Roman Avdeev and MKB on the verge of financial collapse

Eurobonds MKB fell in price: at the beginning of the month they traded at 95% of the cost. The business of the owner of the ICB Roman Avdeyev is becoming more and more risky every month.
All this is extremely unfortunate for investors, the attraction of which is the purpose of placing Eurobonds. There will not be investors - there will not be any money that the ICD needs even more than air. Moscow credit bank Roman Avdeev has already become the most active borrower in the Russian banking market in recent years, analysts say. And to replenish capital used a variety of ways, including Eurobonds. It also became known about the imminent placement of the new issue of senior Eurobonds by the ICD - despite the fact that in the second half of 2017 the volatility of the bank's quotations was extremely high, which could not have a positive impact on attracting funds.

Where does the money go, since the need for them for the bank does not decrease by one iota despite constant infusions?

Not worked panacea

Recall that the fall of other banks of the "Moscow Ring", which are now on the rehabilitation of the Central Bank, began precisely with the fall of quotations of Eurobonds. As a result, with some of them, bonds were completely written off, and investors lost everything. Who will take this bait again, especially with the ICD - the bank, which has been predicting a quick death for six months now?

For example, in April, MKB placed perpetual Eurobonds with a coupon of 8.875% per annum. And already in September, when the collapse in the banking market began to gain momentum, investors began to massively get rid of them. The owner of the bank Roman Avdeev even had to connect his concern "Rossium" for the redemption of anyone, in fact, unnecessary securities.

Then Avdeev even predicted success - they say, will buy everything at 76% of the face value, and when everything calms down - will push back already for 95%. But this did not happen, and it was necessary to buy out 96%, because there was no other choice and time for reflection. Will not it come out this time? On January 15 it became known that Mr. Avdeev bought 77.4% of one of the issues of bonds of the ICB at face value, spending 3.9 billion rubles on it! Just because they do not need anyone? Then I could wait for their price to drop. And then buying their own shares without a discount - an operation, in fact, meaningless, but fully reflects the entire hopelessness of the situation.

It is noteworthy that, in general, there is no means for ransoming from Avdeev. "Rossium" in debt, as in silks - only in the first quarter of 2017 exceeded 40 billion rubles. All ratings of the holding company from "Expert RA" were withdrawn - because Avdeyev is afraid of the truth? Is it possible that he will pay for the Eurobonds in the end with money or depositors? It's no wonder that they run from the bank headlong: in November, the outflow of clients' funds from the IBC amounted to 37.8 billion rubles!

In general, Avdeev will be able to buy up abruptly falling Eurobonds in the price of borrowed funds, which he, according to some sources, recently are trying not to give. And if he lets the depositors with money, the bank will stay afloat for quite a while, because his current position leaves much to be desired.

Is the ICB "shaking"?

Rating "Expert RA" on December 15, the ICD was fixed at ruBB - a moderately low level of creditworthiness. The outlook is negative.
Highly liquid assets as of December 1, 2017 amounted to 3.52 billion rubles, 0.33 billion less than a year earlier. The standard of instant liquidity, it would seem, is still sufficient, but the failure - for the year it fell by almost 60 percentage points. and amounted to 81.5%.

Revenue assets for the year also decreased by 9.6% - from 3.13 to 2.83 billion rubles. The fall was also due to a decrease in the volume of loans. Profitability of sources of own funds for the year decreased, and by 5.5 pp at all. - from 10.18% to 4.69%. The profitability of loan operations decreased slightly, but the net margin fell from 5.02% to 4.53%.

In general, the ICD can be described as an unstable bank. And it seems that his main beneficiary will do it: the number of questionable operations, in which "Rossium" and the IBC recently participates, hint at the desire of the shareholder to save himself by any available means. And neither the customers of the bank, nor the projects of its holding, seem to be really interested ...

Avdeev's doubtful "feats"

The history with strange transactions of the IBC began in August 2016, when the organization purchased the bank of the Savings and Credit Service from Igor Kim. It is worth noting that by that time the IBC was mired in debt - 1.5 billion dollars had to be returned in 2017, and the growth of non-core assets and risky policies did not contribute to this.

Immediately after joining the SCS, nehily injections of the Central Bank were followed - only in October, he received 50 billion rubles, which he immediately distributed for loans. In the future, the infusions do not seem to have stopped. So, ICD lived, sucking money from the Central Bank of SCS? Knowing Avdeev, this is not surprising. At least in the withdrawal of assets from the bank Avdeeva already suspected. The reason for this - the deal of his developer company Ingrad on the principle of fee-development with the company LLC Strategies and Business, which is in the mortgage of his own ICD! That is, there is a possibility that the company will one day simply disappear, and there may not be a mortgage at all. And this already looks like a withdrawal of funds! And besides: through his own bank Avdeev was going to invest in construction! And at the same time, the sale of the land company "Energostream" helped "launder" ...

In addition - strange transactions to "drain" the assets of GC Region of Sergei Sudarikov. The first part of the APF "Soglasie OPS", and then the agroholding "Rossiuma" Agronova-L, was sold. It seems that Avdeev is in a hurry to get rid of assets - until the CB has come for him? It seems that the destiny of the "great Russian businessman", which managed to climb into agribusiness, and into investments, and into the banking sector, and development, seems so unfair. And in the end it will remain with nothing. Or with the remnants of the former greatness - if you manage to time out in time, taking them to distant Britain.