Pumpyansky was forced to share the palace

Dmitry Pumpyansky and Valery Ananyev team up to build Universiade facilities in Yekaterinburg. Ready, set, "cut".
Sinara-Development JSC, controlled by Dmitry Pumpyansky, for 10 billion rubles gave Valery Ananyev's Atomstroykompleks the right to build the Water Sports Palace for the 2023 Universiade in Yekaterinburg. Two scandalous businessmen decided to unite in order to more effectively master government contracts?

The work should be completed by the end of 2021. It is noted that the facility will have to be erected in geologically complex areas. Based on this fact, in the future, the entrepreneur can increase the estimate again and again?

And Mr. Ananiev can really do that. He has been on the construction market of Yekaterinburg for a very long time and is known for his "muddy" projects and business scandals.

Actually, the main asset of an entrepreneur raises questions. JSC "Corporation" Atomstroykomplex "owns the now liquidated CJSC" ASK "- Management Company. It looks somehow not solid. But this fact, apparently, does not bother state customers - the companies have issued state orders for as much as 20 billion rubles! And that's all - in the Sverdlovsk region, Ananyev's estate.

But even more interesting are the firms controlled by the Atomstroykomplex Corporation. By a strange coincidence, almost all of them have sad financial indicators. And they employ 1-2 workers, and somewhere there is no personnel at all.

For example, LLC "Company" Atomstroykompleks has a profit of 15 million rubles in the red, LLC Uralskaya Kazna - minus 23 million, LLC SZ Evronedvizhimost - minus 5.3 million, LLC Rubin - minus 8 million , LLC NW "Ask-Development" - minus 6.5 million, LLC "Rodniki" - minus 2.7 million. And this is only a part of the managed companies, in total, "Atomstroykompleks" Corporation has 23 of them. Is there a network of offices through which Has the money for the construction of the Universiade facility already been created?

Person of the year and city

Or maybe Mr. Ananyev simply does not have time to monitor all his assets? After all, if earlier in Yekaterinburg he had everything "on ointment" (he was even recognized as "Person of the Year - 2014"!), Then recently he has had one scandal, then another ...

The latter thundered quite recently. Last month, businessman Oleg Serbienko was kidnapped, the owner of a building that wants to "grab" itself "Atomstroykompleks". Formally, the land under the object belongs to Ananyev's structure, but the court allowed Serbienko to register it as property. And the Yekaterinburg businessman has rested his horn - he does not want to sell his only asset to a major player.

By a strange coincidence, after this the businessman was kidnapped and, in the best bandit traditions, taken to the forest. In the end, everything worked out, Serbienko survived. Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the abduction of a person, Znak writes. The spiteful critics saw behind this story the trail of Ananyev, who thus decided to "intimidate" the intractable businessman.

In general, Ananyev has an interesting style of communication with those he dislikes. As Pravda.ru wrote, he arranged a real persecution against competitors - he paid money to public activists so that they would speak out against another developer. Rumor has it that Ananyev could have been behind the unauthorized protests against the construction of the Church of St. Catherine in the center of the capital of the Urals.

Meanwhile, "Atomstroyservice" itself often does not go smoothly with construction projects. Perhaps, the story with the construction of the Opera Tower in Yekaterinburg caused the most noise. The firm first thwarted the deadline, and then left the project altogether. As reported by "KP" in parallel, the company appropriated 1 billion rubles of equity holders.

In terms of securities, everything was "clean": one of Ananyev's structures "ASK-Hotel" transferred assets not long before that to the registered LLC "MFK" with an authorized capital of only 10 thousand rubles. A reliable company was entrusted with a multimillion-dollar asset, what can I say! True, in the end the deal was declared illegal, the money was arrested.

In 2014, Ananyev and his son Viktor made a suspicious land deal. We are talking about the company "Amethyst" and individual entrepreneur Ananyev V.V., which, as Ura.ru wrote, the UK suspected of illegal withdrawal of municipal land at a reduced cost. Associated with the father and son, "Amethyst" ended up on the brink of bankruptcy, having previously taken 500 million rubles from structures affiliated to the UMMC.

Perhaps, remembering that story six years ago, the current governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev decided to "punish" the businessmen? After all, as they say, with Iskander Makhmudov and Andrey Kozitsyn from UMMC, the current head of the region is on friendly terms. Did the politician deprive Atomstroycomplex of the opportunity to improve the Uralmash summer park at the expense of budget funds?

Ananyev's company will not build apartments on the site of an abandoned hospital in Zelenaya Roshcha. And for an entrepreneur there could be two key objects.

If this assumption is correct, then Ananyev is not the first skirmish with the Sverdlovsk authorities. As Ura.ru wrote, earlier their attention was attracted by the poor-quality landscaping of Lenin Avenue, made by Atomstroykompleks. As a result, the authorities simply refused to pay for works of inadequate quality.

Their partner, GK TEN, was also dissatisfied with the work of Atomstroycomplex. In 2017, they were even going to sue Ananyev's company - allegedly, through her fault, 300 residents are freezing in their apartments in the new residential complex "Svetly" in Yekaterinburg.

What can I say, Dmitry Pumpyansky chose an interesting subcontractor. Apparently, the scandalous past did not bother him at all. Maybe because Pumpyansky himself has a "stigma in the gun", and he chose a businessman to match?

Unexpected rise in price

The Universiade project is not the first "sports" construction of Pumpyansky in Yekaterinburg. We are talking about the reconstruction of the stadium for the 2018 World Cup. True, then the structures of the businessman thwarted all the deadlines, wrote Between the Lines. And this with that. that "Sinara Development" in 2006-2011 already carried out reconstruction at the facility, that is, it was well known to her. I wonder what went wrong then?

There are fears that everything will not go smoothly with the Universiade facilities. Indeed, from the very beginning a scandal erupted around them: in addition to Sinara, large construction companies of the Urals - UMMC, LSR and RMK - fought for the right to get a contract. As a result, the state contract went to Pumpyansky, since he promised a lower cost of construction.

And then, all of a sudden, in the Yekaterinburg-EXPO area, where they planned to build infrastructure for a sporting event, they found deposits of peat. This means that the land there will need to be strengthened with a rock, which is a very expensive pleasure, which, of course, will be paid from budget money.

Experts predict that due to soil strengthening work, the cost of work could increase by 10-25%. Didn't they carry out geological exploration on the territory before signing the contract? Or did everyone know everything very well and want to "grab" more money due to the natural factor?

Ananyev's and Pumpyansky's joint work can probably go well - both entrepreneurs know and seem to be able to “cut” budgets. And the duet has been performing in the Urals for several years already, so they have the necessary "garters". Now we can only guess how the estimates for the construction of the Universiade facilities will grow. And will the federal center be interested in Sverdlovsk affairs?