Rocketbank landed

Rocketbank announced its final closure. The company Qiwi, which owned it, tried to sell the asset due to losses, but did not find a suitable buyer.
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Rocketbank announced the closure of its Istagram account. “We are closing. Now finally, ”the message says.

Rocketbank recalled that its history began in 2013 "with the idea of ​​making a bank with a human face." He stressed that the employees "tried not to lose the main thing - a personal approach to the client." “Thank you for supporting, believing, inspiring and staying with us to the last,” the appeal says.

Rocketbank belonged to the Qiwi company. In the summer of 2019, its board of directors recommended the management to sell the bank because of its losses, which amounted to 1 billion rubles in the first half of the year. Not finding a suitable buyer, the board of directors decided to wind down the bank's activities. Qiwi noted that "the net loss of the Rocketbank segment for 2020" should not exceed 1.5 billion rubles.