Roman Rotenberg swung to Yandex

The Telesport company, which owns the rights to broadcast Italian football, sued Yandex, the subject of the proceedings was the display on the Yandex website of fragments of Serie A. matches
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The owner of the rights to display the Italian football championship in Russia filed a lawsuit against Yandex, on the website of which fragments of Serie A. were posted. The lawsuit of Telesport Group JSC to Yandex on copyright protection was registered by the Moscow City Court on April 15, 2020 .

From the statement of Telesport Group JSC it follows that the subject of the proceedings was the appearance on the Yandex website without permission of the copyright holder of fragments of Serie A matches of the Italian championship of the seasons 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Earlier, on April 1, the Moscow City Court granted Telesport Group JSC a statement on the adoption of preliminary interim measures and ordered Roskomnadzor to “stop creating technical conditions for the placement, distribution and other use” of these fragments of matches. According to RBC, Yandex voluntarily deleted fragments of matches - the page does not appear in the register of copyright infringers on the Roskomnadzor website. The representative of Yandex refused to comment on the lawsuit of Telesport. The agency itself also did not respond to a request from RBC.

In September 2019, Telesport filed the same lawsuit against Rambler Group. But in addition to removing fragments of Serie A matches, the copyright holder then demanded compensation of 235 million rubles for 47 cases of copyright infringement. The court partially satisfied the lawsuit, recovering 1.4 million rubles from Rambler Group.

Telesport is one of the largest players in the sports marketing market in Russia. In 2014, the Vedomosti newspaper reported that Roman Rotenberg (the son of Boris Rotenberg and the nephew of Arkady Rotenberg) bought 80% of Telesport. In October 2016, Roman Rotenberg told RNS about the refusal of the transaction in favor of creating his own marketing agency.