Region Group will become new owner of TNK-BP's Russian office

Region GC will become the owner of the Nordstar Tower office center near the Begovaya metro station, which originally belonged to the founder of "Don-Stroy" Maxim Blazhko. Earlier, Rosneft entities were named as the new owner.
Origin source
Trophy object

As we found out RBC, 42-storey business center on Running Nordstar Tower, 3, total area of ​​135.5 thousand sq. M. m moved to the CC "Region". This information was confirmed by three sources of commercial real estate market. According to the extract from the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property (USRR) occupied by the tower portion of 1.2 hectares owned by Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments Limited. From the registry of Cypriot offshore companies, it follows that it is the beneficiary of "Biznestrast". The founder of the latter - OOO "Region of Trust", which is the parent company - JSC "Investment Company" Region ", the data show SPARK.

The annual rental income of the business center is 2.2-2.5 bln., Estimated partner of Colliers International in Russia Stanislav Bibik. «Nordstar Tower - a great trophy object, but in today's market conditions, it is no more than 20-25 billion rubles. ($ 308-385 million at the CBR exchange rate as of July 25 -. RBC), - the expert. - In this case, when TNK-BP signed an agreement only, about six years ago, it cost $ 400-420 million. "

Prior to the lastYemeni operating company BC Nordstar Tower was JSC "NorthStar Tower", which, according to SPARK, is operated by "Northstar Development", which called itself the owner of the tower. Beneficiary of market participants called one of the "Don-Stroy" founding developer holding Maxim Blazhko.

RBC request sent to the receiving Blazhko, at the time of publication remained unanswered.

Member of the Board of Directors and partner of the IR "Region" Andrew Zhuikov refused to comment on RBC that the company became the owner of a skyscraper on a treadmill. Also entered in the company's press service.

What is the "Region"

"Region" - a diversified group of companies operating in all market segments. It has been operating since 1995, since the founding of the company's investment "Region". Currently, it is one of Russia's largest private investment groups are guided by a comprehensive service of qualified investors. Parent company - JSC "Investment Company" Region ", it belongsare the rest of the group. 90% of the parent company owned by Sergey Sudarikova, of which 56.67% through WHPA Limited. The owner of the remaining 10% - Andrew Zhuikov.

Total operating revenues for the year 2015 amounted to 9.17 billion rubles, profit -. 3.35 billion rubles. Net income from trading securities amounted to 6.74 billion rubles, net fee and commission income -. 1.88 billion rubles.

As of December 31, 2015 assets of the group amounted to 141.64 billion rubles, the volume of assets in trust -. 243 680 000 000 rubles. Means of private pension funds accounted for 46% of total assets under management, customers on an individual asset management - 11%.

At the end of 2015 the total turnover of the group of transactions with securities amounted to 10.20 trillion rubles, the turnover of transactions in bonds -. 6.2 trillion rubles in relation to transactions with shares -. 3.3 trillion rubles.

JSC "IR" Region "has a rating of Standart & Poor`s (long-term and short-term ratings of B / C; the forecast" stable ").

Problem tenant

In June, the newspaper "Vedomosti", with reference to itsSources wrote that Nordstar Tower joined structures of "Rosneft". The oil company TNK-BP, which "Rosneft" acquired in 2013, rents an office in the business center from May of 2010. The company took the room from the second to the 20th floor area of ​​37.7 thousand sq. M. m - this is almost half of the total leasable area of ​​the center.

In October 2015, the then owner of the business center filed in the Moscow Arbitration Court lawsuit against two "Rosneft". In the materials of the court there was no information about the reasons for filing the first claim, but in the text of the second specified that "NorthStar Tower" exacts a debt "to pay ongoing rent, fees for maintenance services and parking fees under the lease of non-residential premises <...> for the fourth quarter of 2015 ". The aggregate amount of the claims amounted to RUB 620.7 million.

A former top managers of "Rosneft" and the source of RBC in the commercial real estate market reported that the claims related to the tenant's desire to review the terms of the contract after the devaluation of the ruble. Dogo rental thief was signed for 15 years, the annual rate of rent was about $ 550 per 1 sq. m, is another examplebut $ 100 per "square" - fee operation, told RBC representative international consulting company, took part in the signing of this agreement.

As follows from the court actions have been taken in the production, but in the beginning of 2016 "NorthStar Tower" has refused them. Then the representatives of the parties confirmed in the payment of debt by the defendant in December 2015 during the preliminary hearing.

For while the "Rosneft" does not pay the rent, the "NorthStar Tower" are having problems with servicing its debt to Sberbank at $ 130 million, wrote "Vedomosti". The first deputy chairman of the bank Maxim Poletaev, whose words are quoted "Interfax", said that the right to claim the debt Nordstar Tower owner bought "Rosneft" to Sberbank. The press service of the bank declined to answer questions from RBC.

Loan Savings Bank is not the only problematic debt servicing which have difficulties in Blazhko structures. The basis of the arbitral tribunal includes information about the two declarations of bankruptcy that "Russian Bankapital "submitted to the entrepreneur structures. One of them - to the "Multi-Service" Ltd., 100% owned by his mother Olga Blazhko. The defendant in the second of "River Tower" owes the bank 4 billion rubles., Wrote "Vedomosti". The company had planned to build at the intersection of Zvenigorod Avenue and 3rd Silica Directions multifunctional complex on 267 thousand sq. M. m (including 172 thousand square meters -.. shopping center, 95 thousand square meters -.. offices). But then the company decided to carry out the project under the reconception residential development.