Rocket fall

Today the Russian "Progress" exploded in the night sky. According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash of yet another freight cargo space ship is the engine failure.   
"Progress" lost at an altitude of about 190 kilometers over mountainous terrain of the Republic of Tyva, reported in "Roskosmos". Most of the space truck fragments were burned in the atmosphere. The ship was supposed to deliver to the ISS more than two tons of cargo. Four days before the explosion of the "Progress" Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia has gone through a "series of cosmic accidents."

But the falling spacecraft (fortunately, so far only freight) for the Russian steel business almost everyday. In 2012, there was an accident in the Russian satellite "Express MD2". It just exploded after launch with Space expensive equipment, which was to deliver into orbit. As experts have suggested that the accident occurred due to engine trouble. After that crash all the planned launches of spacecraft have been stopped for nearly a year. In fact, the annual program was disrupted. Moreover, ripe international scandal, as was supposed to deliver scientific equipment imported within the framework of cooperation in space "Express MD3."

Hush up the situation then managed with great difficulty. And then there was the case in 2013. Then, after the start of the carrier rocket "Proton-M" with the upper stage Block DM-03 accident, because of which "Glonass" satellites were lost again. And in May 2014 satellite "Ekspress Am4r" did not come into the target orbit due to an accident at the stage of the third stage of the carrier rocket "Proton-M".

A year ago, after the launch was lost forever cargo spacecraft "Progress-M". it just got lost in the vastness of the universe, so never and not giving itself felt! And now a new catastrophe. "Progress" again repeated the sad fate of his predecessors.

Why did they fall?

Unsuccessful launches of spacecraft allow experts to assume that occur system errors in their production. Engines (which is the "heart" of any aircraft "develops one organization. This Design Chemical Automatics (KBKhA Bureau). Based it in Voronezh and has a 75-year history. Today, the organization is headed by Alexey reeds. According to specialists in the field of space technology, it was he bears personal responsibility for the quality of produced its office products. and judging by the biography and career Kamysheva man though he is quite sociable (in the words of those who are with him come across), but completely incompetent in the professional plan. Kamyshev hit the design office (instead of strategic) of Rostelecom. With regard to its managers, and so long walk sad jokes. Kamyshev But even here out of the general ranks.

When 30-year-old Kamysheva was appointed deputy director of the "Voronezhsvyazinform" - the branch of OJSC "CenterTelecom", the office staff was in shock. In this historically paramilitary organization staffing processes have always gone on linear army laws. Chief Engineer became almost automatically the general director and chief engineers signalers became only passing multistage engineering career. The emergence of "Kinder surprise" Kamysheva perceived as an accident, a temporary whim of someone from the time the owners - whether "CenterTelecom", or of "Svyazinvesta".

Although cane and has a first degree in the specialty "radio physics and electronics", but practically did not work in this field, his career is based on the second specialty - "Finance and Credit". And seen he has successfully worked. Under it (or like him) established the position that all chief engineers pushed to third place in the hierarchy of traditional communication. I worked in Rostelecom Kamyshev long enough. Supreme authority was it pretty, but the company's customers are not always.

It is said that "Voronezhsvyazinform" was simply inundated with complaints from customers. And the quality of communication and to put it mildly, unobtrusive service. Kamysheva But it did not bother. The main fact that the supreme nalstvo claims does not show. And it does not impose! And soon Kamyshev was on "Space" positions. And he began his managerial work with personnel issues. What? Yes, the most extraordinary. First Kamyshev ordered the reduction of 12 per cent of the State Office.
And this, let us recall, highly qualified specialists, working in strategic industry! Total by reducing got almost 200 people. For such a highly specialized enterprise that was akin to a disaster. But not for Kamysheva. It was thus spared much salary fund!

To get to such a place as space design bureau - no simple matter. However, Kamyshev hit !. Rumor has it that after some influential intermediaries patronage made him personally responsible for the space Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. In the end, the ultimate blame on his staff, and missile launching is primarily responsible it. However, missiles fall ...

And how could it be otherwise? After all, Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin - in all senses of the most emergency member of the government! What did Rogozin, to prevent these catastrophes? Nothing ... only common words, but the resignation of some of the industry leaders. Who will compensate these costs? Rogozin himself and his protégé reeds. No! As usual, everything will fall on the shoulders of "bottomless" Russian budget. Indeed, in the space it is necessary to fly. After all, the status of space obliges. Only here, there are always satellites and missiles will reach the outskirts of goals? The question hangs in the space ...