Roman Abramovich does not trifle

A businessman bought the most expensive villa in Israel. The deal in the amount of $ 65 million took place in January, according to the newspaper Globes.
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Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich became the owner of the most expensive villa in Israel. The purchase took place in January this year, according to the Israeli newspaper Globes, citing a source familiar with the details of the transaction.

Its value, according to the publication, amounted to $ 65 million. A land plot of 0.9 hectares, on which there is a house with a total area of ​​2 thousand square meters. m, located in the resort town of Herzliya, 15 km north of Tel Aviv.

Prior to this, the house belonged to billionaire Alan Howard, who bought it in 2006 for $ 9 million. He spent a lot of money on arranging the villa, expanding the plot with 6.5 thousand square meters. m up to 9.5 thousand square meters. m. and having built two buildings designed by architect Orly Shrem.

One of the buildings is a guest house with an area of ​​1 thousand square meters. m, the second - the aforementioned house with an area of ​​2 thousand square meters. m. On the estate there is a tennis court and a pool on the hydraulic platform, which can be turned into a guest area for events.

The villa was on sale for two years, and the owner wanted to raise $ 100 million for it, but no one dared to pay such an amount for it. Last year, Abramovich rented real estate with a possible right to buy, and in January concluded a deal to purchase it.

This is not the first Abramovich’s purchase of real estate in Israel. In 2015, he bought a plot of land with an area of ​​1.5 thousand square meters. m in the historic district of Tel Aviv. Now there is a hotel and several one-story buildings included in the list of specially protected architectural objects of the municipality. In November 2018, the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot wrote that the billionaire, who had received Israeli citizenship at that time, planned to build a villa in his acquired land on which he would live. According to the project of architects Moran Palmoni and Iftakh Vosk, Abramovich’s mansion should be one floor higher than the rest of the buildings, which will not damage the general architectural appearance of the district, which is built up with low-rise buildings.

In 2019, Abramovich purchased from the businessman Dominic Romano the Beit HaMagen building, located in Tel Aviv. The deal amounted to $ 57.8 million. After its completion, it was reported that the billionaire intends to rebuild the building into a hotel. This building is located near the Mediterranean promenade, opposite the elite complex Beit ha-Tekstil (previously the Russian Embassy was located there). It includes office space with a total area of ​​6.5 thousand square meters. m and about 130 parking spaces.