Retired Putin will serve in Germany

Putin is considering the option of escape to Germany: Shvets made a sensational statement.
The pressure of Putin's “successors” on the head of state is noticeably increasing, as a result of which the president of the country is considering the most unexpected options for his departure. Such a statement in an interview with journalist Mark Feigin was made by the ex-KGB intelligence officer and former classmate of Vladimir Putin at the Institute of the State Security Committee Yuri Shvets.

He said that, according to information available to him, Vladimir Putin is considering moving to Germany as one of the options, which he is trying to implement through his good friend Gerhard Schroeder. “Apart from what is happening in Russia, at the same time there is a certain amount of work going on outside the country. In particular, two completely different people, whose knowledge I have no doubt, told me that Vladimir Putin, through Schroeder, is working on the topic of being able to move to Germany: if something happens, for some reason, go there, and then there and stay. Vladimir Putin is in such a situation that it is time for him to think about what to do. He understands that in Russia no amendments to the Constitution, no life-long senatorship, etc. will absolutely not save him. He knows perfectly well who is eager to succeed him and understands that he needs to get away with it. And in order to get carried away, you need to be an acceptable person for the West.

Why cowards?

The creator of Novichok explained why they took his underwear to poison Navalny Mishustin immediately decided the fate of Golikova with one decree The people turned pale: Matvienko laid out the truth about Medvedev As an example, we can cite the situation in the USSR: in 1987-1988, they were also measured with rockets, and then the Nobel Prize Gorbachev. The situation with Navalny is a vivid confirmation of this: it is extremely unprofitable for Putin that he once again looks in a bad light, but for his successors, who are striving for power, it is very beneficial, "said Yuri Shvets.