Resignation of Vladimir Yakunin leaves iMars Group without the budgets from Russian Railways

Resignation of the undisputed head of RAO Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin in addition to the political component has a concrete economic part. First of all, for companies which previously siphoned money from the budgets of the state corporation. Among those who may soon lose the nourishing fiscal feeder is communication agency iMars Group, which got hundreds of millions of rubles annually on lavish PR-orders from Russian Railways

State-owned company, which is not profitable to carry on trains of ordinary Russians annually spend billions of rubles on the so-called advertising meaningless "public relations" and "promotion". Only in PR and "communication" in 2014, Russian Railways has spent 960 million rubles. In no open secret is not that these funds for 90% of sawn commonplace among stuck.

List of recipients of such material assistance from the Railways is very short: it is an autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) "Center Zheldorreforma», MultiTec company and communications agency iMars. As he wrote in February 2015 of Forbes , the first structure is owned by the essence of the Railways and only distributes the orders down the line related firms, the second company is affiliated with the agency "Mikhailov and Partners." Founder and owner of the agency Sergey Mikhailov in 2004-2012 years was a member of the Board of Russian Railways, and in 2006-2012 headed the department of state-owned corporate communications. So the presence of Mr. Mikhailov structurethis list is also quite understandable.

Nimble iMars managed to squeeze into tight rows of recipients of Railways PR-budgets in 2012. Randomly in late 2011 to work in the Railways of "Transmashholding" oligarch Alisher Usmanov moved some Anatoly Meshcheryakov, who in February 2012 was ranked in the highest state corporation as vice president. From that moment iMars began to regularly win tenders Railways - only in January-May 2015 the agency has received orders for 250 million rubles (more than half the total). There is also information about other orders , which collectively draw on more millions of rubles. It is significant that before a communications agency, just as for years, "defeated" in "Transmashholding", where in the years 2004-2011, Mr. Meshcheryakov worked hard in the difficult position of Director of External Relations and the Deputy CEO.

This summer, the situation with the PR-budget allocation of JSC "Russian Railways" interested aboutPutin's Popular Front, but the results of his work are still unknown. Most likely, the agency Vladimir Yakunin easily discourage raid nimble and non-serious administrative resource "soldiers."

In the market of Moscow PR-services have long been rumors that Anatoly Meshcheryakov and iMars group may be related in some unknown and mysterious ways, but so far the agency officially deny it . It is noteworthy that the partner iMars and media spins the character of the agency is a Stupnikov Vladimir, who previously worked in the Railways structures. In June 2015, the Internet had been published some materials that , as they can be linked Meshcheryakov and iMars: it turned out that he, Mr. Meshcheryakov, as well as some real co-owners of IMARS, comes from the infamous MDM Group, engaged in the late 90-x- the early 2000s, raiding. In addition, MDM Anatoly Meshcheryakov also worked in the raider structure "Rinako" (reconstituted MDM Group in 2002) as head of Diretion of information projects. "Rinako" then was very noticeable in Taganrog, where she has overcome in other Raiders of the structures of the group "Alpha" unique boiler plant «Red boilermaker" and Taganrog Metallurgical Works.

However, the twists and turns of more than 10 years ago now is not important. Care of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin will lead to a shake-up of the higher echelons of management of the corporation. Although, if only because new people will come, which will also need to cling to the source of life-giving budget dough. Therefore, we can safely predict sending Mr. Meshcheryakov's resignation and loss iMars their income. According Stupnikova orders Railways collectively give the agency some 10% of turnover, but, apparently, it is perverse, and financial losses of the communication group will be somewhat tougher.

In addition to the losses of the budget in the Railways, the trouble can expect iMars when working abroad, where the agency is promoting some Russian companies, as well as in Ukraine. As nSali in the summer of this year, Ukrainian media reports, the Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country could be sent statements of wrongdoing agency in the territory of Crimea. In particular, iMars without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities organized in the past year, the new rally car UAZ with a clear political overtones "krymnash". For owners iMars Group, loving, and often for a long time to travel to EU countries (shopping, leisure, treatment, etc.), such is an unforgivable mistake. After all, no one has not yet been upheld fact of Putin's "annexation of Crimea" in the EU ...

However, I realized his mistake and iMars theme "Russian Crimea" - like most other Russian corporations and banks (Sberbank, VTB, etc.), no longer pedaliruet. It is not excluded that soon the peninsula will have to return back to Kiev and pay a substantial contribution. Therefore, all the data on its work in the Crimea iMars carefully edit out from the Internet.