RBC investigation: who earns on the reconstruction of Moscow

Moscow authorities have spent on the repair of streets more than 20 billion rubles in 2015, and will invest more than 105 billion rubles in the next three years. RBC found out, who and how had carved up that budget.
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This article continues the investigation of RBC: Who earns on repair of roads in Moscow, dedicated to major infrastructure projects financed from the budget of Moscow.

At the intersection of Warsaw highway from the street Podolsk cadets in late summer in full swing work. Migrant workers in orange vests changed, seemingly, new curbs and lawns on even more new ones. While engaged in the road, immediately rolled up in rolls with a new turf grass withered in the sun - in the end, when he rolled on the slopes of the tunnel appeared smooth patches of withered grass. They changed again and returned to the curbs. About a month drivers looked at it from a cork, which has stood at the crossroads due to repairs.

In the summer of 2015 this could be seen throughout Moscow.

Under the "My Street" by more than 50 streets and avenues of the city expanded sidewalks, repairing the facades of buildings, carried out the bike route, change the lighting, removing the wires from the pole to the underground collectors installed bins and "small architectural forms". In 2015, on "my street" capital budget, according to RBC's estimates, it has allocated more than 21 billion rubles. (the next three years - more than 105 billion rubles)..

This is almost 3 billion rubles. most of the annual budget of one of the most comfortable megacities Russia - Kazan. "We have tried to make sure that the maximum number of people enjoyed a comfortable space", - he explained the problem of "My Street" Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. RBC learned who earn on the capital improvement of streets.

"Nowhere in the world there is no such"

The idea of ​​creating a single accomplishment of the plan of the streets of Moscow arose in mid-2014. Contractor program, dubbed "My Street" has become a complex urban economy of the Moscow government, which is headed by the Vice-Mayor Pyotr Biryukov. Responsible for it became part of the Office Biryukova overhaul of Department (JKR).

According to the City Hall, this summer has been landscaped over 100 km of urban highways. Works planned to be completed in August, but later the mayor of Moscow postponed the date on which the City Day (the first Saturday of September). However, in late September, work on many projects still in progress.Landscaping Dolgorukovskaya streets and Frunze Embankment was completed on 20 September. However, convinced RBC Correspondent, September 20 at these sites is only the preparation for the construction of an underground reservoir. The situation is similar in the Khamovniki Val (according to the state contract completion time - September 20) and Lyusinovskaya street (4 September).

"Of course, we had a little patience, but in the end Muscovites got a truly well-groomed streets. Nowhere in the world this is not - we are talking about it with pride ", - quotes site Biryukova Moscow City Hall.

Most of the streets have been repaired this summer, we have reconstructed a few years ago. For example, vyletnyh highway, got into the program "My Street" - Warsaw, Kashirskoye, Leningrad and Yaroslavl highway - in 2012-2014 were completely renovated building complex of Moscow. For example, the reconstruction of the Yaroslavl highway Moscow then spent 8 billion rubles. In addition to the construction of flyovers then repaired sidewalks, change bus stops, benches and urns. after twoan ode to the city for 651 million rubles. Yaroslavl again changed to asphalt and concrete curbs to be placed more than 18 thousand square meters. m paving slabs, installed 48 boxes and 42 benches. "Given the place names of the area, suggested an appropriate design code. Small architectural forms with the stylistics of the Russian North ... On a dedicated lawn area provides an art object, stylistically characterizes the whole area ", - said in a memorandum to the project. Square between the Yaroslavl highway and the railway station Losinoostrovskaya planned to decorate the "art object" Yurt ". RBC Correspondent, visited the site, the yurt is not found.

Originally it was planned that the Yaroslavl highway will be the first reconstructed this summer vyletnyh highways, the opening of which will come Sobyanin, however, when the building began to linger, it became clear that the mayor will open another object, the installation of the yurt abandoned, said RBC's official city government.

The streets in the center of Moscow a large-scale improvement is also conducted four years ago - in the summer of 2011. Then Moscow SpendTila almost 3.7 billion rubles. 1.1 million square styling. m paving slabs. The term of tile life - 25-30 years versus 6-7 years, asphalt, claimed the then head of the Department of Housing Andrew Tsybin. According to RBC estimates, in 2015 the program "My Street" city authorities placed 898.5 thousand square meters. m, of which a part of the same street, where four years ago put the tiles. The representative of the VDCs in a written reply RBC argues that lifting the tile was re-used at other sites ", or transported to storage for later use." However, according to estimates for the previous coating must be dismantled and transported to the landfill or crushing complexes, transportation old tiles on other objects are not available.

Repeated replacement of tiles was made at the request of the Muscovites, says the answer JKR: "The list of streets, arrange well in 2015, was determined by the citizens of voting results in the project" Active Citizen ".

1200 meters for the residential districts

Along with street landscaping Municipality launched a program "of 1200 meters from the metro station" total cost bolie 1.4 billion rubles. The task - "to increase pedestrian accessibility metro stations", in particular, changed the asphalt on the tracks in the direction of the subway, pedestrian crossings equipped with modern conveniences.

many companies involved in the program "My Street" Among the performers. The largest contractor for both programs was the company "Special Construction", which won the program "1200 meters" 11 tenders worth a total of RUB 353.9 million.

Suspiciously active citizen

The phrase "by a vote of the citizens," six times in the written replies to the questions of department overhaul RBC.

The mobile application "Active Citizen" actually vote on the improvement of streets Bolshaya and Malaya Bronnaya, Spiridonovka and Little Nikita: residents can select items and landscaping, solve, paved streets or put the tile, and select the material curbs. The voting results were published on 2 June.

The tender for the design of the Small and Large Armor won by "BaltikStroyKompani" (SBR), closethe youngest son of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, Russia - Igor (more about Igor Seagulls business - in the investigation of RBC). Under the state contract, the projects should be carried out and pass the examination is still two months before the end of voting in the "active citizen" - to 6 April. A contract to repair itself Bolshaya Bronnaya been concluded on the day of vote counting - on 2 June.

LSC representative left without comment the question of how to account for the voting results two months after the completion of the project. Ivory Coast failed to contact companies. "We were just lucky that the choice of the citizens and planners fully coincided" - responds Dmitry Kudryakov, CEO "Eurodom" won the contract for the improvement of Bolshaya Bronnaya.

At the same time City Hall has decided to connect to the "My Street" expert urbanists. In January, a tender for the development of "documents that define approaches to the improvement of the streets," won the division Media Institute, Architecture and Design "Arrow" (the main owner - billionaire Alexander Mamut), was asked to write, etc.project for 922 million rubles. However, urbanists development could not be applied in this year, because the "Arrow" started its work in the spring of 2015, when "My Street" has already started to be designed. LSC representative promised that in the following projects urbanists suggestions will be considered, but priority will be "the opinion of citizens."

RBC studied all the auctions of municipal economy Complex under the "My Street". Of the 31 played out lots 22 winners have offered an initial decrease in prices in the range of 5,26-5,82% (see. Infographic). Of these, eight winners have offered the same reduction of 5.2631%. In the five winners of the tenders offered a decrease of 5.82%, another four auctions have been played with a decrease of 5.60 and 5.37%. "Officials privately say that the tender was normal, if achieved a reduction from the original price by more than 5%. A situation where different companies are winning with the same reduction, does not violate the law, but it is very suspicious, "- says an expert on public procurement of" Business Russia "George Suhadolsky. City Hall did not comment on this situation.

Bation Capital

"I do not know where there is a dog and who feeds it. The main thing that crocodiles are not crawled. I have written that "Spetsstroy" sitting there! "- Shouted the watchman told RBC studio Graphic Artists Association" Moscow print "on Vavilov Street.

Behind the closed door of the room where a dog barked, and the phone rang, the office should be the largest contractor "My Street" - LLC "Spetsstroy" (not related to the "Special Construction of Russia" federal agency).

"Spetsstroy" won several tenders VDCs in the amount of 4.14 billion rubles. - Repair of the Leningrad prospectus and highways, as well as Kashirki. Within a few weeks RBC unsuccessfully tried to call "Spetsstroy" the telephone number listed in the information and tender documents of City Hall. A visit to the office, too, gave nothing. LSC representative said RBC that "interacts with the contractor" on the same phone number, and "by writing official letters to the address of their location." "In need of an urgent notice a contractor a letter sent by e-mailtrons mail "- said in a written reply to the LSC.

"Spetsstroy" was registered in 2003 by Gennady Pak. "The staff of the company consists of highly qualified professionals with practical experience in the construction of hydropower plants in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan", - commented on the company's website (currently only available in the cache "Yandex"). Revenue "Spetsstroy" in 2014 -. 30.3 million rubles, net loss - 1.2 million rubles. First, he had no experience of participation in public procurement, but since the beginning of 2015 won 23 tender trees and shrubs of almost 4.7 billion rubles., Becoming the largest contractor programs "1200 meters around subway stations" (see. Help) and "My Street". A few days after the conclusion of a major contract for the improvement of the Leningrad prospectus (the sum of 1.9 billion rubles.) And the Leningrad highway (1,3 bln.), The new owner of "Spetsstroy" became a Muscovite Anton Bazanov. In the social network LinkedIn man with the same name have to be working in the project, deputy head developer Capital Group (Construction Holding Capital Group is controlled by businessmen Vladislav Doronin, EdwardBerman and Paul Te, financial companies were not disclosed parameters).

Bazanov acquainted with RBC written questions, but did not respond to them. Press Service Capital Group declined to confirm whether the owner and CEO of "Spetsstroy" employee of the company. failed to communicate with Puck. The Capital Group declined to comment on any of its cooperation with the Municipality program "My Street".

The largest tender trees and shrubs, which won the "Special Construction 'competition it was the same near Moscow OOO" Story Tweek. " The company also previously had very little experience of participation in competitions of the Moscow government and the bid for all of the year gave way to win "Spetsstroy". It is known that the "Story Tweek" building apartment complex in Moscow's Novokosino on the order of "Tehnoaviaalyans". According to SPARC, 50% "Tehnoaviaalyansa" controls the co-owner of Capital Group, Paul Cho.

With the receipt of a contract for construction of apartments for the Capital Group in "Tweek Story" also has a new co-owner. According to SPARC, 50% of the company from July 2014 belongingt Igor Cherdyntseva. He also owns a 33-percent shares in the company "Gulf Stream-2000" and "Lavinia", where his partners are Paul and Dmitry Cho. The latter was known as the co-owner of "TCL Group". This company and the related company "Zelenhoz" in 2012-2013 benefited from the complex urban Moscow tenders for landscaping of the capital in the amount of more than 6.4 billion rubles. "Izvestia" newspaper first assumed that Paul and Dmitry Tё - relatives. Paul spokesman Cho Dinara Lizunova declined to comment on this information to RBC.

In early October, the Moscow government announced its decision to purchase from Capital Group of 30 thousand square meters. m of office space to accommodate their employees in a newly built skyscraper "Eye" in the area "Moscow City".

Son of Peter Biryukov, Alexander began his career in the Capital Group, the website of the "Kommersant". A daughter of a Moscow official Irina Biryukova, along with a certain Olga Cho, who worked in the structures of Dmitry Tё, owned by "Teskla". In a relationship consist Olga and Paul Cho, in the Capital Group declined to comment.

only ifthe coincidences connecting the main bidders DKR with relatives of vice-mayor?

Fathers and sons, brothers and nephews

The study of the tenders showed that in a competition for the improvement of the Warsaw Highway, Big Tula, Serpukhov Lyusinovskaya and Grand streets participated companies, which may be associated with family Biryukova.

The contract for the improvement of the Warsaw highway cost 1.67 billion rubles. I got "SK Union." Recorded in late 2012, the company is already in a few months start to win the mayor's office tenders. For three years she has signed contracts worth more than 2.3 billion rubles. CEO and sole owner of the company is listed Denis Santa.

Permanent competitor "SK Union" on tenders is LLC "Alliance". Both companies are registered at the same address: Warsaw highway, 104 CEO and owner of the "Alliance" is Vadim Samylovskih. Found him and grandfathers on the telephone number listed in the registration of these companies failed.

In 2011-2015 "Alliance" won against companies belonging to the Complexorodskogo Moscow economy, tenders for 5.69 billion rubles. He was known as "USL Alliance" until 2013. In Moscow, reported another 14 companies with this abbreviation in the title, three of them until 2010 belonged to the younger brother of vice-mayor Alexey Biryukov. Abbreviation USL stands for "UniversStroyLyuks" - is the name of the parent company carried Stroyholding Alexey Biryukov (up to 2011 he owned 100% "UniversStroyLyuks", then the company filed for bankruptcy). In 2010-2011, the post of "UniversStroyLyuks" chief engineer held a current owner of the "Alliance" Vadim Samylovskih. Until 2010, the same year he, together with Evgeny Biryukov, whom the media called the nephew of Peter Biryukov, owned by LLC "EMU". Under the "My Street", "EMU" won the tender for landscaping and Lyusinovskaya Grand Serpukhov street value of 375 million rubles.

The tender for landscaping Big Tula worth 146.6 million rubles. "Avtodorstroy" won the company. During 2012-2015, the company won the enterprises complex urban requirements of more than 1.3 billion rubles. Gendirektorus, and the owner of "Avtodorstroya", established in late 2012, appears a native of Stavropol region, Igor Hurchenko. In 2014, it was not possible to contact prosecutors Northern District of Moscow, who checked the proper spending of budget funds by the contractor. Hurchenko within the prescribed period has not provided the documents the prosecutor's office, for which he was fined by the world court of the metropolitan area Konkovo. In the materials of the court referred to that inquiry in the company "Avtodorstroy" was sent by fax 8-499-794-17-97. According to the register, the same phone number in the "Alliance" and "UK Union". Hurchenko RBC correspondent said that the phone is "Avtodorstroy" does not belong. He had heard about the "UK Union", which is equipped with modern amenities nearby with its object Warsaw highway, but companies are unrelated, says Hurchenko.

The "Insurance Union", "EMU" and "Avtodorstroya" there is one thing in common - all three of them served in a small bank "City" (163 th place in terms of assets). The central office of the bank is located in a four-storey business center near the metro station "Auto Stationfactory. " In the same address registered "UniversStroyLyuks" Holding Company Alexey Biryukov and LLC "Venta" Irina Biryukova (cm. Incision).

Trucks, Supermarkets, land

Pyotr Biryukov often says he knows a little bit about the business family. "I have no patronage to anyone not making, and will not be. I like to communicate with your family and stick to the principle: we never talk about business ... By the way, Biryukov - the fourth most common surname in Moscow ", - he said in the summer of 2014 in an interview with the newspaper" Vedomosti ".

According to SPARC, the daughter of the vice-mayor Irina Biryukova, along with 28-year-old Yekaterina Biryukova owned by LLC "Venta" (revenues in 2014 - 717.5 million rubles, net profit -. 211 800 000 rub.), Which leases trucks with driver. The main customers of "Venta" - urban enterprises, subordinated father Biryukova. In 2013, the GBU "Highways" and GBU "Gormost" benefited "Venta" services to 141.1 million rubles., In 2014 the volume of services decreased to 75.2 million rubles.

Irina and Ekaterina Biryukov, according toSPARK also owns 8.5% stake in the development company "Garant-Invest", which owns a chain of supermarkets "My shop" and seven shopping centers in the North (SAO) and South (SAD) districts of the capital: "Gallery Airport", "Moscow River" "Prague Castle" and others. Permits for the construction of shopping centers "Garant-Invest" received at a time when Peter Biryukov headed North, and then the SAD. Also, Irina and Ekaterina Biryukova own 4.92% of the bank "Garant-Invest" (ranked 201 th in terms of assets). The bank documents mention that both have a common relative.

In addition, Irina Biryukova was the sole owner of OOO "Stop Service", who owned part of the shopping center "Children's Gallery" Yakimanka ". In October 2014, Vice-President of the "Itera" Alexander Udodov bought the building from Biryukova, and the rest of the object - the company "Children's World." The transaction amount Udodova with "Children's World." - 1.44 billion rubles, the amount of the transaction was not disclosed to Biryukova. Irina Biryukova, finally had a common business with Olga Cho, who worked in the pageKeturah Dmitry Tё "TCL Group" and "Zelenhoz" who in 2011-2013 to win major contracts for landscaping Moscow. Biryukova and Cho were co-owners of "Teskla", which received land for the construction of a shopping center near the metro station "Ulitsa Akademika Yangelya" in 2007.

Since 2013, the son of the vice-mayor Alexander Biryukov, head of OOO "Spetsstroy XXI», which performed the subcontracting in the construction of shopping center "European" and "Hudson" and improvement of the park "Tsarina" (the general contractor of works in the park was a company "UniversStroyLyuks" younger brother Peter Alexey Biryukov). Phones Ltd. "Spetsstroy XXI» Alexander Biryukov consistent with phones "Venta" Irina Biryukova.

The builders, security guards and restaurateurs

Repair Butcher, Ryazan Avenue, Karetnogo Series and Frunze Embankment company engaged in "Spetsstroymontazh". In 2011-2015 it received more than 6.5 billion rubles under contracts with municipal services complex. - Repaired houses, changed the elevators, built transport interchangeie nodes. According to SPARC, in February 2012 the sole owner of "Spetsstroymontazh" was Maxim Gromov. Since the beginning of 2015 he has served as Director of Construction holding company "Cascade", included in the group of companies "Tashir" billionaire Samvel Karapetyan (26 th place in the ranking of the richest Russian businessmen: Forbes estimates his fortune at $ 4 billion). In the "Cascade" website has posted news about the company's participation in the reconstruction of Butcher Street and the Ryazan prospectus (after RBC questions page has been deleted). The representative of the group "Tashir" Zara Adzhemyan promised to comment on the company's participation in the program "My Street", but after receiving the questions, declined to comment. Nevertheless, the next day after receipt of the issues in the Unified changed owner "Spetsstroymontazh" instead Gromov became the new owner Victor Kotelnikov, former head of a number of private security companies registered at "Tashir" headquarters.

"Spetsstroymontazh" - not the only company, perhaps related to "Tashir", in the program"My street". Ltd. "Cascade-Energo", officially entering into the Karapetyan group received 173.8 million rubles. for design work on the improvement of Leningrad, Rublevskoe, Yaroslavl highway, Triumph Square, and other objects.

Two tenders - for the improvement of Novoslobodskaya Street and the area around the Novodevichy Convent (. 1.028 billion rubles) was won by "Clean City". Its sole owner is listed Sergey Prussia - a business partner of the famous Moscow restaurateur Alexander Dvorkin (owned restaurant "Ermak" in Krylatskoye, one of the owners who is now Zurab Tsereteli). Dworkin, in turn, - the partner Igor Cheremskogo, the sole owner of the company MSK-HT, which in 2013 and 2014 won the two 15-year tender for the export of household waste from the South-East of Moscow and Zelenograd districts (by 21.4 billion rubles. ).

Finally, the general director of "Clean City" Mikhail Trunin previously headed the company "Experience service", which controlled the Cheremskoy. He also led the company "Basis Group", which in 2014-2015 payoffslo tenders Complex Moscow city economy in the amount of 1.16 billion rubles. The only founder of the company was Sergei Prussia, but with May 2014 it belongs to Mikhail Malyutin, which is parallel to the head of OOO "Restinvest", owned by the same Dvorkin and structures Cheremskogo.

Wells, benches and urns

Earn on the program "My Street" could not only contractors, but also manufacturers of concrete materials.

According to RBC estimates, more than 80% of paving slabs for "My Street" put one company - "BECAM". At the same time, according to RBC estimates, paving slabs were supplied in the amount of not less than 537 million rubles. (It is estimated that the cost of the tiles -.. From 627 to 1026 rubles per 1 sq m, RBC held on the basis of the lower limit).

Revenue "BECAM" in 2014 - 1.08 billion rubles, net profit -. All 255 thousand rubles.. The sole owner of the company is listed Muscovite Galina Kovaleva and director - American businessman Alex Geller. failed to communicate with both.

The label paving "BECAM" tiles, packaging which RBC correspondent saw on atitsah, the address "Gothic" factory site. It is noted that the company is part of the concern "Krost" - a large construction company in Moscow. Group Owner - Alex Dobashin that during the presidential elections in Russia and the mayor of Moscow was a confidant of Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sobyanin. The representative of the "Crosta" has confirmed that the "Gothic" is a member of the group, but in the last month have not found the time to answer questions RBC to participate in the program "My Street" (on the other suppliers for the repair of the Moscow streets and sidewalks read Investigation RBC: who earns on Moscow roads repaired).

After examining the estimates of the program "My Street" projects RBC found that the documents listed not only the type and description of materials that contractors should buy, but also articles of specific manufacturers, brands, and in some cases even a contact phone providers.

For example, the documentation for the repair Warsaw and Kashira Highway, Great streets Serpukhovskaya Dolgorukovskaya and stated that the contractor must purchase a "well, ZAO"PC NIS" MCC-1000. " If the "MCC-1000" is the type well, the company's name refers to a specific manufacturer. The estimates on Bolshaya Bronnaya, Nikitskaya, Khamovnichesky Val Luzhnetskaya travel, Novodevichy promenade and Petrovsky Pereulok does not provide specific vendors well, but said that it should be the brand PRAdest - a registered trademark of JSC "PC NIS". According to SPARC, "PC NIS", recorded in 2013, owned by businessman Sergey Nosenko.

Most of the street poles and lighting devices according to the estimates had put the enterprises entering into holding "Boos Lighting Group", owned by the former governor of the Kaliningrad region, an ally of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov Georgy Boos. In the description of the equipment for children's playgrounds are often found articles production Moscow "production company" Leader "(sole owner, according to SPARK, Evgeny Andreev). Also in the estimates given street lights and watch manufacturing companies, affiliated with the St. Petersburg holding "ArhiMet" lavachki and urns brand Punto Design from Kostroma company "Alyudeko-K."

"Specific brands and manufacturers can not be included without the Registry" equivalent ", and is a violation of the restriction of competition. The requirements should be set for the properties, quality and quantity, but not the brand goods ", - says the lawyer of the Fund to combat corruption Love Sable.

"Project documentation is part of the tender documents defining the technical characteristics of the goods to be applied in the production of works. Bidder determines suppliers and manufacturers, the relevant specifications ", - said the representative of RBC VDCs, ignoring the question about the reasons for making specific brands and products in your documents.

The meetings of staff on the program "My Street", which is chaired by the Vice-Mayor Biryukov, in addition to contractors, suppliers of materials present, told RBC three participants. "Materials, even the simplest, can be purchased only by those to whom you decreevayut ", - says manager of the company, taking part in the program. LSC representative explains the presence of suppliers in the meetings, the need to "clarify the timing and volume of deliveries for the organization of the production process works."

* * *

there is a company "Ugor" in Tobolsk, Tyumen Region. Once she started to cooperate with the Government of Moscow, supplying equipment for bicycle parking. Now, in the estimates of the program "My Street" appeared articles and other products of the company - benches "Classic 3", "Modern-1" and "Diva" flower girls "Tycoon" and "poetry." Also, "Ugor" will become the largest supplier of urns for Moscow - Articles articles "Rhythm-1 'Set the majority of estimates" my street ". RBC was unable to talk to the owner, "Ugor" Tobolsk City Duma deputy Yuri Ronzhin. In the "My Street '90s he worked in Kogalym, who was then mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, told RBC participant. RBC source in the Moscow mayor's office and heard the long-standing acquaintance with the mayor entrepreneur. "Moscow Mayor not uchexists in tendering procedures ", - he wrote RBC representative of the Department of capital repairs in Moscow.