Roman Putin did not reach the elections

The party of the president's nephew will not take part in the single day of voting.
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The Kostroma Regional Election Commission refused to register the party list People Against Corruption (NPK), a party led in 2020 by the Russian president's cousin Roman Putin. This decision in the Kostroma election commission was accompanied by the wording "in connection with the failure to submit documents for registration." In particular, the correspondent of "Open Media" was unable to find the party's financial statements on the website of the regional election commission.

Olga Ese, assistant to the chairman of the Kostroma regional election commission, explained to Open Media that the representatives of the NPK “did not submit documents for registration of the party list, let alone signatures”. Initially, the list of this party was put forward "in the prescribed manner," Ese specified. The deadline for registering candidates for the Kostroma Regional Duma is over. The coordinator of the Golos movement, Anton Sheinin, confirmed that People against Corruption would no longer be able to challenge the decision to refuse registration and would hardly try to do so. The party did not answer the questions of Open Media at the time the text was submitted.

The People Against Corruption party in late July put forward a list of candidates for the Kostroma Regional Duma. Among her politicians were about a dozen "householders", most of the list are Muscovites. One of the nominated candidates did not hide his ultra-right views. The Kostroma Region is the only region where the NPK party list has been nominated.

This is not the first time that the list of the NPK party does not reach the vote, exactly five years ago the candidates of this party were not registered in the Ryazan, Magadan, Belgorod and Kaluga regions in elections to regional parliaments.

Before the nomination, the party's official office was listed in the transformer box, but then moved to the building where the firms of one of the candidates, Ivan Naumov, are located. On June 3, the People Against Corruption party joined the Pobeda coalition of micro-parties, in this association it joined the Party of the Revival of Russia, the International Party, the Party of Parents of the Future, the Small Business Party, the Good Deeds, Protection of Children, Women , freedom, nature and pensioners, against violence against animals ”,“ Power to the people ”and others. In many regions, the lists of these parties encountered problems registering for elections.