RBC investigation: who earns on paid parking in Moscow

On December 25, a new area of ​​paid parking started to be functional in the Russian capital throughout the territory within the Third Ring Road.
Origin source
During the two years of existence of the city budget for this project is allocated more than 16 billion rubles. Budget revenues from parking and tow trucks for the same period, according to RBC's estimates, were approximately 3.5 billion rubles. Head of the Moscow Department of Transport Maxim Liksutov claims that the paid parking zone is expanding "at the request of residents." But, according to the Levada Center, a negative attitude to innovation 62% of respondents.

How it all began

The struggle with Moscow traffic jams became the number one task for the mayor Sergei Sobyanin appointed in late 2010. The city stood in traffic jams, traffic hampered randomly parked cars at the curb.

In April 2011, the Mayor's Office convened a meeting on the topic of traffic jams. "It turned out that no one even knows how many there are in the city parking spaces for cars. Delivered [Deputy Mayor for urban policy and the construction of Moscow Marat] Khusnullin - call one number. Then made [Deputy Mayor for Housing and Public Utilities and Public Works of Moscow Pyotr] Biryukov - different number, at times differI Husnullina of data. It became clear that both operate armchair numbers that have no relation to reality. Sobyanin was furious. The then vice-mayor in charge of transportation problems, Nikolai Lyakhov, trying to remain silent, "- says one of the participants of the meeting.

The meeting was attended by the co-owner of the company "Aeroexpress" 34-year-old Maxim Liksutov who had to tell about the development of rail transport in Moscow. A few weeks before this meeting Liksutov impressed Vladimir Putin and Sobyanin, rolled them on "Aeroexpress" of Sheremetyevo to Belorussky Station. Sobyanin suggested Liksutovu speak. Young businessman offered to calculate the actual parking spaces with the help of aerial photographs. In addition, janitors and workers ZhEKov had three times a day to recalculate locations within neighborhoods to make up the data on the utilization of parking in the yard. "Speech energetic Liksutova stands out against the background of myamlyaschih officials. Sobyanin invited him to develop the concept of the transport development of the Goroyes "- says participant of the meeting. A week later, the mayor appointed Liksutova his adviser on transport infrastructure. Liksutov says he does not remember such a meeting.

In summer 2011, experts McKinsey consulting firm collected the scattered data on the traffic situation in Moscow, told RBC several high-ranking employees of City Hall. "The consultants said that the work at the request of Liksutova", - said one of the officials, to communicate with McKinsey. Liksutov does not deny that such work could be carried out, however, he suggested that McKinsey could do independent research. At McKinsey is not commenting.

Verdict McKinsey was ready by November 2011: the ultimate capacity of the streets of Moscow is 500 thousand vehicles, with more vehicles start to arise cork.. In reality, at the same time on the streets of Moscow is 620-650 thousand cars, and in the morning to 720 thousand cars -.. Describes the findings of the study officials who worked with him. The greatest difficulties arise on the roads in the area of ​​the Boulevard Ring, where spetsialists McKinsey counted 46,000 "extra" cars. The consultants proposed two options to solve the problem: the introduction of paid parking, that will force some car owners refuse to go, or a more radical option - the introduction of paid entry into the central part of the city. December 6, 2011 Liksutov was appointed head of the Department of Transportation and Development of road transport infrastructure of Moscow (deptransa).

In November 2012 there was an experimental zone of paid parking on Petrovka and carriage Series. For five months of the experiment showed good results: the speed of traffic on the streets has increased by 6-9%, the city budget received 21.8 million rubles, while Sobyanin concerns about the discontent of citizens did not materialize.. "This is a good place - a lot of institutions, little houses, so residents reaction to the introduction of parking calm. On it was a payment ", - says a former employee of the Government of Moscow. Members of the City Hall working group participated in all stages of the pilot project - even in the creation of design parking machines, which was commissioned by the designer Artemy Lebedev.
<br /> «parking meters in the pilot area have been developed and manufactured by us under sketches of the participants of the working group", - says Vladimir Volkov, CEO ASKT. Volkova company established in the pilot area of ​​the first ten parking machines. However, to win the tender for equipping parking meters throughout the Boulevard Ring area failed.

Transferred from business to public service Liksutovu had to learn the intricacies of combat hardware. Despite the fact that the concept of paid parking has developed a working group deptransa, purchases occurred after overhaul of Department (JKR), reporting to the Vice-Mayor of Moscow, supervising Housing and Public Works, Peter Biryukov, who until Liksutova and supervised parking.

It LSC conducted the first major tender for the installation of parking machines, which won the "NTC Meter," affiliated with the largest Russian manufacturer of cash registers, "Bar-M." Deptrans was not familiar with the products of this company, but could not do anything, says a former employee of the department. "NTC Meter" put 150 parking machines for 73 millionrub. However, the main costs fell not on the equipment, and its connection to the grid, which cost the city budget to 262.3 million rubles. The result was a paradoxical situation: to connect parkomat cost 486 thousand, to be paid almost 4 times more - 1.7 million rubles.. To lay the wires need to open the newly laid paving slabs and asphalt. "The entire area inside the Boulevard Ring was in the trenches, deptrans decided to take advantage of this situation in the control fight [with subordinates Biryukova, engage in procurement parking machines], and photos mangled pavements laid on the table Sobyanin (mayor personally advocated laying Moscow pavement tiles, so kind of the ruined streets he did not like), "- says one of the former employees deptransa" Sobyanin excoriated Biryukov and Liksutov suggested the use of parking meters, powered by solar batteries. "

Liksutov denies conflict with Biryukov: difficulties were related to the lack of a single structure responsible for implementation of the project. I think it is you, "Pyotr Biryukov From my friendships,sokoprofessionalnym man - he says. - But the responsibility should be for one person. " A senior fellow Hall, however, recognizes that competition between agencies and Liksutova Biryukova was really.

New parking machines already purchased a new structure - CCU "Administrator of the Moscow parking space" (AMPP), subordinated deptransu. It is responsible for creating and managing pay parking. Subordinate Liksutova were able to choose their own contractors. When expanding the paid parking zone to the Garden Ring was decided to establish the French Parkeon parking meters with solar batteries. Tender worth 216.2 million rubles. for the supply of 350 parking machines won the company "Asparkam 'registered entrepreneur Dmitry Tolstenko a few months before the contest.

Supplier of Siberia

Over the past two years the company Tolstenko (according to "SPARK-Interfax", has stakes in seven companies, in late 2013 consolidated the majority of its assets in the holding company "Emaht" which completely receivedlies upon him) have won organizations subordinate deptransu, tenders worth a total of 1.12 billion rubles. Firms Tolstenko design freight hubs in Moscow (166 mln.), Deliver "pedestrian counters" (18.1 million rubles.), To create a single regional navigation and information system of the City of Moscow (23.7 million rubles.). The biggest success was winning Tolstenko companies in the tender for the supply of parking machines for RUB 227.6 million. and the creation of a unified system of warning about the difficulties on the roads that will transmit information to vehicle owners navigators for RUB 672.9 million. These victories will help ensure your business Tolstenko standing order: service parking machines supplier cost the city budget in 2014 to 27.5 million rubles. A realization of the drivers alert the project will be implemented by "service model", when the city annually pays the contractor for the provision of information.

Another important asset Tolstenko - 25% in the company "Breeze Technologies" Developer transport card "Troika" and the winner of the tender for the creation of InformSystem deptransa. Founder and other sovladelec "Breeze Technologies" - shareholder of the bank, "Tauride" Ivan Kuznetsov. Interestingly, the partner Kuznetsova on the bank "Tauride" Ruslan listed Mahauri, owner of the company "Mosgorlogistik" won the biggest tender AMPP the vehicle evacuation (see. "Roads Crocodiles' chapter). Kuznetsov refused to talk about the projects to RBC deptransa and relations with Tolstenko.

Correspondent of RBC Tolstenko offered to meet near the heliport on Novorizhskoe highway, where he learns to control the helicopter, but due to bad weather postponed the meeting in a restaurant. Statement entrepreneur, who has not yet turned 30, says reluctantly. He grew up in the Altai Territory, in 2003 graduated from high school, got a degree in economics, was the CEO of a number of small companies.

The tender for the supply of the capital parking machines Solar drew attention Tolstenko "Innovative problems to be solved." Shortly after winning the tender Tolstenko shared interests in "Asparkam" partners: top managers of large IT-integrator "Cheeks" Andrei Arefiev (37.5%) ofsnovatelem group recording "Union" Alexander mennom (20%), a resident of Novosibirsk Irina Morozova (18.75%) and the editor in chief of Internet project "Zvuki.ru" Sonya Sokolova (5%). In a conversation with RBC Sokolov he confirmed that owns stakes in "Asparkam", but recommended to address issues Mennu as he engaged in the project. Mann declined to comment, citing the "political aspects of the project." Morozov and Arefiev did not respond to questions about the RBC. A spokesman for "Lanita" Catherine Lyskova confirmed that Arefiev - CEO "Lanter", part of the "Lanita", but declined to comment on the other issues.

"Asparkam" is the distributor of the French company Parkeon parking machines in Russia, confirmed the director of marketing and communications Parkeon Daniel Shotard. Also, "Asparkam" planned to purchase the French terminals for contactless payment for travel on public transport. Now the terminals are tested on several routes SUE "Mosgortrans", the final decision is made on the purchase, know the former withEmployee deptransa and one of the partners' Asparkam ".

Tolstenko and at least one of his company managers were formerly associated with the companies included in the "Transgroup", the beneficiaries of which were Liksutov and his partner Sergey Glinka. The first CEO "Emahta" Artem Santa in 2007-2009 worked as a deputy director of the company "Dalmostostroy", which at that time, according to the newspaper "Vedomosti" controlled "Transgroup" and the owner of the engineering company "E4" Michael Abizov. Another joint asset Abyzova and "Transgroup" was road construction company "Novosibirskavtodor", which includes Liksutov board. In 2009, the Chairman of the Board "Novosibirskavtodor", born in the Altai Territory Dmitry Pingasov established LLC "Elara", headed by himself Tolstenko. Tolstenko told RBC that had never heard Pingasova names, explaining that often there are situations when the CEO is not familiar with the founders, and explained that all companies, where he was the CEO, not linked. With Pingasovym contact not removedaxis. Liksutov told RBC that had never heard the name of Tolstenko "99.99% of the organizations that participate in tenders deptransa, I personally do not know and was never interested in their owners. The Moscow government is very meticulously documented procedures of preparation and holding of competitions, which is much stricter procedures with which I had encountered on his previous experience. Everyone knows my position of principle - if you suspect a conflict of interest on any employee, regardless of the positions will be dismissed. "

Recently, however, and "Asparkam" began to arise problems with the participation in tenders. Parking meters for the new paid parking zones within the Third Ring Road will put another longtime partner deptransa - the company "Sitronics-Kafu".

Parking machines at the bars of conifers

In September 2014 AMPP announced tender to install 444 parking machines in the new area of ​​paid parking in the TTC. The solicitation documents in addition to the technical requirements for the parking meters were tightly regulated materials needed to install it: the length of the nails, "valid atLevel of sapwood rot of conifers bars "and the presence of stains on sackcloth. Under the technical requirements for the parking meters are fully suitable devices French Parkeon, which is engaged in the supply of the official "Asparkam". But the company Tolstenko not admitted to the competition due to the fact that the company planned to use when installing parking meters sand increased, rather than the average size. Can the size of sand impact on the parking meters? "Strict requirements imposed on all the elements that, in tendering procedures only companies involved, who are ready to fulfill the conditions", - says Director of Strategic Development AMPP Xenia Brodulenko.

The winner eventually became the company "Sitronics-Kafu". This company actually controls its general director, Vyacheslav Smirnov, said the representative of "Sitronics" (the same from the data SPARK). "Under the terms of the contract with deptransom we do not have the right to comment on the participation in their projects", - he said.

"Sitronics-Kafu" and deptrans - long-term partners. Previously, the company has become the main developer Intellektuanoy Moscow transport system worth 6.2 billion rubles. In 2013-2014, "Sitronics-Kafu" won tenders AMPP deptransa and other enterprises more than 680 million rubles. Director of Marketing and Communications Parkeon Daniel Shotard confirmed that his company is in the autumn of 2014 delivered to Moscow 444 parking machines, but declined to name the buyer, saying that "Parkeon dealer in Russia is" Asparkam ". In "Asparkam" declined to comment.

Despite the high costs in the procurement and maintenance of parking machines, they are not popular with car owners. Machines were installed at the rate of one parkomat 55-60 parking spaces, says a representative AMPP. If in 2012 through parkomat paid parking lot for about 30% of customers at the end of 2014 they were used about 12% of car owners. However, the number of people who prefer to pay for parking through sms-messages, dropped even more dramatically - from about 70% to 27% (the most popular way to become a payment via a mobile application "Parking Moscow" - 61%).

Long story short number
<br /> Payment parking through sms-messages caused a scandal in the early days of the pilot project because of the high commissions (from 1.5 to 6.8% of the payment amount, depending on the service provider). Blogger Alexei Evsin noticed that the short number 7757, which car owners send sms-messages to pay for parking does not belong deptransu or otherwise mayoralty structures, as a private company - LLC "urban mobility system", filed a few months prior to the short number . Head of the Department of Information Technology (DIT, the agency engaged in organization of payment through sms) Artem Ermolaev said that there is no cause for concern, as a private company only has a short number, and all payments go directly to the budget of Moscow.

Cotovye operators have stated that no additional commission they charge when paying parking and paying agent, whose name is unknown.

Since 2012 deptrans negotiated to reduce the commission, said the representative office. Now operators MTS and "MegaFon" not charge at all, and the subscribers of "Beeline & raquo; pay a commission of 5% of the payment amount, but the money will charge third-party company - per transaction for the payment, said the representative of "Beeline".

One of the owners of "urban mobility systems" was adviser to the head of DIT Daniel Titarenko, who now heads a different structure of the Moscow government - the State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Social Register" (MCP). A spokesman for Victoria MCP Milovanova letter RBC, citing a lack of head, explained that "all the explanations about the role of" urban mobility system "[...] were given in 2012", "the company has the technical element in the information system exchange "and" exchange of money in the parking payment system did not participate, no commission is charged. "

In the summer of 2014 of "urban mobility system" short number 7757 transferred to the jurisdiction of AMPP, which announced a tender procedure for the service company to service the room. Under the terms of the tender, the winning company will receive from the municipal budget of 0.98 kopeks. for each sms-message. According to RBC calculations, table of contents 7577 buda cost budget of at least 5.7 million rubles. per month (based on the conditions of the tender for 2015).

Despite the maintenance costs of different payment methods parking, AMPP in no hurry to implement alternative ideas. More than a year ago, the company "Yandex" has developed "Yandeks.Parkovki" application, but can not gain access to the information system, he told RBC "Moscow parking" one of the partners of "Yandex". Deptransa representatives explained that the application "Yandex" already has access to internal systems AMPP and tested. "The exact date we do not call, but be sure to tell you when there will be the fruit of co-operation [c Moscow government]", - said the representative of "Yandex" Elina Staviskaya. "" Parking Moscow "Existing mobile app satisfies all the needs of motorists," - said Xenia Brodulenko of AMPP.

Current mobile application "Parking Moscow", which charge a commission of 1.5% for cash deposit, developed SUE "Unified Social Register", which in 2012 the brighteningulation Titarenko all the same, one of the founders of "urban mobility systems", owned short number 7757.

"How and where the money goes from the parking payment, do not know even the AMPP. Money go through the city system "Unified Mobile Platform", to which access is restricted to staff DIT. What really came to the budget, unknown - AMPP never reconciles payments from the Federal Treasury, "- says one of the former employees deptransa. "Reconciliation of receipt of payments is conducted on a monthly basis, - denies Brodulenko. - Some difficulties arise only when the payment of fines taking into account ".

"Crocodiles" Roads

On the work of the capital evacuators that Muscovites nickname "crocodile" for the green coloring machines and strict mores of the drivers had to speak even Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Everything should be in moderation and as part of the waste regulations, - Putin said at the final press conference of 2014, responding to a question about whether not too zealously undertook evakuatorschiki for Muscovites machine.

As has found out RBC, most of the tow trucks in the capital put the St. Petersburg company "The crane." AMPP purchased 150 tow trucks on lease by paying the tender winner company "VEB-Leasing" 1.12 billion rubles. The press service of "VEB-Leasing" confirmed delivery AMPP 155 tow trucks, but declined to name the supplier. Available RBC appeared contract nand purchasing evacuators "VEB-Leasing" at the St. Petersburg company "The crane." In the same company we bought tow and private entrepreneurs - "Mosgorlogistik" and "service integrator". "Buy the car from" The Crane "is strongly recommended in AMPP" - says a source close to AMPP. The requirement for the purchase of tow trucks in a particular dealer was not responsible, the representative deptransa.

Delivery of nearly three hundred cars in Moscow has become one of the largest orders for "The Crane", says her representative. "The Crane" does tow vehicles based on the MAN who is buying from an authorized dealer of MAN company "Alarm-Trucks", said a source in the RBC manual "The crane." "Alarm-Trucks" - part of the car dealership in St. Petersburg holding "Alarm", one of the founders and the beneficiary of which is the Deputy Director AMPP Alexei Gusev, he knows one of the staff and the source of RBC AMPP among the Petersburg auto dealers. The same information can be found at Gusev page in the social network. It is supervised in Gusev AMPP project car evacuation.could not be reached Gusev. "November 17 Gusev resigned at his own request," - explains Brodulenko.

A source in the AMPP argues that the reason for dismissal was the performance of Gusev at the meeting of the Public Chamber, dedicated to conflict tow drivers with car owners, in which he stated that the evacuation costs exceed the amount raised from the vehicle drivers (5000 rub.) And the authorities hope to "achieve self-sufficiency for the by increasing the volume of the evacuation. " Asked why regular commercial service evacuation costs an average of 2,000 rubles, Gusev said that AMPP deals not only with the evacuation:. "The cost of this too must be somewhere to refer, the State must also pay off."

Liksutov refused to comment on the remarks and resigned Gusev.

Parking is permitted

The biggest project for next year AMPP is to create 131 new parking places (in deptranse they are called planar parking, to be distinguished from the parking places located on the roadway) to 11 thousand. Machines in different parts of the city. In November 2014 about AMPPHe led several tenders for the design and construction of 57 such parking lots worth a total of 1.097 billion rubles. These tenders were abundant oddities. Attention to the competition showed all four companies, and won only two that before in this area were not working.

The company "Neftegazstroy" (NGS) has won the right to a planar arrangement of parking for 47 RUR 644.2 million. The promotional material states that the company participated in the construction of oil pipeline "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" and the gas pipeline "Sakhalin - Vladivostok". NGS revenue in 2013 exceeded 4 billion rubles, net profit -. 6.2 million rubles. Office "Neftegazstroya" in the St. Petersburg business center "Moscow" (the address specified when registering) was closed.

According to the register, the sole owner and CEO of "Neftegazstroya 'Oleg listed Vakorin. In the 1990s he worked as an accountant Vakorin "Phaeton" in St. Petersburg holding company, a specialist in financial work of "Petrograd carpool" Spetstrans ". In addition, mobile phone number and e-mail Vakorina were listed in the registration site in St. Petersburg pricestra "Individual weight loss program." Sam Vakorin a request from RBC tell us more about the history of the company wrote that the NHS has a "vast geography works South Centre [Russia]," and decided to participate in the tender AMPP "in connection with the release of the volume of construction by" Gazprom "orders, but refused to answer other issues, redirecting them AMPP. AMPP representative is not commenting.

The second winner of several tenders worth a total of RUB 460.5 million. It was the Moscow company "Turbine Engineering". Main specialization - Supply of power equipment, the company also participated in the construction of reactors at Ulan Uda CHP-1 and Troitskaya GRES. With the end of 2012. "Turbomash" involved in the project, which actively supports the vice-mayor Liksutov - the organization of passenger trains on the Moscow Railway Ring.

"Turbomash" - "daughter" of "Slavmashholding" (its beneficiaries are hidden in the Seychelles offshore). Much more is known other subsidiaries "Slavmashholdinga" - LLC "Slavimpeks ". In 2009, Alexei Navalny in his blog talked about the contract "daughter" of "Gazprom" - OGK-6 - for the supply of turbines for a state district power station under construction. According to Navalny, OGK-6 has purchased equipment is not the manufacturer - the concern "Power Machines", and the intermediary company "Slavimpeks" overpaid about $ 10 million shortly after the publication of Navalny's law enforcement agencies launched a criminal case under Art.. 159.4 of the Criminal Code (fraud by organized group or on a large scale). "In a criminal case, I was recognized as a victim, but then removed from the victims, and the case was closed. It is strange that these companies still someone used ", - says Navalny. Deputy General Director of "Turbomasha" Marat Tauluev, familiarized with the issues of RBC, declined to comment.

Competitor "Neftegazstroya" and "Turbomasha" in the struggle for planar parking company acted "Stroygazgarant", but its proposals were less profitable than its competitors. However, and she was able to win two tenders worth a total of 21.8 million rubles., Includingkaz installation antiparkovochnyh columns. Before "Stroygazgarant" I engaged in construction of pipelines for the "Gazprom" and electric systems for OAO "UES FGC". Owner and CEO of "Stroygazgaranta" Vitaly Dontsov told RBC that "a comprehensive profile of the company," he does not know why AMPP tenders have attracted the attention of all three companies, but also from further communication refused, advising to contact the AMPP. For the same reason, it was unable to confirm the accuracy of many ads on the Internet, which offered to buy "workers operating company with licenses: construction, surveying and mapping. Expensive ", which indicated a cell phone for communication Dontsova.

According to the tender documents, the execution of works is given only 35 days. During this time, the contractors should be prepared and asphalt pad, apply road markings, install parking equipment. Does the company have time, do not have the experience of similar works, to meet the deadline? After this issue RBC representatives of all three companies stopped talking, RecomBlowing contact the AMPP.

Why is this issue irritates contractors? The fact that part of the plane of the future parking existed for several years, and some have been built a few months before the tender for the design.

According to blogger ezhick, the future of 57 plane parking before tendering their working arrangement 18. A few days before the tender RBC correspondent visited several parking lots near the plane of the future park "Muzeon" on Trubnaya Square, Khoroshevskoye highway and on the longitudinal passage in the entrance to the Exhibition Centre. All parking not only were paved, they were already installed parking meters of Ski-Data, some of which even takes charge for car parking.

Moscow Prosecutor's Office on the complaints of citizens at the beginning of the test requirements AMPP. In AMPP confirmed the audit. Part of the parking really existed, but the land did not belong AMPP, explains the representative of the organization. "After the adoption of AMPP land plots in order to organize the paid parking AMPP plane was Dr.substituted with an order for equipment of parking. Ski-Data Equipment [located in parking lots] was granted in the framework of gratuitous use agreement, concluded at the time of project work ", - explained Brodulenko.

Ski-Data parkomat provided the company "IT-Consult". The company's website states that it offers services for "Customer Service of computer technology", as well as a 1C franchisee. The only news on the site dates back to June 2012 and reported: "We begin KVN !!!" "We pay little attention to the site, a lot of work", - says the correspondent RBC CEO and sole owner of the "IT-Consult" Dmitry Meshchersky. He calls his company a system integrator of medium size and large projects - the introduction of 1C at the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant (ChTPZ) and Omsk plant "Armaplyus" composite reinforcement. But a spokesman ChTPZ could not find information about the performance of work at the company "IT-Consult". And he Meschersky, according to SPARK, - co-owner of TH "EvroPlastGrupp"which is a distribution company "Armaplyus" plant. Meshchersky recognizes that maintenance of parking equipment for his "new topic", he was advised to take a partner, whose names were not called.

The company has already won two tenders worth a total 120.1 million rubles. Maintenance parking machines in 2014-2015. However, the main hopes Meschersky connects with the project of plane parking. In the summer of 2014 "IT-Consult" in the "test" set in the future 29 plane parking parking Ski-Data equipment, spending a few million dollars. Test equipment should have ended on 16 December. However, in September 2014 AMPP held a tender for 90 million rubles., In which the Ski-Data equipment must be integrated into a single information system "Moscow parking space." The right to choose the equipment for plane parking AMPP conceded "Neftegazstrakh" and "Turbomashu", are engaged in their construction. Both companies declined to discuss the issue with RBC equipment purchases.

Have notescherskogo fears that, having invested millions of dollars in equipment, contractors can choose another partner? "We are confident in the quality of equipment and our staff," - confidently answers Meshchersky.

Disputed Office

In the fall of 2014 after a series of conflicts with the owners of evacuees Car AMPP sent tow trucks drivers on etiquette courses. Moreover, the agency decided that each park should be konfliktmen - a special man, whose task is to prevent accidents with drivers.

In November 2014 AMPP conducted four tenders for the provision of services for the prevention of conflicts in the parking lots. To determine the initial amount of the tender, AMPP sent requests for commercial offers in several companies, including Ltd. "Eventus" (type of activity: sawing, planing and impregnation of wood), LLC "Ligastroy" (control operation of the housing stock) and OOO "No problem " (Advertising activity).

Less than two hours AMPP received three commercial proposals, the text of which is wholly brdruet each other, indicating that they provide "maintenance services planar parking" and are "competitive organization in this area." CEO and owner of "No problem" Eugene Rapotan works as a manager for renting apartments in the agency "AeNBI" engaged in real estate and assistance in the preparation of weddings. Asked RBC, there is of "no problem" experience in the operation of planar parking, Rapotan hung up. Phones other four companies send their offers, are not listed in the registration data and the official company letterhead.

"The request for quotations in accordance with the 44-FZ sent to the customer in any organization, at its discretion, but at least five organizations, with a response must be received no less than three companies. AMPP takes the position that requests for quotations is necessary to send in a company with experience from state agencies, work experience in the field of activity for which the public procurement is carried out, "- commented the representative AMPP Xenia BrDulenko.

After analyzing the offers, AMPP staff came to the conclusion that the work on seven konfliktmenov parking should cost 2.6 million rubles. per month. The winner of the tender has reduced the price nearly doubled to 1.31 million rubles. They became Company "Sitiparking Service" recorded for the month prior to the announcement of the tender Andrey Rybakov. If you decide to implement AMPP konfliktmenov all planned parking lots, it will cost the city budget of at least RUB 294.6 million. in year.

According to SPARK-Interfax, the main business is the company Rybakova "KarKemp" rental of motor homes. Partner Rybakova for "KarKemp" Alexei Gusarov has a common business - "Kinoparking" LLC - Natalia Melnikova. Earlier Melnikov was co-owner of OOO "Avanti", which is headed by Sergey Melnikov. Since 2014 Melnikov headed the management plane parking AMPP. Rybakov declined to comment. With Sergei and Natalia Melnikova could not be reached. "The presence of any personal or business relationship between the organizations participating in the competition,and employees of the client company does not affect the decision of the tender committee for the selection of the winner. We fulfill all the requirements prescribed by the letter of the law ", - said RBC Brodulenko.

Parking and public relations

In two years, the project paid parking structures deptransa spent on the project PR-campaign and informing the public more than 410 million rubles., RBC calculated on the basis of tenders, conducted in 2013-2014 deptransom and its subordinate structures.

The largest contractor deptransa was "firm Papillons", which specializes in the manufacture of materials for outdoor advertising. "Papillons" Structures have won six tenders worth a total of 117.7 million rubles., Agreed to organize the work promokonsultantov paid parking, as well as developing a brand book "Moscow parking lot."