry Pumpyansky company "Transkhimservis" stated that the MKP owed them about 100 million rubles. SinTZ and "Transkhimservis" were recognized ZMK creditors and intervene in its bankruptcy proceedings, accusing Leivikov that he derived from the company all assets.

The owners ZMZ, in turn, claimed that the conflict was initiated in order to obtain a group of "Sinara" control over the enterprise. As reported in the press, and Leyvikov Pumpyanskiy stopped proceedings in 2005, reaching as they are reported, appropriate arrangements.

The press reported that in 2006, on the eve of a public offering of shares Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), the conflict turned around its assets. CJSC "Rega Service", a former shareholder of the two steelmakers, gathered sue TMK claim with the requirement to compensate for losses from the transfer of their property to one of its businesses. It was reported that the company has estimated the damage at more than $ 20 million.

The defendants were to become shareholders, TMK and (or) TMK itself. The essence of the claim "Rega-Service" was the fact that a number of bineficiaries TMK allegedly were related to the withdrawal of assets from OAO "SP" Volzhsky Pipe Plant »» and JSC «Volzhsky Pipe Plant - EMC", which was co-owner of "Rega Service". As written in the press, having learned in 2005 on the withdrawal of assets, "Rega Service" asked the prosecutor. But the criminal case for fraud was dismissed for lack of evidence. Experts felt ready to "Rega Service" unpromising claim. Addressed whether "Rega Service" to the court, the media information is available.

Professional "otfutbolist"?

For example, it is Dmitry Pumpyansky considered the main beneficiary of the participation capital UFD - Ekaterinburg in the program of the World Cup in 2018. The huge budgetary tranches for the construction of infrastructure facilities FM distributed without open competition, and not just "Sinara-Development-Project" owned by Pumpyanskiy, participated in the development of design solutions for Yekaterinburg Central Stadium as a subcontractor.

The contract, worth 7 billion rubleson the reconstruction of the stadium to mundialyu also, according to expert forecasts, will have the structure of the Ural oligarch.
It is significant that the Central stadium was reconstructed from 2006 to 2011, and the main contractor is again a group of "Sinara" received from the state budget for these purposes 2.5 billion rubles. And soon on the same work will be to learn another 7 billion. And nobody, it seems, do not bother, that the project "Sinara" implies the complete destruction of the existing CA, which, incidentally, is an architectural monument.

"Foreman" of the '90s?

Dmitry Pumpyansky, started doing business in the Sverdlovsk region, had close contacts with representatives of the so-called organized crime groups "Uralmash". According to the year 2003, OPG is controlled significant sector of the economy of the region. Eyewitnesses claim that Pumpyanskiy owed his career is OPG "Uralamash". Ostensibly, to establish control over a significant share of the Russian pipe business, the group tried using Pumpyansky access to financial flows of oil and gas industry.

wroteThat against Pumpyansky repeatedly alleged criminal cases, but each time they were stopped due to the efforts of OPG "Uralmash", and the local prosecutor's office. It was reported that in September 2002 ATC Chrysostom opened a criminal investigation into the sale of 37 percent shares of dummy Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant.
According to investigators, using a fictitious plant extract from the register of shareholders, Dmitry Pumpyanskiy allegedly sold a 37 percent stake in the company to three individuals. It was also reported that, according to experts, Pumpyanskiy played a key role in the so-called "project Tagmet" (Taganrog Metallurgical Works). The company found itself in the center of the fight against criminal gangs.

Steel drama

According to journalists, on the one hand in the "project Tagmet" acted former CEO plant Sergei Bidash, which was associated with criminal groups in Rostov and Taganrog. On the other hand, the company attacked the "Alfa Group". As a result of many months of confrontation and armed conflict ended grabs "attensomeone "," Alpha "has sold its stake, which soon appeared at TMK. To skandaly.ru It concluded that in fact turned out to be the winner Pumpyanskiy and OPG "Uralmash". It is no accident that after the arrival of TMK in the city of Taganrog swept the whole wave of killings. Among those killed was reported to have turned out to be the mayor of the city of Shiloh, and a number of local businessmen and criminal authorities.

According to sources in law enforcement, that all the murders were related to the redistribution of spheres of influence among criminal gangs. As a result, under the control of organized crime groups "Uralmash" using Pumpyansky were not only "Tagmet" and Taganrog sea port, but also a city with a 300-thousand population. It is also reported that events like Taganrog, occurred in the town of Volzhsky, in which the Volzhsky Pipe Plant, also part of the pipe Empire Dmitry Pumpyansky.

"Divorces" Master?

In 2003 Pumpyanskiy experienced serious problems with the refund MDM for a stake in TMK. To justify the delay of payments almost all plants included in the TMC, showingand almost zero profit. And the money in different ways to be displayed abroad. For a long time, TMK allegedly tore down the supply pipes to "Gazprom" in the amount of nearly 50 million. Dollars. In May 2003 in France have arrested a longtime friend and colleague Pumpyansky - Ilya Kokarev, who laundered money for a long time OPG "Uralmash", and most Pumpyansky abroad. A large part controlled by Kokareva currency means OPG "Uralmash" after his arrest and Pumpyansky Kokarev was frozen.

To top it reported that Dmitry Pumpyanskiy showed himself as a "patron" of a certain kind of art: a narrow circle of people in Yekaterinburg, he was known as the owner of a local gay club "Clone". According to rumors, the club opened Pumpyanskiy not for money, but "for the soul."

It is amazing that in such a "rich" business career Dmitry Pumpyanskiy so never really has not appeared in the hard grip of justice. Maybe these vices it will bring a new yacht?