Putin was landed on the "Moon Glade"

The personal resort cost Russia about 50 billion.
The FSB general was in charge of guarding the president's personal ski resort in Adygea.

- Go skiing next to Putin? Yes, easily! Of course, other skiers from the FSO won't let you get very close, but the slope is not blocked for the sake of it, - Valery, a regular at Krasnaya Polyana, told the "Interlocutor".

The last time, for example, Putin cut the slope at the end of February, showing the plebs that he was still in shape. And in the physical too. But the president publicly demonstrates this form on skis once, maybe two a year. And where does he maintain this form?

For more private entertainment, a personal ski resort was recently built at the services of the head of state, where they no longer play democracy, but secrecy.

“Exactly as ordinary tourists go there (ordinary tourists are not allowed into the clearing), the president also goes to Lunnaya Polyana, but not often, as time does not allow”. Dmitry Peskov, "Marker", 2012

Nail in the chalet cover

Security guards, builders and local residents have long called this Adyghe resort in the Chigursana tract on the slope of Mount Fisht "Vladimir Putin's dacha." The fact that, according to the documents, this chalet with a helipad and cable cars belongs to Rosneft and is called the testing ground of the Biosphere scientific center deceives few people.

Special correspondent of "Interlocutor" Rimma Akhmirova, together with activists of the "Environmental Watch for the North Caucasus", visited the construction site here in the summer of 2008.

- How they build here! Every nail is delivered by helicopter! The pool was recently opened for 4500 cubic meters, - one of the workers told then. - They want to build a couple more cable cars, a motocross track for some reason, a stable ... Here are five tractors-snow traps under the tent, they work every day throughout the snow season.

In case the VIP-guests suddenly decide to fly in for a ride ... You wouldn't have come here then - here the snipers would have sat down for five kilometers.

Officially, this object, from which random tourists are frightened off by security, was commissioned only 10 years after that conversation, in 2019. In the cadastral extract for the land, the tenant of the plot is classified, but the archival documents indicate that the contract was concluded by Rosneft. She also owns all the local buildings - a 2500 m2 chalet, a 1600-meter mansion for servants, ski slopes almost three kilometers long. In general, the entire "scientific" and entertainment range.

The lease is valid until December 2056. Vladimir Putin will then be 104 years old.


At least 12 people died during construction work on the construction of the "Biosphere" facility: two helicopters with a crew and passengers crashed, another worker was crushed to death by the falling cargo.

On the balance sheet of the Kremlin

The question arises: what does Putin have to do with it when Rosneft is included in the documents ?! But in the beginning it didn't even smell like oil. And there was an extreme hotel in the form of a yurt called Lunnaya Polyana (as these places are also called), which was founded by the former head of the local rescue team Grigory Gorlov. Shortly before his death (he died three years ago) Gorlov confessed to the "Interlocutor":

- Once a commission of 7 generals visited here, who really liked it. Then a rank from the Presidential Property Management Department flew in and recommended that they take us under the wing of the Dagomys health complex, which is on the balance sheet of the Administrative Department. Since January 1, 2001, we have been with them - I have entries about this in my work book. And in 2002, a very big man from the security forces flew in - from where, I won't say, it could end badly for me - and the development of this site began in November.

The structure turned out to be, apparently, the Federal Protection Service: in the order of the Minister of Natural Resources Artyukhov dated December 4, 2002, it was indicated that "in the main areas of work" of the landfill, a draft agreement with the FSO should be prepared.

In 2004, the Office of the President of the Russian Federation initiated the process of withdrawing Lunnaya Polyana from the Caucasian Reserve in order to legalize the construction that had already begun. In 2007, in the correspondence between the Kremlin supply manager Vladimir Kozhin and the Minister of Natural Resources of Russia Trutnev, it was first mentioned that although Rosneft acts as the customer for the creation of the landfill (that is, its financier), "the overall management of the project for the construction of the facility" is still carried out by the Administrative Department ...

The road to the landfill was also paved (and continues to be paved) for budgetary funds, not for oil billions. And also, as officially mentioned, "under the control of the president."

Resort General of the FSB

Despite the formal exclusion of the landfill from the reserve, a no-fly zone has been preserved above it, which guarantees the safety of a skier resting in the chalet.

According to the documents, until his retirement, FSB General Oleg Feoktistov, who headed the Rosneft security service as a seconded employee of the Lubyanka, was personally in charge of the security of the "Biosphere".