Rats and moles attack Vladimir Putin's residence

Removal of rodents and moles from Putin's residence will cost 837 million rubles.
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837 million rubles was received by the company "Deszsnab SPb" over the past few years for the regular deratization of Putin's residence in Valdai. Is really really all kinds of rodents deliver so much trouble to the head of state?

Gas poisoning, as in the "Nord-Ost"

In the state residence "Dinner" (which in the FSO, so that no one has guessed, is called "secretly Valdai object"), Vladimir Putin likes to rest, although without publicity. And his friends (Rotenberg, Kovalchuk, etc.) settled in the neighborhood. And for the protection of the residence are responsible especially trusted persons (for example, the current Kremlin office manager Alexander Kolpakov deserved his post, supervising the "Valdai object"). But in recent years, the president's quiet rest was in jeopardy: his mansion had ... moles.

Moles without any espionage quotes are small, but intrusive animals that, in pursuit of an earthworm, loosen the well-groomed presidential flower beds. And all right, only moles. Mice and rats, too, suddenly fell in love with the enticing "Dinner" of Putin.

But the management of the "B" of the President's Security Service (SBP) of the FSO of Russia and its head Alexei Rubezhnoy is not slumbering. To protect the national leader here recently bought 20 traps "Barrage" with glue plates. Ran into such a rat - and everything, not from the place, after 2 hours can be "disposed". The main thing is that Putin himself does not inadvertently come.

For moles, the president's guard prepared another attack, more seriously, 240 tablets of fumigious insecticide "Alfos-krot". They throw such a pill into the molehill, and at a depth of up to 4 meters, it releases heavy gas along the way, for a long time discouraging uninvited guests from entering the specially protected object without special permission.

Here only many scrupulous summer residents consider this method too cruel for animals and unsafe for humans. In windy weather, there is a risk that the president himself will breathe Alfosa and get serious poisoning, the symptoms of which, according to medical directories, are easily confused with alcohol intoxication. In this case, even in an adult, the shakiness of the gait and the incoherent speech can easily develop into a stopping of breathing and palpitation. And imagine how the moles suffer: the animal becomes sluggish, then convulsions begin, it is vomited, there is nothing to breathe ...

Do not become Vladimir prophetic Oleg

In case, even if these severe measures are not frightened off by the president of moles, a few days ago the same management "B" hired a special company in St. Petersburg, "Deszsnab SPb", whose owner works in the market under the brand name "Wreckers.on". It was hired for "rendering services for the deratization of the site's territory" (not to be confused with erotization, aeration, etc., deratization is specifically the destruction of moles and all kinds of rodents). For half a year and 180 budgetary millions, private traders pledge to rid the president of this underground affliction on an area of ​​2.5 hectares.

In one of the previous state contracts, which was already practiced by Dezsnab in Valdai, it is specially specified that it is a question of "protecting lawns from moles, shrews, field mice". Judging by the mention in the same document of the duty of the performer "to take out and dispose of biological waste (animal corpses) in-house," with moles, the deratizators do not particularly stand on ceremony.

Do not forget the subordinates of Dmitry Kochnev and the tragic fate of prophetic Oleg: last week, the management of "B" SBU FSO announced a tender for the purchase of 10 repellers of snakes: five sound stationary and five vibratory on a solar battery.

The current contract came into force, but, if there are already the first "biological waste" among animals, it was not possible to learn from the owner and the head of the company Valery Maximov. The businessman asked me to call him back ... in a month. And in any case, under the terms of the transaction, "the parties undertake to ensure the confidentiality of information relating to the subject of the contract, the course of its execution and the results obtained."

However, judging by the fact that over the past few years, the president's security services have regularly ordered disinfection services, Putin has not succeeded in finally getting rid of these pests in his closest circle.