RBC under investigation

The MIA suspected unidentified media holding managers of large fraud.
Central Investigation Office (CSO) of the capital cupola MIA instituted criminal proceedings for fraud in a large media holding RBC. While it is being investigated against unknown persons on the facts of the theft of assets of more than $ 13 million, but in the list of suspects may be holding several managers. At the same time, according to "Kommersant", the police with the filing of the Prosecutor General conducts pre-investigation checks on two more possible criminal counts related to the media holding, the tense situation around which recently associated with both editorial policy, and with the possibility of sale. In the RBC preparing lawsuits for victims recognized Alexander Panov.

As the "Kommersant", the criminal case of fraud committed by a group of people on a large scale (ch. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) was opened GSU Research Affairs in Moscow at the end of April, and is now on it are carried out active investigative actions . The initiator of the investigation was the Russian Prosecutor General's Office, which sent materials of its own audit to the investigating authorities. The reason for it was the same statement by the former akionera - part of the structure RBK JSC "Byte-Telecom" Alexandra Panova. Until 2014, he and his business partner Jaroslav Karetsky owned 25% of this company, and she share value estimated at approximately $ 13.4 million. The remaining shares are owned by a number of offshore companies, including Karuta Investments, whose director, according to some sources, he was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors RBC Derk Sauer.

Himself, Mr. Panov said "Kommersant" that the criminal case is a continuation of the protracted conflict with the guidance of RBC. According to him, in the spring of last year, he gave an interview to "little magazine", where he spoke about the essence of the conflict. "It has been thought out to the last word, I realized that negative expressions against RBC management will allow them to sue me, I lose", - said Alexander Panov. However, he says it was a conscious step willingly pay compensation, but receive from RBC documents, which it did not have, - the restructuring of detail "Byte-Telecom".

As a result, it became clear that some of Farid Karimov in August 2014 filed with the tax authorities of documentyou're on the reorganization of "Byte-Telecom" LLC "investment projects", dismissal of the General Director Igor Selivanov and appointing himself to this position, as well as the transfer act of property from CJSC "Byte-Telecom" to "investment projects" LLC. Later it turned Ltd. joined the firm "gorse", registered in Tatarstan and having fictitious. It should be noted, that the RBC and personally its director general Nikolai Molibog actually filed suit in the Moscow Arbitration Court to Alexander Panov, demanding refutation of false data, as well as compensation for moral damage. The court partially satisfied the requirements, obliging the journal to publish a refutation, and Mr. Panov - pay the plaintiff 25 thousand rubles.. Alexander Panov said "Kommersant" that did not even appeal the decision, as has achieved the main thing: RBC has provided the court documentation on the "Byte-Telecom". And, already having on hand these documents, he wrote a letter to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika as an attempt to agree on possible compensation for him and his partner to Nicholas Moliboga failed. According to him, the veryChecking took no more than two weeks, the applicant was invited to one of the Vice Attorney General, to whom he gave an explanation. After that Alexander Panov informed of the transfer of materials in the GSU Research Affairs for criminal proceedings. In addition, the prosecution authorities sent to the territorial police units on the inspection data for two more episodes. One of them, as the case of "Byte-Telecom" concerns the autumn of 2014, but has been associated with "Garant-Park-Telecom." In this company, one of the largest at the time of domain name registrars in the zone .ru and .su, Alexander Panov and Jaroslav Karetsky were co-owners of 14% of the shares. According to Mr. Panov, already recognized as a victim in the case "Byte-Telecom", in this case deals with the deliberate bankruptcy of the company again as "unidentified persons". The third episode, in which are also being checked, is alleged raider seizure of the Development Fund of technologies and Internet infrastructure, where Alexander Panov was the president. According to him, in his May 2014 under the threat of physical violence simply took away all pravoulished documents and have placed his people there. And in particular, this has been implicated RBC head of security service Alexander harness. Himself an ex-head of the foundation argues that fuss at once became, as this organization has the authority under registration of domain names in the domain .MOSCOW / .MOSKVA that could "cause an international incident." Damage from these same two possible crimes by Alexander Panov could not evaluate.

According to GU MVD in Moscow, confirmed the information to a criminal complaint, the scam with the "Byte-Telecom" had the purpose to deprive shareholders of Panova and Karetskogo their share. However, the very criminal case is being investigated only in respect of "unidentified persons", and the amount of damage is estimated investigators only 1 million rubles. However, it is common practice, when is the sum sufficient for the designation of particularly large amount of damage on the article about the fraud.

Phone Nicholas Moliboga yesterday did not answer. However, on his page on one of the social networks, he said that no notification that a criminal case had not seen. "We do not know, that is notwritten, and we do not even know whether mentioned in this resolution RBC or any of RBC employees, "- he said, noting that" any hint of news about us - it is now "hot cakes" "In this particular. It noted that RBC lawyers are considering filing lawsuits as Alexander Panov, and to journalists publicized the news. However, he mentioned that the deal with the "Byte-Telecom" has been carried out in full accordance with Russian law and the company for a number of years had negative net assets, which are estimated at minus 10-12 million rubles.

A number of interlocutors "b" in April, when the Federal Security Service and the Federal Tax Service raided the companies ONEXIM Group (criminal TFR for allegedly identified then the tax violations have not yet opened), associated stress situation around the RBC not only with the editorial policy of the holding, but also with its possible sale. Even in 2014, the sources of "Kommersant" reported that the consultations for the sale of RBC were Arkady Rotenberg, the owner of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine Vladimir Lisin and holding "Gazprom-me. Ua "At the end of 2015 total revenue of RBC's assets increased by 3%, to 5.1 billion rubles for the most profitable media assets holding are:. Television, newspaper, magazine and website rbc.ru - their turnover amounted to 2.8 billion rub. Another 1.8 billion RBC brought a group of Ru-Center (she once led Mr Panov), which includes the company domain registration and hosting. as secondary assets in the annual report of the group listed sites and CNews Loveplanet, their total revenue fell by 20%, to 337 million rubles., RBC is interested in selling these assets, according to the statements.

Recently, among the contenders for the purchase of RBC's media market participants called Rambler & Co owner Alexander Mamut and the "National Media Group" (NMG). In late April, the head of the "Echo of Moscow" Alexei Venediktov wrote in his Twitter account the interest of Alexander Mamut to buy RBC. Later, the representative of Rambler & Co similar version called "hallucination".

Sources "Kommersant" claim in the media market, RBC held talks about a possible sale of LMWH. Among the owners of the last-mentioned structures of Yuri Kovalchuk, Alexei Mordashova group "SOGAZ" and "Surgutneftegaz". NMG owns "the Fifth channel" REN TV, 25% of "First Channel", the newspaper "Izvestia", "of Metro in St. Petersburg", featuring production-company "Art Pictures Group," and so on. D. At the same time yesterday, a source "Kommersant", close to the shareholders of RBC, assured that at least for now, "the sale of the negotiations there."