Putin's former guard first published information about his income

Chief of the Interior Troops of Russia Viktor Zolotov, whose income declaration hadn't been published on time, at last reported his earnings. In his possession are two hectares of land, two houses, two apartments and a glacier.
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According to published on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs data, the general income in 2014 amounted to RUR 6,080,000. The personal property from Zolotov and two plots of land area of ​​1.19 hectares and 0.4 hectares, two houses - 275 and 1070 square meters. m, and the apartment - 189 square meters. m, one parking space - 19.6 sq. m and the glacier - 37.7 sq. m. also owns apartment 179 square meters in equal shares with his wife (at ⅓) Zolotov. m. The wife of the deputy minister earned a little more than 400 thousand. rub. and owns a plot of 0.5 hectares. In the car park of the former president's security guard - passenger car Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen and ATV Yamaha.

Gold - not the highest paid employee in the command of the Interior Troops. Over the past year he had earned less than his deputy Alexander Afinogentova (income - 7.4 million rubles.) And Commander of the Internal Troops of number 7405 in the Rostov region Alexander Surovikina (12.7 million rubles.).

Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev for the same period earned 14.7 million rubles. Most of all the ministry in the past year has earned the chief of the Kazan Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs Foat Zinnurov. Its revenue for 2014 amounted to 30.8 million rubles. On the secondplace was the head of the Central Club of Internal Affairs, Soviet and Russian choral conductor Victor Eliseev with an annual income of 11.4 million rubles. In third place - Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Service of the Office of the Murmansk region, Colonel Sergey Babenko, reported about 10.1 million rubles. income.

Zolotov was the only senior leader in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, not reported on income and property on the site office within the head of state the terms found previously RBC. According to Putin's decree, information about the income of senior officials should be updated annually not later than the 25th of May. In June, in files published on the official page of the Ministry in the "Information on revenues, expenditures, property and liabilities of material nature" in 2014, there were no information about Zolotov. The Interior Ministry on the request RBC dated June 9, 2015 with a request to provide information about income and property Zolotov and his family did not respond.

July 2 the Russian president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that he was unaware of the existence of any special orders, svyaOF DATA with the declaration Zolotov. The properties of the new file to the Ministry of Internal Affairs website, where there Zolotova data, the date the document was created - July 3, 2015.

Viktor Zolotov filed his declaration "in a timely manner and in the prescribed manner", but to the Federal Service of the Russian Federation, protection, reported today in the Ministry of Internal Affairs press center. "The Russian Interior Ministry made the request to the personnel office of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for the official publication of the declaration on the website of the Ministry. The data provided for obtaining posted on departmental resources on the Internet, "- said in a statement agency.

Gold does not publish information on income in previous years. In the first half of 1990 Zolotov was the personal bodyguard of the then chief of Putin - the mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak, and even before that, told RBC friend of the family, guarding the daughter of Anatoly Sobchak Ksenia. With the arrival of Putin in the Kremlin in 2000, he headed the Russian President's Security Service in the rank of deputy director of the Federal Security Service. The site of this department of his declaration also absent. The Interior Ministry Zolos moved in 2013 to the post of Deputy Commander of the Internal Troops. In May last year, he became the first deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Chief of the MIA of Russia.

The law "On Combating Corruption" specific penalties for violations of the publication of information about income is not installed. Current legislation requires that the punishment for violation of Presidential Decree - the prerogative of the employer or his representative, a civil servant. During 2014 3660 checks the authenticity of information about income of employees of law-enforcement bodies were held in the Ministry of Interior. Fired for inaccurate or incomplete information were only nine employees, even in 1107 were brought to disciplinary responsibility.