Roman Abramovich was suspected of money laundering in Switzerland

The Supreme Court of Switzerland disclosed data on why the Russian oligarch did not receive a residence permit in this alpine country.
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The Swiss Supreme Court lifted restrictions on the dissemination of information about the reasons why Russian businessman Roman Abramovich was unable to obtain a residence permit in this country. According to Bloomberg, the court did not support Abramovich, who insisted that the release of such information would damage his reputation.

According to the agency, the court referred to the Swiss police’s concern that the entrepreneur is suspected of money laundering and possible contacts with criminal structures, and his Swiss assets may be of some sort of illegal origin. Such a response was given by the police at the request of the migration service.

It also follows from the decision that the provision of a residence permit to Abramovich could threaten public safety and create a reputational risk for Switzerland.

Earlier, the position of the police was reported by the newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, which published an article after a Russian businessman lost the court to the owner of the publication - Tamedia media group. Abramovich demanded to ban the publication of these data, but the court did not side with him.

Then the lawyer of a businessman in Switzerland, Daniel Glas, said that representatives of Abramovich "are extremely upset by the publication of confidential information, <...> which was clearly made in violation of the Swiss Penal Code and laws on information protection."

According to media reports, Abramovich asked for a residence permit in Switzerland two years ago, in July 2016. Valée Jacques Delavallaz, head of the cantonal migration service, said at that time that the entrepreneur had interests in this canton and noted that the local authorities had issued a positive opinion on the residence permit, since the canton was interested in Abramovich as a taxpayer. According to The Guardian, the interest of Abramovich belonged to the Verbier ski resort, located in Valais and has more than 400 km of slopes.

Later, the businessman withdrew his petition, even before the official decision of the authorities.