RBC investigation: what came out of the "case of Nemtsov"

Investigators tried twice to present charges in absentia to Ruslan Geremeev, a possible organizer of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, but both times the decision wasn't signed  by the head of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin.
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Investigators tried twice to present charges in absentia Ruslan Geremeevu, a possible organizer of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, but both times the decision has not signed the head of TFR Alexander Bastrykin, RBC sources say.

February 27 marks a year since the assassination of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. During the next week the five defendants and their lawyers will get acquainted with the materials, after which the case will go to trial. RBC learned accusation in the final version, interrogation records, examination results and talked to by the parties, in order to understand what conclusions it effect.

How to prepare the murder

Murder Nemtsov began to prepare the end of September, 2014. Organized by the fighter of the Chechen battalion "North" Interior Ministry Ruslan Muhudinov and "other persons not established consequence." Executors they chose Beslan Shavanova, Zaur Dadaeva, Anzor and Shadid Gubashevyh, Temirlan Eskerhanova and Khamzat Bakhaeva. As a reward they amount "not less than 15 million rubles." Has been proposed. All these facts are in the finalThe editors decision to prosecute as accused Dadaeva and Anzor Gubasheva that December 29 was signed by senior investigator for particularly important cases, Major-General Justice Nicholas Tutevichem (available in RBC available).

Surveillance of Nemtsov lasted for several months. During this time, he managed to find out where the opposition lives and often. For surveillance prospective criminals used cars Mercedes-Benz ML 300 4MATIC with Muhudinova A007AR number, the BMW 320iA Shadid Gubasheva number A353ET, "Lada Priora" Bakhaeva number Z717KN and specially purchased ZAZ Chance TF698P with T649KE number. To contact the alleged members of the group used four phones with sim cards "Beeline": two phones bought Dadaev, two more - Muhudinov, the resolution says.

"In order to conspiracy in the preparation and after the crime, they changed the subscriber numbers of mobile phones," - the document says. In addition, Muhudinov, according to the materials, the accused provided two apartments in Moscow at the Fan Street houses №3 and 46 and bought a pistol of unknown modelSuitable for shooting bullets of 9 mm caliber. Weapons he gave Dadaev, Shavanovu and Anzor Gubashevu.

Dadaev, a former member of the Chechen Interior Ministry troops battalion "North", has acquired at least 11 cartridges for Makarov pistol, six of whom he took with him to Moscow, and the other five had left the house in the town of Malgobek, Ingushetia, the document says. Later, experts confirm that the cartridges from the place of the murder of Nemtsov and cartridges found at home Dadaeva, were released at the same factory, and in the same year, told RBC lawyer Khamzat Bakhaeva Zaurbek Sadahanov.

Together with Anzor Gubashevym and Shavanovym Dadaev followed Nemtsov at the ZAZ car. The surveillance was Shadid Gubashev a BMW and Bach on its "Priority". The latter was also involved in the case has provided their homes in the village of Kozin, Odintsovo District. Eskerhanov collected about Nemtsov information on the Internet, and drove the rest of the group members at Mercedes Muhudinova.

As events unfolded in the day of the murder

As follows from the case, February 27, 2015 at 11 am with Dadaev Shavanovym and Anzor Gubashevym car ZAZ nriehal №3 to the house on Malaya Ordynka, where the Germans lived. There the accused spent over ten hours: Nemtsov appeared at the door only at 21:45 MSK and in his car, which sat behind the wheel of his driver, went to the side of the GUM department store, where he was to meet in the Bosco Cafe with his girlfriend - Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya. Defendants in the case followed Nemtsov. Around 23:30 MSK politician left the GUM with Duritskaya and headed home on foot, and the alleged perpetrators were divided: Chavannes and Gubashev filed Dadaev signal that it can act, after which followed the Dadaev politician in the Big Moscow River bridge.

At 23:31 MSK Dadaev, following his victim across the bridge from the Vasilyevsky Spusk in Malaya Ordynka, he pulled out a gun and shot six times in Nemtsov. The oppositionist got through three and one blind, penetrating the chest and abdomen wound: the bullet entered his back and damaged diaphragm, liver, left lung, heart, and esophagus. forensic experts also recorded a blind nonpenetrating wounded: shot was taken in the lower third of the left chest, but the bullet did not cause significant harm, according to the results of sudmedekimpact assessments.

After the murder, according to the investigation materials, Dadaeva picked Chavannes and Anzor Gubashev and fled in a car ZAZ.

As the investigation began

"Everything will be done to the organizers and executors of the vile and cynical murder are punished," - wrote the day after the assassination of his mother in a telegram Nemtsov President Vladimir Putin. A few hours after the crime investigation were thrown Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and Director of the Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov.

First, the investigation was assigned to the head of the Main Investigation Department of the TFR in Moscow Alexander Drymanov. But on 1 March RBC learned from sources in the law enforcement agencies that control the investigation team handed to the investigator for particularly important cases, Major-General Justice Igor Krasnov.

He gained notoriety when supervised investigation into Combat Organization of Russian Nationalists (BORN): Red killers found a lawyerand Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova. He also led the case against nationalist Ivan Mironov, who was accused in the assassination of the head of RAO "EES" Anatoly Chubais, together with the GRU colonel, retired Vladimir Kvachkov.

Available Krasnov were the best forces: the group included more than a hundred people - from the territorial units to employees of the central apparatus of the FSB, the Interior Ministry and the TFR.

On March 7, on the capture of the suspects he announced on the air "First Channel" FSB director Alexander Bortnikov. As follows from the case on 28 February Dadaev Zaur came to Chechnya from Moscow. After it left the capital Anzor Gubashev, he landed at the airport in Magas in Ingushetia. On the day after his younger brother came Shadid: from Moscow, he was getting on the car. "Novaya Gazeta" writes that in those days, according to the publication, arrived in Ingushetia FSB Spetsnaz special forces Center. Almost a week security forces took no action.

The publication notes that Dadaev March 5 along with his former colleague at the battalion "North" Rustam Yusupov called his markently (his name is unknown RBC) to buy drugs. The dealer was in rapid development, and Dadaev was arrested on the outskirts of Nazran. "Novaya Gazeta" emphasizes that detained soldier battalion "North" of the Ingush police began to push their Chechen colleagues. Then, fearing that the situation could spiral out of control and that Dadaeva give law enforcement bodies of Chechnya, in the Nazran Department flew FSB soldiers in uniform and unmarked, and brought out all those who they met - Dadaeva, other detainees and even the police in civilian clothes.

A day later, as the "Novaya Gazeta", on the road in the Ingush village of Ascension, the car was stopped Gubashevyh brothers. Soon, in the hands of the security forces were Eskerhanov and Bach.

Only one operation to arrest the suspects in the murder of Nemtsov as follows from the case, was carried out in Chechnya. Officer of the battalion "North" Beslan Shavanova had to delay the service for the protection of constitutional order and anti-terrorism department of the FSB in the Chechen Republic, together with spetsnazom. These units, as well as all the regional Federal Security Service, are subject to Moscow, however, as explained RBC interviewee familiar with the specifics of the law enforcement agencies of Chechnya, local FSB officers work with "eye to Ramzan Kadyrov (President of the Chechen Republic -. RBC)". Chechen leader himself never hid and told me that his "guys are registered elsewhere - in the FSB, some in the Interior Ministry, in the reconnaissance."

In various documents Shavanova information about the behavior during detention are contrary to each other. According to the deputy head of the service of the Chechen FSB Alexander Gamayunov (its report is contained in the case file, which is in the RBC disposal), "on the proposal of law enforcement officers to surrender Chavannes offered armed resistance, throwing in personnel grenade and then detonated a second grenade, located at him, causing bodily injuries incompatible with life. " FSB officers, who stood closest to the victim at the time of the explosion, on the contrary, explained investigators TFR that "any action aimed atanesenie harm carried out the special operation, [Chavannes] not taken, namely blew himself up, "according to the case file.

Subsequently, forensic psychiatric examination showed Shavanova that case the person involved did not suffer from mental health problems, which could explain the motives for his suicide during detention. In November, the case against Shavanova was terminated for non-rehabilitation circumstances - in connection with the death.

For detainees stood only Ramzan Kadyrov: Dadaeva and Shavanova in his Instagram he called "brave warriors". Was Dadaev at the time of the murder of the military, it is not clear. The troops of the North Caucasian regional command MVD reported that the December 23, 2014 Dadaev sent a letter of resignation on their own. "His report was met. Since January 27, he was on vacation in 2015, for 30 days - 28 February ", - said in March last year in an interview with television channel" Russia 1 ", the first deputy commander of the North Caucasus Regional Command of Interior Troops of the Russian Federation Igor pectorals.
Grateful pokzaniya

Immediately after the arrest of the suspects began to testify, it follows from the case. March 8 Basmanny court sent all five defendants in the case under arrest. During the meeting it became known that Dadaev pleaded guilty. As the existing RBC protocol Dadaeva questioning, he told investigators that he went to the murder of Nemtsov's position in connection with the shooting of the editorial board of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, published, according Dadaeva offensive to Muslims caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Nemtsov himself only once spoke about the attack on the editor Charlie Hebdo, calling the incident a manifestation of "the Islamic medieval inquisition."

From the very first interrogation alleged killer became known that the aid promised in a Rusik, who has promised that for the murder "for the sake of Allah" will "to 5 million rubles.". Dadaev argued that the money one of the performers did not get. In testimony Dadaeva and Gubashevyh states that Rusiko named Ruslana Muhudinova and another fighter battalion "North" Ruslan Geremeeva.

From confession Dadaev refused on March 10, saying that they gave under torture.

Muhudinov Geremeeva was the driver, says RBC's lawyer Vadim Prokhorov Nemtsov's relatives, he Geremeev - an officer of the battalion "North". Prokhorov said that Geremeev - a close relative of a State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov, the senator from Chechnya Suleiman Geremeeva and police chief for Shelkovskoy district of Chechnya Vakha Geremeeva. This was previously reported as "Novaya Gazeta".

Delimkhanov - the right hand of Ramzan Kadyrov and, in the words of the Chechen leader, his successor. UAE authorities suspected him of attempting to "Vostok" battalion commander Sulim Yamadayev (he was killed in Dubai in March 2009), which, as reported by the media, had a difficult relationship with Kadyrov. Former Deputy Prime Minister of Chechnya Beslan Gantamirov and State Duma deputy Mikhail Markelov stated about possible involvement in the murder of Delimkhanov and longtime opponent of Kadyrov, a former "Highlander" detachment commander Lt. Col. FSB Movladi Baisarov, who was shot in autumn 2006 on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow. "BaiSarov was killed because of an award pistol "Grach", belonging to Delimkhanov "- claimed Gantamirov.

The investigation slowed

family lawyers Nemtsov told RBC that from about April 2015 began to notice, as a consequence of all is reluctant to meet them. So, April 22 defense filed a motion to question Geremeeva, Kadyrov, Delimkhanov and other high-ranking Chechen politicians. Although Kadyrov said that both he and Geremeev ready to come in for questioning, in the TFR considered that the request is unnecessary protection, and refused to meet her. The appeal of the investigation actions in the courts and has not brought results.

In May, the investigator Krasnov left to raise, he was replaced by Nikolai Tutevich, which is known in criminal cases of the murder of State Duma deputy from Chechnya Ruslan Yamadayev and attempted his brother Isa Yamadayev (both cases resulted in the detention of perpetrators, organizers of the crime have not been found). By changing the protection investigator Nemtsov's family also reacted negatively. "It is extremely worrying that in midstream change of horses. Any investigator or detective says hthat during the investigation it is important that the matter led the chief of the investigation team who knows the matter from the beginning, especially if it is a good professional ", - said the lawyer then Prokhorov. Interlocutor RBC familiar with the investigation said that with Tutevichem consequence of "a thing of the commas."

As told RBC another source familiar with the course of the investigation, in July, investigators have prepared a draft of the indictment in absentia and Geremeeva Muhudinova, but the document has not confirmed the chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, considering that it does not have enough evidence. So he enrolled in September. RBC two unsigned Bastrykin regulations confirmed by another source close to law enforcement authorities.

As a result, the TFR filed in absentia charged only Muhudinovu. In November Muhudinov he was put on the international wanted list and arrested in absentia. Geremeev same is only operative wanted, he told RBC lawyer Prokhorov. The TFR has not responded to RBC's request made on January 15.

Location Geremeeva and Muhudinova unknown. According to "Rosbalt" in Marche Geremeev hiding in the tribal village of Dzhalka in Chechnya, then left for the United Arab Emirates, and returned to Russia in September.

Organizers and motives

The final version of the charges, which is available to RBC, the only organizer named Muhudinov. The case against him will be allocated in a separate proceeding. The document also refers to "other persons", but they are not installed.

"Muhudinov - is the organizer of the low-level or senior executive, but he does not have his motive" - ​​the lawyer says Prokhorov. He was confident that Muhudinov could not act without Geremeeva, but he in turn had his own motive for the murder Nemtsov. But other people who were behind Geremeevym Muhudinovym and investigators are not looking, said the lawyer.

The motive of the assassination, as it follows from the case, in the TFR established only in respect of performers. Version of the murder of Charlie Hebdo was reflected in the first embodiment of the charges that were brought against Dadaev 8th of March. Later investigators of this version have refused, as it was found that the preparationand the murder was carried out between September 2014 and the attack on the editor of the French weekly happened in January 2015.

As a result, the charge includes articles about the murder for mercenary motives committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, and illegal purchase, transfer, storage, transportation and carrying of firearms and ammunition, committed by an organized group (paragraphs "g" and "h" Part 2 article 105 and part 3 of article 222 of the Criminal Code, respectively). In other words, the investigation team concluded that the performers moved exclusively vested interest - the money promised Muhudinovym.

With this version the lawyer agrees to Prokhorov. However, the motive of the organizers, he said, remains unclear. In fact, he does not mention. According to the defense, Nemtsov could be killed iz-za their socio-political activity: to play a role could the sharp criticism of President Vladimir Putin, the investigation into the activities of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine and the conflict with Ramzan Kadyrov, 2002, which in his testimony, told the chief editor "Daily Journalla "Alexander Ryklin.

version defendants

Endure if the version in the court (lawyers of the accused repeatedly stated that they will ask for a jury trial) will be known within six months: by that time become familiar with the figures of the case materials and the prosecutor's office to approve the results of the investigation. RBC source familiar with the course of the investigation, contends that the charge in court, it may be to maintain one of the most experienced prosecutors Maria Semenenko, who participated in the trials of the founder of Bourn Nikita Tikhonov and the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. The prosecutor's office did not respond to a request to RBC, who from the supervisory authority to be involved in the process.

Protection of the accused has already submitted several versions on which it will rely at the hearing. Thus, the lawyer Dadaeva Shamsudin Tsakayev claims in a conversation with RBC that his client has an alibi (Tsakayev previously defended one of the defendants in the case of the murder of Ruslan Yamadayev Aslan Dilieva and Yusup Temirkhanov convicted in 2013 for the murder of former Colonel Yuri Russian army Budanov and chechensth Plenipotentiary to Ukraine Tsitsulaeva Ramzan, who literally fought off the operatives who tried to detain him in the criminal case of fraud), as a lawyer Anzor Gubasheva Musa Hadith (he also defended one of the defendants in the case of the murder of Ruslan Yamadayev) insists in conversation with RBC, that the accused during questioning last changed his testimony and called killer is not Dadaeva and Shavanova, who died in detention in Grozny. "This is a classic situation where very comfortable all the blame on a dead man," - says Prokhorov.

With died Shavanovym connected and quite conspiracy theory, which is also planning to claim protection. We know that he traveled to Ukraine at the height of the conflict in the east of the country.

According to RBC's source close to the power structures of Chechnya, around December 2014 Chavannes along with countryman private car left Chechnya in Ukraine. He allegedly freely crossed the territory controlled by the militia, but was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). However, as a result of certain "informal" neegovorov was released and returned to Russia by boat - in the Sea of ​​Azov in the Krasnodar region, according to the source. According to him, Ukraine Chavannes could be recruited by the Security Service, or the battalion leader of them. Dzhokhar Dudayev Osmaev Adam, from whom, and given the task of killing of opposition to discredit the Russian authorities.

In the "Ukrainian trace" still on June 18 in an interview to "Interfax" Kadyrov hinted. He said he did not believe in the guilt of the detained Chechens: "I think to look for traces of the crime need not in Chechnya, and the Ukraine, the SBU, and later in the United States. There are many prerequisites to the fact that the murder is Adam Osman who is now in command of some Ukrainian "battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudayev" (in Russian Osmaev accused of plotting the assassination of Putin, and in his division are fighting pro-Ukrainian minded Chechens -. RBC). According to Kadyrov, the real organizers of the killing "themselves used Nemtsov, his own and destroyed, and now they are trying for someone to shift all the blame."

Osmaev in conversation with RBC Kadyrov called the accusations absurd. "Not for cohit is no secret how many enemies of Kadyrov have died not of natural causes in all parts of the world. There can be no such coincidences. No one is hiding anything. So they are on the drum and the public opinion and the media ", - he stressed.

RBC will follow the development of "business Nemtsov" and the trial of the persons involved in it.