RBC investigation: who earns on repairs of Moscow roads

Who is behind the network of interconnected companies that win tenders in Moscow to repair roads, sidewalks and curbs.
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All summer Moscow - in the ongoing repair: part of the central streets in the pedestrian rework, many change their borders with concrete to granite. "So how has historically been," - he explained Deputy Mayor Pyotr Biryukov capital supervising the work.

Responsible for carrying out the main part of the works of repair of sidewalks and curbs replacement is a state budgetary institution (SBD) "Highways", which oversees Biryukov. SBD was founded in 2011 on the basis of several Moscow structures involved in the maintenance and repair of roads. Annually SBD conducts the procurement of goods and services by around 14 bln., Most of which goes to two dozens of lesser-known companies. How is the market?

Carved in granite

In July 2015 the city authorities have announced two tenders for the purchase of 343 km of granite curbs totaling more than 970 million rubles. Such a large order of granite interested many manufacturers. However, in early August, it became clear that the winner of both tenders was the little-known company in the market, "K-Holding", a member of the group interactionrelated companies, winning almost a third of the tenders GBU "Highways".

The sole owner of "K-Holding", according to SPARK-Interfax, is Igor Zimin. On February 26, 2015 Zimin also owns 40% of another major contractor of the city authorities - OOO "Road groups." In particular, in May 2015. "Road Group" has won the tender for the repair and replacement of curbs sidewalks on main streets of Moscow in the amount of RUB 925.6 million., As well as a tender for 159.5 million rubles., Including the improvement of Malaya Nikitskaya street, where including expected to replace concrete curbs on the granite.

The company "Road Group" was registered in April 2010. Almost immediately, she began to receive large contracts. When in 2010 she was able to repair about 50 thousand sq. M. m Moscow roads, in 2011 the volume of work increased three times - up to 150 thousand sq. m. m. Moreover, in the summer of 2011 during a large-scale campaign for laying paving slabs on city streets it became clear that the "Road Group" has become the largest contractor for the replacement of asphalt on the tiles, winning a contract to RUB 522.6 million. Then uchpart in the competition could not take many large companies due to the requirements for potential winners: Each tenderer had to get agreement on laying tile in the capital's streets in the Federal Guard Service, says the lawyer of the Fund to combat corruption Love Sable.

In addition Zimin 40% "Road Group" owns the former head of department overhaul SUE "Dorinvest" (SBD "Highways" was created, including on the basis of "Dorinvest") Anton Oleshuk, another 20% control of the general director of the company "Magistral project" Dmitry Usoltsev. Zimin became a co-owner of "Road Group" February 26, 2015, when the composition of the company's owners came Mikhail Nesterov, Alexey Menshov and Alexei Yeliseyev. Also Eliseev owned a 40 percent stake in the said company "Magistral Project," which is also actively involved in trading SBD (share Alexei Yeliseyev in "Highway Project" has passed a certain Andrey Eliseev, affinity two Eliseev has not been documented).

In early 2015 Alex Eliseev was appointed deputy head of the "Automotiveroads. " Two sources RBC in road construction companies in Moscow RBC confirmed that Alexey Eliseev from the "Road Group" and GBU - one and the same person.

Turning to the civil service, Yeliseyev became a member of the competition committee on tenders in which it participated familiar company. In particular, he was a member of the tender committee of the tender for the repair of sidewalks, which won the "Road Group", offering to perform work for RUB 925.6 million. Secretary of "Highway" has refused to join the correspondent RBC Eliseev, advising to contact the press service. At the time of publication, RBC has not received answers from the Department of Housing and Public Works of Moscow, which is subordinated to the SBD.

Competitors "K-Holding" at auction for the supply of paving slabs were of "RADOR M" and "Road materials and technology." The main owner is the last Natalia Kormich, received an individual taxpayer identification number (TIN) in the Stavropol region. 100% "RADOR M" belongs to another owner Stavropol Inn - Victor Polyakov, who in 2014 would alsol CEO of the company "Road materials and technology." In 2014-2015, the two companies have won GBU "Highways" contracts totaling more than 3.6 billion rubles.

In February 2015, among the co-founders of "Road Group" came Mikhail Nesterov Alexey Menshov, which together with the owner of "RADOR M" and former general director of "Road materials and technologies" Viktor Polyakov also have a joint business - LLC "Rentador M-5" ( core business - utility vehicle rentals with driver).

could not be reached Nesterov and Menshov. Office Telephone Company "K-Holding", "Road Group", "Highway Project" is not responding. An employee of the company "K-Holding", available on his mobile phone and asked to call back later and did not pick up more. CEO and owner of the company "M RADOR" Polyakov refused to comment. He declined to comment, and the general director of "K-Holding" Sergei Kizilov.

From a legal point of view, a former businessman, who after passing the civil service has sold a business, can be a memberm competition committee. But potential conflicts of interest should be declared in a specially created commission and monitored by them, says an expert on public procurement organization "Business Russia" George Suhadolsky. "When we talk about corruption, such stories are suspect. But there are situations when the officials who have to carry out responsible work, understand that this company has the necessary capacity and will be able to accurately execute the order, and prefers the company in which he is sure "- he explains.

Purchase of granite curbs are not limited to two tenders to 970 million rbl., The winner of which was the "K-Holding". Part of granite curbs are purchased through tenders for the complex reconstruction of streets that conduct other businesses City Hall - MAS 'management overhaul "(vyletnyh line) and CCU for capital repairs of apartment buildings" Ukris "(work to expand the pedestrian zone in the center of Moscow).

"Overhaul of management" in 2015, plans to replace the 179.9 km of concrete curbs on the granite, and "Ukriwith "- 58.7 km. According to estimates of several tenders, the average cost of dismantling concrete curbs and installation of granite is about 445 thousand. Rub. 1 km, excluding materials. Thus, replacement of curbs would cost the city budget of at least 1.5 billion rubles.

The road network

During the reign of Sergei Sobyanin market roadwork contractors in Moscow has changed almost completely. "If Luzhkov were about 100 road companies, now there are no more than ten in Moscow. Sales benefit the same company, in connection with which the smaller players just cleaned up the market ", - says RBC source in one of the road capital companies. Two respondents RBC manager of road companies previously engaged in work in Moscow, argue that the recent "Road Group" and close to her company to win major tenders for improvement of streets, road marking and laying curb. "We have 20 years of working on the market, making a big decline and then to find fault with us and say that we are properly issued documents. We just bortanuli "- Outraged the head of one of the companies recently took part in one of the tenders GBU "Highways".

Since the beginning of 2015 SBD "Highways" has conducted the procurement of goods and services (excluding contracts for equipment leasing from "Sberbank Capital") in the amount of more than 14.8 billion rubles. Group of related companies, including "RADOR M", "Road Group" and others (. See infographic), during this period won almost a third of the contracts organization - more than 4.9 billion rubles. The remaining tenders was divided between two dozen companies, most of which has only one owner, whose names are not known to representatives of major road construction holdings.

One such company - "Sitistroyservis" - in 2015, won the tender for the repair of asphalt and pavements in Moscow at 1.42 billion rubles. Before "Sitistroyservis" was a small construction company in the Kaliningrad region, but in 2012 the company became the sole owner of the Muscovite Denis Galagan. Within a year after the transaction "Sitistroyservis" won several contracts for Ozpresumably, to changes gardens and construction of skate parks, totaling nearly 3 billion rubles. by SUE "Moszelenhoz" (also subject to complex urban economy of Moscow, who oversees Pyotr Biryukov), and in 2015 the company has started road repairs, which was not done before. Representatives of the road sector, RBC surveyed, say that have never heard of a businessman Galaganov. The only phone number specified in the registration data of the company, "temporarily not available." According to SPARK-Interfax, Galagan is the founder of "Dealsa" (business center on Zolotorozhsky Val), the CEO of this company has Alexander Turcan, the only owner of the company "Charter", which in 2013 won a 15-year contracts for garbage disposal in the East and Northeastern districts of the capital totaling 42.6 billion rubles.

Purchases "Highway" and previously attracted public attention. In May 2015 Putin activists of the Popular Front (ONF) drew attention to two of the tender for the purchase of paint for road marking. Under the terms of the contest winner musts were put in the capital of more than 20 thousand. tonnes of paint within 48 hours after conclusion of the contract.

"To transport this amount of paint you will need 48 hours a thousand trucks, convoy length should be not less than 15 kilometers," - calculated by representatives of the ONF. Alexey Eliseev then said "Kommersant" that the two purchases fully comply with the legislation and were approved by the interdepartmental working group, which includes not only the capital officials, but also representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service. The tender was awarded the company "Road materials and technologies" (put paint to 890.4 million rubles.) And all the same "RADOR M" (855.6 million rubles.). Despite the claims, GBU not cancel the procurement. "Internal conclusions made in the Moscow government, but publicly they are not claimed. We are working on amendments to the legislation to prevent the tendering with the shortest delivery times, because these requirements are prepared under the pocket fake companies and do not provide the opportunity to participate in tenders normal market players, "- said the head of RBC ONF & laqu projecto; For fair procurement "Anton Guetta.

Moscow is actively laying of curbs. In April, the Vice-Mayor for Housing Pyotr Biryukov said that for three years curbs will be replaced with new ones in Moscow. "Over the past 20-plus years, we have borders in the city almost did not change, so this unsightly condition even if the asphalt were renovated and sidewalks, and roads," - said the official. He added that within the Garden Ring to replace granite curbs - "as it was historically," and outside set new concrete. However, later Biryukov said that the talk of replacing the entire border is wrong. "We repair, we just change the border, which is broken, broken down, came into disrepair. A good curb - regardless of whether it is concrete or granite, it is, "- said Biryukov.

Nag and nag

Terms of the short delivery time were in tenders for the supply of granite curbs. According to the task "K-Holding" will have to put 343 km curbs within 25 days. Most of the major companies involved in the supply of cNita, for this reason refused to participate in the tender. "Given the volume and the logistics in the Urals this order can be made at least 90 days or had to be pre-cut produce and granite," - says a representative of one of the major companies are considering the possibility of participation in the tender. "Apparently," K-Holding ", won the tender, scattered order by region, - says CEO" Granite Russian "Andrei Grishin. - I know that Moscow stone processing plant performs part of the order, many small companies are also in the Urals are now working exclusively on this order. " Nevertheless napilit 343 km of the border for a short time, the company can not, according to Grishin: "Even if ten companies will be cut by 3 thousand linear meters per month, they sawed only 30 thousand meters of the border, but not 300 thousand...."

This is confirmed by the owners of granite quarries, performing order. CEO South Sultaevskogo career in the Chelyabinsk region (according to the instructions of the Tender of the curb must be made of this quarry materials) Yuri told Kachkovskii PBC, which is already in full "sawing granite," but put the necessary amount of raw material for the 58 km of the border for 25 days, the company can not. "So that we can put these volumes, it was necessary to make the order in the last year - explains Kachkovskii.

RBC, examining tenders GBU "Highways" in 2015, found that short delivery times are often an organization uses to justify "purchases from a single supplier." "This procedure is used when the supplier of the goods or services are no clear alternatives, for example, in the case of natural monopolies," - explains the uniqueness of such a procurement expert "Business Russia" George Suhadolsky.

In May GBU refused to tender to the actualization of road marking and installation of road signs on the streets of Moscow worth 89.5 million rubles. The explanation states that purchase from a single supplier is required "in connection with tight deadlines get the result" - to complete the task was given to a total of five days. Contractor works was already mentioned company "Magistral Project" (part of the chain of interconnected companies, which was written above), which for five days in 1225 examined the objects and has developed a new circuit layout and installation of signs for them.

A similar thing happened with the tender for adjustment of design estimates for landscaping of the park 70th anniversary of Victory in New Cheryomushki worth 10.2 million rubles. Manual "Highway" abandoned competitions, referring to the item "On Public Procurement" law, allowing to carry out the purchase of a single supplier "as a result of an accident and other emergency situations of natural or man-made disasters, force majeure." The documentation for the contract is a more detailed explanation of the force majeure - an information letter from the Vice-Mayor Pyotr Biryukov capital. The contract gained again LLC "Magistral project".

* * *

The Housing Department could not provide comment for notes within a few days. A source in the mayor's office said that the replacement of curbs -. "This is the will of Muscovites" In May 2015 the city government through the application "Ative citizen "conducted a survey about the improvement of the streets in the center of Moscow. More than 74% of the project participants voted for granite curbs, and about 1-2% said that "it should solve the experts," a source explained.