Putin's guard who heads the Interior Ministry troops failed to disclose income

First Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Zolotov, who has been the head of the personal guard of Vladimir Putin for many years, is the only officer in the Interior Ministry, who hasn't declared his income. He never did it while working at the FSO, either.
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Only without income

First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Chief of the Interior Troops of Russia Viktor Zolotov was the only senior executive in the security agencies did not report on their income and property on the site office. The files, published on the official page of the Ministry in the "Information on revenues, expenditures, property and liabilities of material nature" in 2014, information about Zolotov absent.

According to the decree №613 Vladimir Putin on July 8, 2013, the information on the income of senior officials annually updated not later than 14 working days after the deadline for their submission. The deadline expires on April 30 publication time - 25 May. According to the same decree, if the information of any officer absent on the official site office, by request of the federal media are obliged to provide them, within seven working days notice to the employee in respect of whom the request.

The RBC press service of the Interior Troops told that for the publication of informationsecond is responsible Department of Public Service and Interior Ministry personnel. The Interior Ministry on the request of RBC from June 9 to provide information about income and property Zolotov and his family did not respond.

Information about the income and property of senior officials are published on the official websites of government agencies, according to Art. 8 of the Federal Law "On Combating Corruption". The list of positions, which involves the replacement of the publication of such information, approved by presidential decree №557 of May 18, 2009.

The registry includes such positions and deputy federal ministers, which include appointed to his post in May 2014, Viktor Zolotov, the deputy director of the Center for Anti-Corruption Research and Initiative Transparancy International (TI) Andrei Zhvirblis.

TI's lawyers sent a request asking the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the head of department on combating corruption Bad President Oleg be checked against Zolotov.

Rare, but not FSO

The case of TI Zolotov representative called "relative rarity" for officialat the federal level. "Still, non-deployment of the declaration - a flagrant violation, and this seems to follow - Zhvirblis explains. - On the other hand, it is a logical continuation of the reluctance of the security forces are required to disclose the information. "

The site FSO, which previously held Zolotov service, disclosure of the four leaders, although the service site contains mention of the seven structural units, said TI representative. In particular, the chapter published a declaration Service for Special Communications and Information FSO.

Not published online FSO and information on income Zolotov, although from 2000 to 2013 he was chief of the Security Service of the President of Russia - Deputy Director of the Federal Security Service.

Perhaps in the case of Zolotov is a high-ranking official reluctance to disclose information about yourself and your family, suggests a representative of TI.


Failure to publish information on income entails disciplinary action up to dismissal, said the head of the working group of "open government" to monitor the implementation of the National Academy of SciencesKirill Kabanov-corruption plan. Zolotov exceptional position can be adjusted unless a special closed by presidential decree, suggested Kabanov.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment, citing the fact that about Zolotov information must provide the Ministry of Interior. He added that he was unaware of the existence of any orders that would have allowed the Interior Troops commander in chief not to publish the declaration.

The law "On Combating Corruption" specific penalties for specific violations have not been established.

Current legislation requires that the punishment for violation of Presidential Decree - the prerogative of the employer or his representative, civil servant; Zolotov appointed by the president, so he and his administration will have to make a decision in the current situation, according to TI.

During 2014 the Ministry of Interior in 3660 checks the authenticity of information about income of employees of law-enforcement bodies were held, according to the responses to the Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev questions of deputies StateDuma (they were preparing for a government hour with his participation in April). For inaccurate or incomplete information, only nine employees were laid off, even in 1107 were brought to disciplinary responsibility.

The presence of a reprimand or other sanctions in theory prevents the production of the next special rank, but not the post, said the head of Russia's largest trade union of policemen Michael Pashkin. "In fact, it is at the discretion of management, if necessary, the manager can easily remove all penalties and assign the next rank and appointment as penalties do not prevent," - explained Pashkin.

Head guard

61-year-old "in various senior military positions in the Russian Federation state protection agencies" Viktor Zolotov, 1990 Colonel-General to 2000 served, according to a biography of the Deputy Minister at the official site MIA. In the first half of the 1990s, gold became the personal bodyguard of the then chief of Putin - the mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak. But even before that, as an interlocutor RBC said familiar with the situationin what was then St. Petersburg, Golden personally guarded mayor's daughter Ksenia Sobchak.

With the arrival of Putin in the Kremlin Zolotov he headed the presidential security service within the FSO.

In 2013, with the chief guard of President Zolotov he entered the service in the Interior Ministry as Deputy Commander of the Internal Troops. In May last year became the first deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Chief of the MIA of Russia.

Zolotov awarded the Order of Courage, Friendship, "For Merit" III of IV degree, Alexander Nevsky, "For Military Merit". In July last year, the Patriarch also awarded Zolotova patriarchal memorable sign "700 anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh" for "assiduous works in glory of the Russian Orthodox Church."

The jurisdiction of the media referred to the Interior Ministry, that gold medal was awarded the rare "Defender of Free Russia" with the words "21 August 1991" and the image of the fence at the White House. During the August coup Zolotov together with the head of the presidential guard, Alexander Korzhakov standing next to Boris Yeltsin during his BANNERENITA performances from the roof of an armored personnel carrier.

Immediately after the appointment Zolotova the Interior Ministry in May 2014 close to the leadership of Ministry sources told RBC that the former president's security guard can change Kolokoltseva as a minister, but the rumors have not been confirmed. Kolokoltsov himself, representing the personnel of the Internal Troops of the new commander, Zolotov described as "an officer with the legendary biography." "His wealth of experience gained over time, the ability to intelligently organize activities entrusted the direction will be an absolute key to a successful solution of problems posed by the Supreme Commander in Chief" - subordinate rknul Kolokoltsov.