Putin's nephew to enter the Board of Directors of a microfinance corporation

Microfinance organizations Narodnaya Kazna and Centr Mikrofinansirovaniya decided to join their assets. Roman Putin, Russia's president cousin nephew will enter the Board of Directors of the Joint microfinance corporation.
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Microfinance organizations "People's treasury" and "Center for Microfinance" Paul Segal decided to pool assets and create a new organization - the United microfinance corporation, in which the board of directors will include novel Putin, the son of a cousin of the president Igor Russia, write "Vedomosti".

On the unification of assets edition of the general director of "People's coffers" Alexei Lebedev. Sigal confirmed that it will enter the holding MFI. Roman Putin, in turn, confirmed that he was invited to the board of directors of this organization, "I agreed."
The owners of the new structure will be Ilya Kalyanov, which owns 45% in the "People's coffers," Paul Segal, they will be divided 50%. The second half is reserved for partners-investors and microfinance institutions, which will be consolidated.

Lebedev said that the new structure will join the third MFI - "Nano finance", which market participants are linked to businessman Andrei Korkunov. Chief Executive Officer "Nano Finance» Rasim Ismailov told the publicationMFIs considering an offer to join the holding company, but a clear answer yet. Korkunoff said that the attitude towards "Nano finance" has not yet heard about the negotiations.

The assets of the two combined MFI will exceed 4.5 billion rubles, three -.. 6.5 billion rubles, said Lebedev.

Apart from MFIs, the holding company may enter Avtogradbank and Anchor Bank, said Segal, who owns 19.3% in the first bank and 1% - in the second. 18.34% belongs to Avtogradbanke "Microfinance Center", and 58.79% in the bank owns the Anchor Korkunoff.

In the UK, the company was Roman Putin Putin Consulting Ltd, which lawyers, in particular, helped to "People's coffers" with the involvement of investors in the summer of 2014, says the publication. According to the British registrar, in October last year the company name was changed to the Russian Capital Investment Ltd. "We are closing the London office and translate business in Russia. Search for investors abroad in the current environment is not interesting, keep it projects under this brand we do not want. We seek investors in Russia ", - Putin said.

In 2013, the vice president "SUPPORTRUSSIA "and the head of the" Center for Microfinance Group "Paul Segal, was arrested on suspicion of fraud to the parent capital in the amount of 10.5 billion rubles., later reduced its investigation to RUB 29 million. In August 2014 it was announced that Segal is no longer charged with embezzlement of budget funds, but the damage is reduced to the size of 3 million rubles. In October, a criminal case was closed for a time-barred. Paul Segal protection called the charges baseless.