Retailers lose their appetite

Retailers are discussing a complete rejection of the 10 per cent fee from local suppliers of meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables.
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X5 Retail Group offers to its competitors - the other major retail chains - to abandon the remuneration of local suppliers, which are limited by law to 10% of the supply amount. It is only for those partners that provide us with fish, meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables, ie category ultra fresh and fresh. Basically we are talking about products that are replaced by domestic producers after the introduction of Russian sanctions on products from the EU and Turkey.

April 20, is scheduled to discuss the idea of ​​a second in terms of turnover in the market the company X5 Retail Group (network "Pyaterochka", "Crossroads" and "Carousel") at retailers Association (AKORT brings together the country's major retailers), told "Izvestia" in the X5. Trade network offers colleagues not charge remuneration from local suppliers ultra fresh products - fish, meat, poultry and fresh - fruit and vegetables.

Local manufacturers operating on a regional contract with the company, and X5 offer to give preference to the reduction of deferred payment of up to seven working days. In the law it depends on the timing of Comrade shelfmacaw, minimum is 10 days. The other network partners are invited to keep the previous mode.

The Company believes that the system of collection of bonuses is correct, because the variety of relationships between the partners "does not allow to effectively use a single solution, established by the federal law," he explained in the X5. With the consent of the other retailers this provision can make to the Code of Good Practice.

X5 representative said that in June 2015 the company began work without remuneration with more than 25% of their suppliers, now there are more than 6 thousand.

- Mainly those partners whose products are purchased as part of the centralized tender procedures: a piece of fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, food commodities, also retrobonusy not used and its own brand, - explained in the press-service of the company.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of suppliers 'Rusprodsojuz' Association Dmitri Leonov said that retail was always interested in cooperation with the suppliers of these products: the proportion of its sales is significant, and offer otechesgovernmental players is limited. Before the introduction of sanctions the main suppliers of these products were importers, but now the situation is changing in favor of domestic producers.

Let's remind, reward and grace - the major novels of amendments to the law on trade, which are prepared for the second reading. The first reading took place almost a year ago (May 2015), while the parliamentarians and the trade community came to the conclusion that the amendments should mitigate to the next reading. Since then, it is written a few editions that have different definitions bonus amount and terms of payment of the goods.

- The latest version of the amendments bonus will be limited to 5%, and additional marketing services are prohibited, - he told "Izvestia" the chairman of the committee on entrepreneurship, innovation development and entrepreneurship Anatoly Aksakov. He also said that during the month of conception of the self-regulatory organization must be written - the market on the basis of the Council Chamber. It is understood that in the framework of its retailers will be able to solve their problems, which in theory no longer require an adjustment of the trade law. FROMTip of the market will make use of existing experience in self-regulation - Interdisciplinary advisory council (MEA, created in 2011), Code of Good Practice and the Commission on its application - The court of arbitration.

Plus, the added greater involvement of Industry and Trade and the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). Yesterday they could not explain the "News" in what it expressed. Aksakov said that in certain cases the FAS be able to take binding decisions for all market participants. Participants Market Council, which will violate the provisions of the Code, be excluded from the organization and will face more stringent regulation by the supervisory services, such as Rospotrebnadzor, Rosselkhoznadzor and others said "Izvestia" Anatoly Aksakov.

Chairman of the Committee on the development of the CCI potrebrynka, chairman MESa Alexander Borisov said that while we are talking about the wishes, the final version of the Market Council yet. A source in the Chamber of Commerce adds that the organization believe that the Council should enter the market Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Agriculture and the FAS.

Meanwhile, the organization itself haveas it appeared to be the MEA presidium meeting minutes from 30 March 2016. MES renamed the Interdisciplinary expert council of the consumer market, the short name - Market Council.