Reuters named Katerina Tikhonova the younger daughter of Putin

This publication has already caused serious contradictions between Gazprombank and the news agency.
The youngest daughter of President Putin's name is Katerina Tikhonova, directs the project "Innopraktika" at Moscow State University, head of the International Committee of the All-Russian Federation of acrobatic rock 'n' roll, and calls himself the wife of Cyril Shamalova, according to Reuters. At the end of January 2015 the agency, citing an anonymous source close to the leadership of the Moscow State University, wrote that Katerina Tikhonova - the daughter of the president of Russia. Then, Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters he did not know who this Tikhonov and he engaged the president, "and not his children."

Now the 29-year-old daughter named Catherine Tikhonov President Putin chairman of Gazprombank Andrey Akimov, who had known her since childhood, the agency reports. It also confirmed the Reuters senior source in the Moscow State University and another prominent scholar, has close ties with Tikhonova Fund. Ivan is part of the board of trustees of the project "Innopraktika". The project, according to the most Tikhonova, helps to find young researchers working on the business needs. Also in the Project Board includes, for example, the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, Gendirektor "Rostec" Sergey Chemezov and Rector of Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy.

Evening of November 10, the bank's press office denied the report the agency, "Neither Ivan nor the other members of Gazprombank" has no information about the kinship Ms. Tikhonova Such statements Mr. Akimov did and was very surprised that journalists such respectable publications have made. "" Not just a distortion of what was said, and direct manipulation ", - said the bank, however, Reuters insists that correctly interpreted Akimov said .." Akimov told us a record. Our statement of exactly what was said, to Reuters insists on the correct interpretation of the story ", - said the representative of the agency.

Akimov said that he knew that the daughter of Putin's project leader. "But, of course, we decided to support the projects of Moscow State University, regardless of any family ties were," - he said and explained that the program "Innopraktiki" coincided with the priorities of Gazprombank in support of science. Ivan thinks that with Tikhonova treated as something special. He also said that he would supportal plan to expand the territory of the Moscow State University is due to the fact that these plans are related to the work Tikhonova. Earlier, RBC reported that the Foundation "National Intellectual Development" (R & D), headed by Tikhonov participates in the development of the Moscow State University to expand the project in the territory of more than 240 hectares between Vernadsky Prospekt and Michurinsky prospectus.

Such statements Akimov did, later reported the press service of Gazprombank. The claim that the head of "Innopraktiki" Tikhonov allegedly is the daughter of the president of Russia, he was credited with, he learned about it, read to Reuters. "Ivan was very surprised that journalists such respectable publications have made not just say, distortion, and direct manipulation", - stated in the press-service reported. The bank confirmed the cooperation with "Innopraktikoy" and support the social initiatives of the project - such as the creation of a boarding school for gifted children of Moscow State University, the project "Valuable Atlas of Russia", innovative and scientific competitions.

Reuters also learned that in 2015 in Switzerland called herself his wife Katerina Cyril ShamaloIslands, the son of one of the major shareholders of bank "Russia" Nikolay Shamalova, a man of Putin's close circle. In January, RBC TV and blogger Oleg Kashin reported that Tikhonov and Cyril Shamalov traveled together to Switzerland, reminds agency. Reuters received confirmation that Tikhonov was called as Shamalova wife, from an independent source.

Katerina Tikhonova and Cyril Shamalov declined to comment. Dmitry Peskov said that he had no information about his personal life, family ties, marital status, family tree, academic achievements and involvement in any projects Tikhonova or other persons mentioned in a Reuters query. The official also noted that in recent years a huge number of rumors about Putin's family ties, and his daughters, and the percentage of accurate information in these publications is ridiculously small.

In 2011, Putin announced on television that his daughter Katherine is studying at St. Petersburg State University, specializing in the East, studying the Japanese language and history, reminds Reuters. From the information on the website of MSU Agency concluded that Tikhonov is related to the mechanics and mathematics. Under this name it has become since 2011co-author of at least six scientific works in the field of medicine and aerospace, as well as a chapter in the textbook on mathematics. Most of the articles are written in collaboration with gardening. Rector to Reuters query is not answered. Moscow State University responded by stating that Tikhonov was a talented researcher and repeatedly presented the results of their work at scientific conferences and seminars. Data on the private life of MSU staff does not have.

By order of Reuters financial analysts evaluated the assets that belong Shamalova and Katherine, about $ 2 billion. Most of this amount falls to the package in "Sibur" (21.3%), of which Cyril Shamalov purchased Gennady Timchenko (17%). Also, the couple has a villa on the beach in Biarritz, which analysts valued at $ 3.7 million. It also bought out Shamalov Timchenko, according to the agency.

Moscow State Open documents related to "Innopraktika" project, show that Tikhonov signed contracts for several million dollars, for which the company, which it directs, doing work for government agencies. The agency stresses that noAkiho indication that she received some personal gain from these contracts. Foundation "National intellectual development", Moscow State University, which is headed by Tikhonov and which is involved in "Innopraktike", the request is not answered. "Innopraktika" readdressed questions about his work in the press service of the Moscow State University, and comment on the information about the private life Tikhonova refused. Since March 2015 Tikhonov was appointed deputy vice-rector of Moscow State University. If she believed in this regard, any salary, Reuters does not know.

From open sources it shows that from 2013 the fund "National intellectual development" has won contracts for 182 million rubles. ($ 2.8 million) on the orders of "Rosneft", "Rosatom" and "Transneft". Of the ten contracts are examined to Reuters, eight were signed without a tender. Most of the contracts related to the research work carried out at the university.

Reuters reminds that Sergey Chemezov and the head of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev, who belong to the board of trustees "Innopraktiki", have been linked to Putin to work for the KGB in East Germany and lived in Dresden nearby.Tokarev on the agency's request is not answered. Press-service of "Rostec" reported that the corporation engaged in the development of industry and technology, therefore, its participation in the "Innopraktika" project is a logical and natural. "Rosneft" and Sechin from about Tikhonova declined to comment, but a company representative said that "Rosneft" and the Moscow State University has 17 joint projects worth a total of 530 million rubles. The representative of "Rosatom", said that the corporation is working with "Innopraktikoy" and other similar organizations in the framework of its strategy to promote the development of new projects. According to him,all the contracts in the interests of "Rosatom" concluded openly and transparently.

As for the eldest daughter Maria Putin, it is, according to Reuters, he graduated from the Faculty of Basic Medicine, Moscow State University, before studying biology at St. Petersburg State University, and is now engaged in endocrinology. She claims the agency, is married to a Dutch businessman Yoritom Justus Faassenom. Maria Faassen - PhD, works in Endocrinology Research Center of Ministry of Health, which, in particular, is a charity project "Alfa-endo", which helps children with diseases of the endocrine system. The site "Truth", organize the work of MSU scientists to link to work Faassen (co-author) "State of the antioxidant system of the blood in patients with acromegaly."

Mary herself Faassen did not respond to Reuters query about her family connections.

Reuters notes that Putin's daughter, Cyril Shamalov other children of businessmen and officials represent a new generation of Russians, getting rich quickly in the wake of the parents with good connections. The agency attributed the circle of people with the phenomenon of "princes" of communist China, which also reached high positions in the government and compiled considerable status.


Tikhonov explained October 22, "Interfax" that the first to the structure of the Moscow State University was created by the National Center for intellectual reserve. Then, to strengthen business links with young university researchers established a non-profit foundation "National intellectual development", chairman of the board of trustees of which is Rector Viktor Sadovnichyd. "Innopraktika" - a brand that unites these two structures.

Not only the MSU

According to Reuters, Tikhonov professionally engaged in acrobatic rock 'n' roll, and in 2013 in thepair took fifth place at the World Cup in Switzerland. Today she heads the organizing committee of the Russian Federation of two acrobatic rock 'n' roll. The federal list of sponsors - "Sibur", "Novatek" and Gazprombank.

Maria Putin-Faassen

The eldest daughter of Putin's 30 years, and Reuters could not find it relatively recent photos. She studied biology at St. Petersburg State University and medicine at the Moscow State University. According to Russian and western media, she married a Dutch businessman Yorrita Jost Faassena. There were reports that she lived for some time in the Netherlands, this could not be confirmed. However, in late July 2014, shortly after the disaster near Donetsk Malaysian "Boeing", which killed 192 Dutch citizens, the mayor of the Dutch town of Hilversum Peter Brurtes urged to expel Putin's daughter, who supposedly lived in the city voorschoten. "We can also deport the daughter of Puthto the Netherlands, because she lives in the Netherlands Then you get a completely different signal,." - Said Brurtes. Soon, he apologized for his words, saying that they were not wise and have generated a sense of helplessness, caused by a disaster. Putin recently said that both his daughters live in Moscow. Under the name Faassen Maria works in the Ministry of Health Endocrinology Research Center. The site Enz is listed as vice-president of the society of young scientists, post-graduate student. Judging by the publications, she has been studying the endocrine system. Over the past two years in its co-published at least five articles and a book about the idiopathic short stature in children. At Reuters request to "Alfa-endo" (under the sponsorship of the "Alfa Group") charity project Maria replied that questions on the Enz and the project should be addressed to their leadership, and personal issues declined to answer. Jorrit Yost Faassen long worked in Gazprombank. At least until August,he was listed on the website of the consulting company "MEF-Audit" among the leadership, his name is now on the site is not on it does not meet requirements.