Roman Abramovich fled to Israel

According to Israeli media reports, Abramovich arrived in Israel in a private plane and has already received a local passport. After the refusal of the UK for a visa, there was nowhere to live for the Russian oligarch.
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Billionaire Roman Abramovich (in the Forbes rating for 2018, his fortune is estimated at $ 10.8 billion) completed the formalities associated with repatriation to Israel, Israeli media reported. According to the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot", on May 28 Abramovich arrived in a private plane to Ben-Gurion Airport, where he received an Israeli identity card.

Portal "News. Israel in Russian "specifies that at the airport Abramovich were on general grounds issued an identity card (teudat-zeut, an Israeli analogue of the internal Russian passport issued by the Interior Ministry to all permanent residents of Israel, including those who do not yet have citizenship ), as well as the certificate of repatriate (teudat-ole, issued by the Ministry of Aliyah and the absorption of Israel and serves as an identity card of a person until they receive full citizenship). About whether Abramovich received an Israeli passport ("darcon"), the portal does not have data.

The portal with reference to its sources also said that Abramovich received an Israeli passport, after which he left Israel. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel and the Ministry of Aliyah refused to comment on the portal.

The representative of Abramovich also declined to comment on RBC reports on the repatriation of a businessman to Israel. According to the Flightradar24 portal, Abramovich's private business jet is currently in Moscow.

May 24, the newspaper Israel Hayom reported that Abramovich in the near future can move to Israel. The newspaper claimed that the billionaire intends to live in the fashionable Neve Tzedek district in Tel Aviv, where a mansion is being built for him.

According to Forbes, the state of Roman Abramovich is $ 10.8 billion. In the rating of the richest businessmen of Russia in 2018, the billionaire takes 11th place. Yediot Aharonot reports that Abramovich has already opened a bank account in Israel and will now become the country's richest man.

Earlier, on May 20, it became known about Abramovich's problems with obtaining a British visa. Due to the lack of a valid entry permit, the billionaire did not qualify for the FA Cup final, in which his Chelsea team played. According to sources from The Bell, the validity of Abramovich's visa expired three weeks before the attempted entry, and its extension was delayed.