Reuters received Nemtsov's note on Ivanovo paratroopers who had allegedly fought in Ukraine

The politician's assistant Olga Shorina got it when discussing the future report on the war in the Donbass.
Party Co-chairman of "RPR-Parnas" Boris Nemtsov wrote shortly before his death, his assistant Olga Shorina, that it involves several commandoes from Ivanov, who participated in the fighting in the east of Ukraine. Shorin showed this note to Reuters. The agency does not rule out that the "hasty blue pen writing on a sheet of A4" may be the last in the life of the policy, but stresses that it is impossible to confirm its authenticity independently.

According Shorina they Nemtsov day before his assassination discussed the report on the war in Ukraine, for which he prepared the information. She explained that this phrase written policies on paper for fear of wiretapping by the security services. "I was out of the Marines killed 17 Ivanov, the money is not given, but is afraid to speak." - Said in a note. Shorin said that Nemtsov spoke with relatives of the dead paratroopers, but she does not know how he kept in touch with them and use that. "He did not give me one, did not mention who it is", - quotes Reuters. The English-language version of the news also said that Ivanov stationed part of the 98th Guards will repayshno Airborne Division.

March 4 colleague Nemtsov on the movement "Solidarity" Ilya Yashin, said the Times, that he intends to publish the relevant information from the report on the war in Ukraine. Prior to that, he said, in particular, "" that the Germans were about to start work on the report "Results of the Donbass." (According to other media - ". Putin War"), for which the collected evidence for the involvement of the Russian Armed Forces in combat in the east of Ukraine. Other opposition leaders said the publication that the project was at the stage of ideas. Shorin said that the report was almost ready.

"We were ready to write We could write in a day, because it was all in my head -. Quoted to Reuters -. It is usually a long walk, think, read, and then quickly dictating." According Shorina, Nemtsov contents of the report had already been prepared and it has all of the materials were collected, which were publicly available, links to publications, videos. "They all mark it survived all that he considered important, all the exclamation marks," - she added. Withdrawal investigators Nemtsov computers during postmortem searchnot prevent publication, Shorin confident: "The computer Nemtsov never had anything bad because he used a computer on their own, he learned to use Facebook, and that's all he needed.".

Earlier Nemtsov published several similar reports of corruption surrounded by Vladimir Putin and former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. Ukrainian report, like previous ones, going mainly from public sources, to Reuters said. The Kremlin is still denied the charges of sending troops and equipment in Ukraine.

"We did not have some kind of super-task to find a sure exclusives, has the task of making an alternative and widely distribute. He wanted to write with reference only to the Russian sources, it was important because it evaluated the report as the fight against propaganda for him. I wanted him publish a million copies and he was still some kind of their own information, "-. Shorin told Reuters. She added that she agrees with Yashin, it is necessary to publish the report. Also, according to her, said co-chair of the party "RPR-Parnas" Mikhail Kasyanov. It is hoped that the report will be made publica month later.