RBC investigation: who settled near the presidential residence in Valdai

Many people from the Putin's antuourage have settled next to the state residence on Lake Valdai in recent years. RBC found out who owns the land in Valdai and who neighbours the President there.
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Between St. Petersburg and Moscow

State Residence "Dinner" (with the accent on the second syllable) in the Novgorod region, many mistakenly referred to Joseph Stalin's dacha. In fact, it was built in the early 1980s to Leonid Brezhnev, and there are at Valdai often became only the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Dachas located on a peninsula between Lake and Lake Valdai dinner, Yeltsin liked to fish there, says the former head of the Presidential Security Service Alexander Korzhakov.

Then the residence was a two-storey brick house with an area, according to Korzhakov, "about 1500 square meters. m '. Besides PPC, the marina and helipad, other buildings were not. Security Yeltsin lived in cottages holiday home nearby "Valdai". Even under the first President to the territory of the garden moved the earth "Cosmos" and boarding house "Riviera" children's camp, says a resident of the nearby village of Long Beards. When the new president, he said, along the coast, around the perimeter of the peninsula built a metal fence with cameras. Then began a large construction thatIt does not stop now.

Putin repeatedly "visited the facility" as early as the 1990s, when President zamupravlyayuschego affairs (in 1996-1997), according to a former employee of property administration of President (UDP). But when he became president, I have not forgotten about this place. In August 2000, according to the official reports, he had spent a large meeting with the leaders of the northern regions, in 2001, visited the neighboring Iberian monastery, and in January and July 2002, received at Valdai members of the government.

By 2004 Valdai already so popular place that Putin supports the creation of a discussion club of the same name, designed to conduct "an impartial discussion of topical international problems." However, to hold the first meeting of the Valdai failed. "Then there is almost no heating burst in the main building, urgently it was replayed, and we went to another place," - says the first president of the club "Valdai" Sergei Karaganov.

Putin is a frequent guest on the lake, telling local residents already accustomed to the constant noise of helicopters over head. "He's here several times a month there, & mdash; sure resident closest to the government dacha village Roshchino. - When in Egypt, our plane was blown up here in the second half of the day was a real rally, about ten helicopters flew, not less. " The fact that Putin is often at Valdai, confirmed by RBC interviewee familiar with the president's schedule. The members of the helicopter detachment - special guests located next door to the residence of holiday houses "Valdai" (included in the structure of the UFP): for them in the dining room allocated a separate table with a sign.

Behind the fence

Fence with cameras surrounding the entire peninsula, as it turned out, not only surrounds Putin's residence. According to public cadastral map, the whole area is divided into two sections. One of them - 151 hectares - the property of the Russian Federation and the permanent use of the Federal Protection Service (FSO), from the data on the Unified Register of property rights (the Unified State Register), and the second - about 98 hectares - some owned by LLC "Prime" from Saint- Petersburg.

"Prime" is 100% owned by the non-profit Partnership "Support for business initiatives' (PPI), which since November 2004, is given byth SPARK, is in his father's property, and the son of Yuri and Boris Kovalchuk (one of them is the main shareholder of the bank "Russia", the other - the chairman of "Inter RAO" reign). Until 2004, the founder of PIP number of partners Kovalchuk Sr. Victor Myachin (according to "Novaya Gazeta", he is one of the first shareholders of the famous cooperative "Lake" and a former co-owner and head of the bank "Russia"). Needless PPI - the shareholder of "Russian": according to the bank, it belongs to almost 2.5% of the credit institution. Bank in their documents calls participants PPI Yuri Kovalchuk and his spouse Tatiana.

The "Prime" there are some notable subsidiaries. One of them - "Biznesros" - owns the premises in a luxury house on Stone Island in St. Petersburg, where neighbors old friends of President Gennady Timchenko Nikolai Shamalov, Yury Kovalchuk, Arkady Rotenberg. Another "daughter" - "ARKONA" - co-owner of a private ski resort "Igora": according to Reuters sources, here played the wedding of Putin's alleged daughter Katerina Tikhonova and co-owner of "Cdrill "Cyril Shamalov.

As "Prime" was the owner of the land at Valdai - it is unknown. For the first time in December 2003 his right to land here were recorded as follows: Based on these sales contract without a number. Who "Prime" bought the land, in the extract from the Unified State Register is not spoken.

If the land was owned by the state, the decision on its sale could only take in the Kremlin, says RBC interviewee familiar with the implementation of the rules of the State Property. When the funds for the maintenance and development of the object is not enough, why not bring one who has the money, he says.

The representative of the Property Management Department did not respond to an inquiry about the RBC sites at Valdai, since "there is both in the registry of property in respect of which the UDP shall exercise the powers of the owner." Head of Press Relations Center Alexander FSO Risks also refused to provide information on the government dacha and its objects, citing the fact that these data "refer to the information constituting a state secret." "The competence of the president's administration does not include the collection and provision andFor information on transactions with a particular immovable property situated in the territory, "- he replied to the President's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov. "Objects owned by LLC" Prime ", located in the region, acquired in compliance with all requirements of the current legislation", - wrote in response to a request RBC director of "Prime" and PIP Elena Klyavin.

Allergy to birch

Inhabitants and area gosdachi company Kovalchuk, as it turned out, are closely related and may even lead common household.

Open sources of information on the site, which is used by the FSO, a little. From the documents of the "B" control PPL SBP FSO, which is based in the area, only to learn that it has a swimming pool, pontoon fence, garage boxes, a hotel complex with a dining room and a gym, water pumping station and the installation. This year, through the system of public procurement passed the order on bannuyu oven in gray with jade stones and a decorative casing with a total weight 7600 kg and costing 2.3 million rubles. Purchase justified by "providing figuresState Guard of objects, including the provision of outreach activities conducted by the president of the Federal Assembly and the Government. "

But the basic life of the peninsula goes beyond FSO possessions, says one of the locals, pointing to the area of ​​"Prime": after felling the birches behind fences became visible brick walls and a roof. Someone of the regulars are allergic to these trees, planted cedars in their place - make the likeness of the Alps, he says.

Public information on the property "Prime" on the Valdai bit. The site of public procurement is mentioned only helipad rented military unit 66631. But USRR data indicate that belonging to "prime" property leases management Building maintenance in the North-West District Manager of the president. That is, buying land Kovalchuk passed her standing Rent Kremlin.

Among leased objects in open documents are listed: the residence area of ​​3443 square meters. m, indoor ice rink (2,485 sq. m) and one floor bath 1898 sq. m, sauna (805 sq. m), guest house (1096 sq. m) andtwo restaurants (1,146 sq. m and a beer 523 sq. m), two universal sports grounds (706 sq. m and 670 sq. m), a dressing room at the pool for baptism, Russian log hut and sauna at her house beekeeper (200 sq. m), Chinese pavilion, a gazebo and a barbecue pavilion for the simulators, "practice area (driving range)," Golf Course (5,500 sq. m), two landing sites for Mi-8 helicopters, private parking for eight passenger cars, boathouse to the pier, a floating pontoon bridge, hozblok agronomist, and even the church. Term of lease of all objects - up to the end of 2019. What are the terms "daughter" UDP leases this property is unknown.

Questions RBC or "Prime" or Manager of substantially answered. Rental contract LLC "Prime" entered "for public events", and such deals are "a legitimate normal practice, carried out in the framework of implementation of the Administrative Department of the powers", he explained in its reply, the adviser managing the affairs of the President Elena Krylova.

Harvesting birch - not all work at the site of Kovalchuk. Construction is even winteringOperates heavy machinery, riding trucks with building materials, told a few locals. Only in January, according to extracts of the Unified State Register, the "Prime" in the property there were just three automated diesel generator power plants and three transformer stations.

To the south of the peninsula (see. Map) "Prime" rents (up to 2062) more than 58 hectares, belonging to the national park "Valdai". The whole plot is well fenced, and pass it closed. "Previously, there was a nursery, we went to the small tree weed" - says a resident of Roshchino.

"Prime" was the land, defeating the competition Novgorod Federal Property Management Agency in 2013, the annual lease price - 6.5 million rubles. According to the agreement the purpose of use of leased land is "the organization of recreational activities." "There is no large-scale construction there is not conducted, the tenant ennobling the territory, - says Director Viktor Sokolov National Park. - I can not guarantee, but it was assumed that after the completion of access for certain categories of citizensSuch as students, there will be open. " Legally, this park is now the site is not relevant, but the contract with the tenant of the park staff have the right to verify the intended use of the land, emphasizes Sokolov. Chapter Roshchinsky settlement Vladimir Myachin refused to comment on the terms of the lease of the former arboretum.

Middle Beach - inner circle

On the other side of the Supper, opposite land "prime" - Another once popular among tourists area. This recreation "Beach Valdai" near the village of Shuya. In the summer of 2006, the owner of the land has changed, and the base was closed to visitors. The new owner - Moscow LLC "Creative studio" New Look "- explore the territory began only five years later, when the studio itself came under the 100 per cent control of another friend the president - billionaire Arkady Rotenberg.

The plot of the Rothenberg modest than Kovalchuk - just 8.2 hectares. Next - two more adjacent to the ownership of land with total area of ​​about 2 hectares. Their owner, according to the Unified State Register, the number of Cyprus' Does Apofirm partisipeyshnited. " According to SPARC, this company has been in the Russian representative, registered in the village of Shuya Novgorod region (just the site is located here). Representation no longer exists - he was expelled from the registry of business entities, but the trustees' Apofirm "at different times were the former director of" New look "Sergey Melnikov and Irina Elesina (Elesina ceased to lead the company in June 2016).

On inquiry as to whether "Apofirm" associated with Rotenberg and plans to develop a possession, not a representative of a businessman said.

Apparently, the owner of the "new look" at Valdai like as president. Only in April 2016, the company acquired here an additional 2.3 hectares of land in the former recreation "Valdai". The seller was the wife of a large full namesake of the St. Petersburg businessman Igor Minakova.

Yet at least 3.7 hectares of land at the entrance to the residence of Putin - in the property at 100 percent "daughter" SOGAZ insurance company - LLC "Valdai farmstead." There, according to extracts of the Unified State Register, is GOSTEve house of 1080 square meters. m and a few houses on the 131-156 square meters. M. Prior to the announcement in 2014 sanctions list were the co-owners of SOGAZ structure of the bank "Russia" Yuri Kovalchuk, Volga Group Gennady Timchenko, "Gazprom" and the great-nephew of Putin - Mikheil Shelomova. SOGAZ's representative declined to comment in relation to the Valdai property company.

star neighbors

Even the geographical proximity to the head in Russia can play a big role, with time near the residence of Putin and his friends on the sites began to settle Valdai new state elite.

In the village Yascherovo, 15 minutes from the residence on the water "on the motor," once only 20-30 persons have been registered. The most famous local resident was "Lelik" Bortnichuk, rock musician brother Peter Mamonov and co-founder of the group "The Sound of Mu." Now the "first line" - the patrimony of former and current employees of the FSO and property administration. "It is not the people, and the inhabitants of heaven" - describes its neighbors is one of the land owners in Yascherovo. According to him, "they call themselves the Kremlin-3."

Buy land in Yascherovo became more expensive, say local realtors: only a few vacant lots, recently one of them - an area of ​​20 acres - asked 4 million rubles. (At the price of weave in Yascherovo not a luxury place 18-20 thous.).

One of the first (according to the documents available to the RBC) - in 2004 - on the ground right in Valdai received a full namesake of the new head of the National Guard, the former Commander of the Internal Troops, and Chief Security Service of President Viktor Zolotov. In April 2009, the nearest neighbors Zolotova became the namesake of his wife and son, Valentina and Roman (the names of relatives Zolotova opened the magazine The New Times). Now the three of them belong to the main area on the "first line" area of ​​almost 1.5 hectares under the address on Star Street. At the request of RBC or gold, or the Ministry of Interior (from its membership stood out the National Guard under) did not respond, but his declarations for 2014 and 2015 are indicated, at least two sections (him and wife), the area of ​​which coincide with the lands in Yascherovo ( more details about this property Zolotova here).

About his son Zolotov is little known. For example, the media reported that ineredine 2000s Roman Zolotov with Yuri Chechihinym were producers (including their work - series "movers and shakers" and "movers and shakers to be together.", shown in the "First Channel"). According to the "Novaya Gazeta", at least until 2014 Zolotov Jr. held the presidency of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Security" the Russian Interior Ministry, which provides commercial services for protection of property of citizens and organizations.
The tradition of the people of the power to live together has Soviet roots, when the property was not, but the apartments were given to the top, says political analyst Alexei Makarkin. The House on the Embankment statesmen lived under Stalin, when Boris Yeltsin moved into the apartment on Autumn Street, he himself, according to the recollections of Korzhakov, determines who will be his neighbors from among the associates. "With the holiday village is the same. Elite is important to be close to the leadership, to be always on the eyes. Sauceda cottage on harder to dismiss, "- says Makarkin.

Zolotov nearest neighbor in the street the Star in the village near the village Yascherovo - Alex Dyumin, which in February 2016 was appointed Acting Governor of the Tula region.Before that Dyumin made a career from the personal guard of Putin to deputy Sergei Shoigu, the Ministry of Defense. In an interview with "Kommersant", he admitted that indeed long been familiar with the president, and even once saved from a bear Putin. According to the documents, Dyumin joined dacha in Valdai Club in April 2012, immediately after the presidential election. The presence of his land plot of 31 hundred square meters has confirmed in a letter, press officer of the government of Tula region.

Have Dyumina and Zolotov another important neighbor - Alexander Kolpakov, full namesake of the control of the President. In the declaration, the head of the UDP in 2014 (link to it instead of answering questions sent Kolpakova Advisor, Elena Krylova) listed similar area of ​​land, but without specifying the exact location. Kolpakov also comes from the FSO. After military service he worked in the 9th department of the KGB of the USSR, and then headed to the FSO is the management of the "B" the president of the Security Service, which owns the land in Valdai.

Here, surrounded by several high-ranking officers namesakes FSO nearly 40 acres of land owned byNadezhda Ushakova. Full namesake Ushakova - the wife of the ex-adviser Sergei Ushakov president (of the same area of ​​land as at Valdai, was in the final declaration Ushakov in 2011). Ushakov - a descendant of the KGB of the USSR in Leningrad region, where he served since 1975. In 2001-2002, he served as deputy head of the FSB in St. Petersburg and the region, and in 2002-2003 - deputy director of the Federal Security Service, where moved to "Gazprom". There, as deputy chairman, Ushakov headed the security service of the holding, and, according to "Kommersant", he was in charge of communication with senior lobbyists abroad. He also served on the boards of directors of "Gazprom-Media" and led the NPF "Gazfond".

A little farther from the president of the guards of the village was built by the other, and there is also enough officers Stars.

Mini-village area of ​​about 4 hectares in suburban street appeared on a map in 2007, when the former director of the rest home "Valdai" Gennady Kolupaev issued at several sites in a vacant lot near the lake, and then handed the neighbors - the director of the FSO (now former ) Evgeny Murov, ynravlyaetsya Presidential Affairs (now also the former), Vladimir Kozhin, his former deputy Ivan Malyushinu and full namesake director of "Constantine" Fund Gennady Yavnik. All areas indicated in the declarations of civil servants (their identity confirmed by one of the owners of land and property in Yascherovo personally acquainted with senior neighbors). The exception is Yavnik, which is not required to publicly report on their income.

All sites are almost the same area (a little more than 70 acres) with a common fence situated on a hill overlooking the lake. They are five houses in the style of an Alpine chalet. The most spacious, with an area of ​​280 square meters. m, according to the statements USRR - in Kozhin. It is, however, almost four times less than a cottage near Moscow Kremlin's former caretaker.

Kozhin 2014 - Assistant to the President on issues of military-technical cooperation. A press Malyushina recalled recently - he was mentioned in the publication of "Novaya Gazeta" as the sole beneficiary of the Panamanian Anttrin Services Corp., which, according to the publication, has been eliminated from the three-week opozdaniem after the ban on ownership of offshore companies.

Fund "Constantine", which is headed by Gennady Yavnik fifth neighbor, was established in 2001 to raise funds for the restoration of the Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna near St. Petersburg. In 2001, the palace with its surrounding lands came into the UDP structure as the "Palais des Congrès", and became the seat of government, and in 2003 was opened after restoration. According to the site "Constantine", the Fund has been involved in the restoration and Iversky Monastery (it is here, at Valdai, on the other side of the lake) and the Protection Church in the village Turginovo Tver region. The parish includes the village of Intercession Church Pominovo, which is considered ancestral village Putin. "In Pominovo father I met my mother," - said the president in his book "First Person". According to the agency, Putin's future parents baptized in the church turginovskoy "Interfax", in recent years, Putin twice visited the Christmas service in the church - in 2011 and 2016.

In addition to shares in "Constantine" Yavnik, as follows from the register, it owns 20% in the group "Intarstions ", which among other things is one of the largest restoration companies in Russia. Over the past ten years it has won public tenders for the restoration and construction of more than 16.8 billion rubles. In 2013, 75% of a member of the "Intarsia" construction company, as it was written, "Vedomosti", acquired Boris Rotenberg.

Contact Kozhin, Malyushinym and Yavnik failed. Kolupaev refused to talk with RBC correspondent. "Information about the property status of officials FSO of Russia, whether they are in the ownership of land and other assets not related to the activities of the FSO of Russia", stated in response to the service request to RBC. It also says that this information is personal data protected by law and can be prepared in due course.

Business elite Valdai

The proximity of businessmen to the officials, too, has a topographical measurement: Lots Rotenberg and Kovalchuk are close to giving a first-person, and Yavnik adjacent to those on whose offices operate his company.

There are other examples: from 2007 to 2009 OCom with Zolotov lived full namesake Nicholas Negodova and Dmitry Mihalchenko. These businessmen were related to the company 'Baltstroy "and many other businesses in St. Petersburg, written previously RBC. Unfit for the same former colleague FSB Murowa. Partners have won tenders FSO and the Ministry of Culture, is Mihalchenko not arrested for smuggling (Mihalchenko investigation of the case and his business here) in March this year. Mihalchenko spokesman refused to comment on his former country.

Here, up to December 12, 2011 owned a plot Andrei Molchanov, full namesake of the former senator from the Leningrad region. The declaration of income and assets in 2011, which gave Senator Molchanov, there is no information about the land plots similar areas. But the fall of 2011 in the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, among other property, he pointed out that owns two plots of land and a house in the Novgorod region.

Molchanov - stepson Yuri Molchanov, who, Forbes wrote, studied at the Physics Department of Leningrad State University, along with Yuri Kovalchuk and together with the future President Putin, "one time otveal for international relations in the home university "(Molchanov was Vice-Rector on the issue, Putin - Rector's assistant).
Molchanov Jr. - owner of the LSR construction holding company, which has become one of the largest in Russia. he insisted in an interview last year Forbes, his success in business to his stepfather and his acquaintances have no relationship.

The first two buildings in the capital, where LSR came in the early 2000s - a house on the street Davydkovskaya and residential complex "Grunewald" on highway Skolkovskom - Molchanov company built with the FSO. "FSO was the builder, we - the investor and gave them about 30% of the apartments", - explained the publication of a top manager of the Moscow division of LSR.

In 2015 Yascherovo began construction of another high-end homes. Because of the fence, made of palisades, visible log house in the Russian style towers. The land on which is under construction, takes ten plots of land with total area of ​​about 3 hectares.

According to the Unified State Register, before these areas belonged to a small St. Petersburg investment bank, but in October 2014 the owner of the land became NikolaS. Kuznetsov.

Kuznetsov - the owner of the holding with inconspicuous name "K-Group". In recent years the company has become a major contractor for the construction of facilities for law enforcement agencies as well as state-owned companies. According to the holding site, it consists of eight companies, some of which, according to the "SPARK-Interfax", received credits in "Russia" bank. The motto of the company Kuznetsova - a quote from Karamzin: "To think, we can dream in Germany, France, Italy, and the only thing to do in Russia."

Over the past few years, the company "K-Group" won state contracts worth more than 15 billion rubles. of Railways, the RAC "MiG", "Rosatom" and "Gazprom". Among the objects - the construction of the Murmansk Region and the Komi "complex administrative and technical buildings" that the local news sites called the buildings of the FSB, the reconstruction of the Khabarovsk boundary institute and 60 platforms of the Far Eastern Railway, points of border control at the airport Pulkovo, objects to "Gazprom" and the port Ust-Luga. In particular, in the summer of 2015 the newspaper "Kamchatka ExPress "reported that" K-Group "is the reconstruction of the naval base of the North-Eastern border management FSB Coast Guard, located in the bay of the Salt Lake Avachinskaya Pacific lips, worth about 10 billion rubles.

The owner of a number of legal entities included in the "K-Group" is Natalia Kirillova. The same name is a neighbor Kuznetsova in Yascherovo, which owns eleven plots with a total area of ​​17,410 square meters. m. Its full namesake was registered in one of the apartments in the house FSO Udaltsov street in Moscow, together with some Kirillova Nina Alekseevna. Nina is found in Yascherovo - it is also the owner of land near the site Kuznetsova.

According to government documents from the middle zero, he worked in the FSO high-ranking officer, Vladimir Kirillov, he led the protection service FSO activities. Representatives of the Federal Security Service did not respond to an inquiry about whether Kirillov is still not there are Nina and Natalia Kirillova his relatives. So did the holding "K-Group". could not be reached Kirillov.

By the way, "K-Group" withtroit here on Valdai government dacha. At the end of 2015 the company won the tender for the FSO to 170 million rubles., Which is to perform "work on the design, reconstruction and maintenance of field supervision on the project" Valdai ". By subject is meant shooting.