Putin spoke about the business of Katerina Tikhonova and Maria Vorontsova

The President of the Russian Federation, in response to a question about when his daughters will become “open to society,” described in detail why he considers their projects important for Russia.
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President Vladimir Putin spoke about the business of Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova, who are called his daughters. The question about Tikhonova and Vorontsova was asked by Farid Rustamov, correspondent of the BBC Russian Service.

The correspondent of the publication reminded Putin that, several years ago, at a press conference, Putin, answering a question about kinship with the head of the Innopraktika fund Katerina Tikhonova, said that his children were not doing business and were "not going anywhere." However, now the Innopraktika company earned half a billion rubles over the past year, a correspondent for the BBC Russian Service said. “And the Nomeco company, which your eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova owns, is building one of the largest clinics in the Leningrad Region with the money of Sogaz.” “We see that these women [Vorontsov and Tikhonov] were often shown on television, everyone knows their names, they know their appearance, this is an open secret. When will they become open to society, like the children of other world leaders? ”Asked the BBC correspondent.

“You mentioned one woman, you mentioned a second, you mentioned their personal shares, the volume of this business. You will dig deeper in more detail and understand what kind of business it really is and whether it exists as such, to whom it belongs and who helps them there, ”the president said. According to “Innopractic”, according to Putin, the issue has been featured for a long time - this is the initiative of the rector of Moscow State University. “It seems to me legitimate and right for the desire of our universities to combine the capabilities of our education with the real needs of our producers and beneficiaries within the Russian economy. We often buy abroad what we can produce ourselves, ”the president said. According to Putin, the meaning of creating “Innopraktika” is to combine what “we can generate ourselves” and “what enterprises need for certain purchases”.

Speaking about the second business of the Nomeco company, Putin said that "there, in my opinion, the share capital is approaching zero": "But this is a very interesting area related to the use of technology in the field of medicine." “Everything related to the development of medicine is one of the priorities of the Russian Federation. I think that this work should only be welcomed, ”the head of state added.

At the same time, the president did not say anything about whether Tikhonov and Vorontsov are his daughters.

During the press conference, Putin also allowed the possibility of amending the Constitution. Putin said that "after a good preparation," one can begin to redistribute the powers of the president and parliament, but this must be done "very carefully." The head of state also spoke in favor of removing the norm from the Constitution that allowed him to return to the presidency after four years in government.

What is known about Vorontsova and Tikhonova

Maria Vorontsova, the eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin, was called Reuters and The New Times. According to The New Times, she graduated from graduate school at the Endocrinology Research Center. Maria Vorontsova appeared in the plot of the TV channel “Russia 1” in October 2018. Then she was titrated as a pediatric endocrinologist and research associate at the Research Center for Endocrinology of the Russian Ministry of Health. Maria Vorontsova - one of the five co-owners (with a share of 20%) and a member of the board of directors of the joint-stock company New Medical Company (Nomeco), follows from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The Russian BBC service wrote in July that the company was engaged in a large-scale project of a high-tech multifunctional medical complex in the Leningrad Region, which Sogaz insurance company plans to implement by 2021. The New Times and Reuters claimed that Maria Vorontsova is married to Dutch entrepreneur Yorrit Jost Faassen. She sometimes signs her scientific publications with her husband's last name, the BBC Russian Service pointed out.

Katerina Tikhonova Reuters and Bloomberg called the youngest daughter of Vladimir Putin. She heads the Innopraktika Foundation, which participates in the creation of the scientific and technological valley of Moscow State University. Innopraktika is the brand under which the National Intellectual Development Fund operates. At the end of 2018, its revenue grew by 64.9% and amounted to 488 million rubles. In May, Tikhonova received a Ph.D. in physics and mathematics. In 2015, Reuters wrote that Tikhonov was married to Kirill Shamalov F 110, the son of the shareholder of Rossiya Bank Nikolay Shamalov, who was included in the EU sanctions list in 2014 as a “long-standing acquaintance” of the Russian president. In early 2018, Bloomberg, citing four unnamed sources, announced that the “marriage union” of Tikhonova and Shamalov was completed.

Putin has repeatedly said that he is not discussing issues related to the family. “To talk about exactly where my daughters work, what they do, I have never done it and now I am not going to do it. <...> They have never been star children, they never enjoyed the fact that spotlights are aimed at them, they just live their lives and do it very worthily, ”he said at a press conference in 2015. Then the president added that his daughters are not involved in politics. In an interview with Oliver Stone in 2017, Putin said that his daughters did not have a large business either: “They are not involved in politics, they are not engaged in any large business. They are engaged in science, education, ”said the head of state.